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Be Seen, Be Heard: Getting Paid What You’re Worth

Are you looking to be paid what you are worth?

Does each day end with you having accomplished a substantial number of tasks, but the financial return still slips past?

My name is David Roylance, and I am the author of the Amazon best-selling “Be Seen Be Heard, Get Paid What You Are Worth.” I was named one of the top 40 influencers for women in the banking space by Women in Banking and Finance and I run Speak to Shine Ltd. At Speak to Shine Ltd I help female founders and female executives achieve huge increases in income and shine every time they open their mouths and speak.

Why Does My Work Predominantly Include Women?

My experience has been that my female clients have been able to identify what they want, put the work in to make it happen and get tangible results much more quickly than any of the male clients I have worked with. I thought to myself – why not spend more time with the people who are most likely to get a great result?

So here I am, in service to who I serve, authoring this article for you.

I thought it might be a useful idea to share with you 5 of my top tips for female entrepreneurs and C-Suit Women who want quick results in the form of more money in their bank accounts and more freedom in their lives.

5 Groundbreaking Ideas

The 5 ideas I share here are key parts of the process that all my clients go through to get themselves great results.

1 — Get Visibility in Front of the People Who Can Make a Difference

Most of the women I work with are incredibly conscientious and especially industrious as a personality trait. Despite this, the money is not rolling in as they believe it should.

Being highly industrious is all very laudable: after all, most of us have been trained that this “correct” methodology of being since childhood works. Yet if your industriousness leaves you virtually invisible to the right people, whether they be high value clients or the decision makers who are responsible for how much money you earn, it is imperative that you gain visibility to these people.

They must see you and see you often. Not only that, but they have to see the version of you that you want them to see.

That means taking the time to work out who you need to portray in front of them, where they spend time together and what opportunities you need to take advantage of. Opportunity is always there — often it is disguised. Presenting, hosting, or facilitating meetings are a terrific way to start. Presenting with authority is recognised as a key leadership skill.

If you are running your own business and want to build your credibility, authority, and trust quickly then presenting well is a wonderful way to shortcut creating all those qualities for them.

2 — Increase Your Value to the Right People

Getting paid more money is always about increasing perceived value.

People are keen to put other people in boxes, in their mind’s eye. It’s so much easier than trying to keep complicated assessments of people at the forefront of the mind. This all dates to cavemen when the average number of people in a tribe was 160, hence what we now call the Dunbar number. The Dunbar concept describes the average number of names and faces the human brain can store effectively in a lifetime.

Have you ever had that feeling that you recognise someone, but you have no idea where from? That is because you have met more than 160 people whose names and faces you needed to connect, so you had to delete that other person from your memory.

160 names and faces in a lifetime is not a lot, right? Especially when we meet thousands of people in a lifetime nowadays. This proves that the shortcut of putting people in boxes, figuratively speaking, stays effective and explains why it consists so prevalently.

If you are employed, then your bosses are most definitely doing this. If you run your own business, then your network probably will too.

The good news, nevertheless, awaits. Impressions are quickly built by the unconscious mind. They can also be quickly rebuilt to fit new versions of you that you want the right people to see.

Every time you are in front of someone, a chance to create a new impression will manifest. Make sure you do, and you do it in a way that shows them more value!

3 — Be Less Agreeable

The social sciences tell us that women are typically more agreeable than men. On average, women weigh about 20% more agreeably, according to the personality assessment tool I use with my clients.

Being too agreeable is a way that people can dismiss the credibility of another person. That perception of someone who is too “nice” or too willing to give up their time for others is detrimental. Another such perception is someone consistently willing to pick up the slack for members of staff. Men will use this as an excuse to define a female colleague as a “lightweight,” a word I have heard too often when my clients come to me and describe how their bosses speak about them.

High paying clients are the same.

Particularly if you sell a product or a service that is £1000 or over, signs of being too agreeable will ring alarm bells for those clients. If you, as a service provider, are too willing to cede your ground, or compromise your values or prices, then the client will become fearful and uncertain. Our best clients will test us in the sales process, often in ways that make them seem difficult.

Ultimately, they are not incredibly difficult.

They protect their investments and want to know they have engaged with someone who will tell the truth and not an appeasing “Yes” just to placate them.

Stand your ground and be less agreeable.

4 — Find Out Who You Need to Become

“Everything we want is on the other side of fear.”

—Jack Canfield

This quote, from Jack Canfield, speaks a truism. If there is something in your life—a possession, a relationship, a pay rise, or something else that you want—and you don’t yet have it, then there is a fear to step over.

You may not know what that fear is. Nevertheless, the time to find out has arrived.

I encourage all my clients to visualise future versions of themselves, versions now in receipt of the thing they want later.

I encourage them to visualise in detail what it is like to possess this thing they want, how it feels to have it, and how it feels to step into this future world.

These exercises are not intellectual, but visceral. They engender the emotional response that allows my clients to recognise who they must become to step over the fears that keep them from living the life they wish to lead.

Your instincts will never let you down. Your intellect often will.

Pick up your intellect and put it on the chair, as a great hero of mine, Kenneth Rea, used to say to me whilst I was training to be an actor.

Embrace instincts! Connect with your body when you think about what you want in life and listen to what it tells you. Perhaps you cannot articulate how you feel, but you often won’t need to. Let your physical experience move you forward. Let it show you who you need to become.

5 — Reverse-Engineer the Future You Want

Start with the end in mind.

It seems obvious, but to many won’t be. Many of us fear considering the end that we have in mind. Having read and worked with the author of Money Magic, Michelle Masters, I know that, to some degree, we all feel as though held captive by belief systems we learned before 3 years old. Almost everything we believe to be true about money others deposited in our hypothalamus, the basal part of the brain that keeps us alive.

There is a reason that 95% of lottery winners, globally, are back to being worse off than they ever were within 5 years of winning big. Deep down their financial belief systems are petrified of managing the reality of succeeding in their desires—so much so that they get rid of it as quickly as they possibly can, despite what the conscious mind says.

Many of us may fear making plans, because deep down we don’t believe we deserve to. We never begin in the first place.

Begin today. Write the goal down. Then write down up to 12 steps that must happen to achieve that goal.

12 steps – why, that is a step a month to achieve that goal within the next year.

The journey to the top of the stairs starts on the first step.

—Martin Luther King

By reverse-engineering outcomes first, the first step starts correctly. You identify where the right steps lead, which steps to take in essence. Especially for the industrious women I mentioned earlier: put that industriousness to good use and direct it toward a worthwhile goal.

If you have found these 5 tips useful then you may decide to delve a little more into the book itself. “Be Seen, Be Heard, Get Paid What You Are Worth” runs you through the processes any and every client goes through to get between £100k and £300k extra flowing in their income stream.

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