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Building Bridges: Initiatives for Advancing Women in Africa

In the heart of Africa, Rahel Eyong stands as a shining example of empowerment and inspiration. With a diverse portfolio spanning coaching, speaking, authorship, and entrepreneurial endeavors, Rahel’s impact reverberates far beyond the borders of her native Cameroon. Her unwavering dedication to advancing women’s rights and fostering progress has earned her recognition as a beacon of change on the continent. Through a myriad of initiatives and leadership roles, Rahel tirelessly advocates for gender equality, education, and economic empowerment, leaving an indelible mark on Africa’s socio-economic landscape. Join us as we delve into Rahel Eyong’s remarkable journey of transformation and empowerment.


What initially motivated you to become a beacon of empowerment and inspiration for women across Africa?

Growing up in financial struggle, I faced significant challenges with limited support. I remember vividly how I was been sent out of the GCE Ordinary Level exam room for unpaid tuition of 40 dollars, it was such an awful experience for a 15-year-old girl like myself then, and that didn’t quench my desire for growth and a better future. I aspired for more. I was so determined to alter my family’s narrative, that I decided to wear the garment of hard work, determination, and self-belief. Witnessing women around me dependent on their men for their next meal or bill fueled my pursuit of dreams, aiming to inspire African women to realize their potential through self-reliance and determination. I decided to pursue my dreams and let the African woman know it is possible if you believe and work for it.

How does your diverse skill set as a certified Wife-Coach, Speaker, and Author contribute to your mission of catalyzing change and fostering progress?

My diverse skill set as a certified wife coach, Speaker, and Author enables me to empower women to navigate wifehood without losing their womanhood, amplify their voices, pursue their dreams, and embrace personal growth. Through coaching, I guide women to navigate challenges, while my speaking engagements inspire and educate audiences. As an author, I share insights and strategies to catalyze revolutionary change, fostering progress in relationship and personal development. These skills serve my mission of facilitating positive change and growth in the society.

Can you elaborate on the impact of Lead Girls Africa, the non-profit organization founded by you, and its initiatives like the Red Dot Project on the lives of young girls in Cameroon?

Lead Girls Africa, the non-profit organization I founded, has had a profound impact on the lives of young girls in Cameroon, particularly through initiatives like the Girls Education Project for Girls which provides needy girls with school supplies and tuition, the Women’s Economic Empowerment Project which is aimed to help women with start-up capital for business so they can be financially empowered to support their children and families, and the Red Dot Project. This project addresses menstrual health and hygiene challenges faced by many girls in Cameroon, providing them with access to menstrual products, education on reproductive health, and breaking the stigma surrounding menstruation.

LGA addresses this key need to empower girls to stay in school, avoid the risks associated with unhygienic practices during menstruation, and pursue their education with confidence. 

Beyond the Red Dot Project, Lead Girls Africa offers mentorship programs, leadership training, and educational workshops designed to equip girls with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to thrive in their personal and professional lives. Through these initiatives, we aim to break down barriers, help girls get an education, challenge stereotypes, and uplift the next generation of female leaders and change-makers in Cameroon.

In what ways do you drive innovation and excellence as the CEO and Managing Director of Raspowers Ltd in Douala, Cameroon, and how does this contribute to economic growth and social upliftment in the region? 

As CEO and Managing Director of Raspowers Ltd. in Douala, Cameroon, I drive innovation and excellence by cultivating an organizational culture of creativity, efficiency, and continuous development. By applying cutting-edge technology, optimizing processes, and investing in talent development, we not only increase our company’s competitiveness, but we also contribute to regional economic growth and social upliftment by providing employment opportunities and driving industry innovation.

How, do Priceless Women, founded by you, empower women globally, and what role does it play in effecting meaningful change in communities?

Priceless Women, founded by me, empowers women globally through advocacy, education, and support networks. By providing resources, mentorship, and opportunities, Priceless Women equips women with the tools and confidence to thrive in their personal, family, and professional lives. It plays a vital role in effecting meaningful change by fostering relationships, building homes, and empowering women-led initiatives in communities worldwide.

As a board member of Jangiccul, how do you leverage your expertise to foster financial inclusion and economic empowerment, especially for women entrepreneurs in Cameroon?

As a board member of Jangiccul, I leverage my expertise to implement strategic initiatives that promote financial inclusion and economic empowerment for women entrepreneurs in Cameroon. This involves advocating for policies that support women-led initiatives, their growth, and success.

Could you discuss your recent completion of the UNITAR Certification Program and how it underscores your commitment to advancing gender equality and women’s empowerment in Africa?

Completing the UNITAR Certification Program underscores my commitment to advancing gender equality and women’s empowerment in Africa by equipping me with specialized knowledge and skills. This program deepens my understanding of entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and gender dynamics, enabling me to develop targeted strategies and advocate for inclusive policies that uplift women across various sectors, furthering their socio-economic empowerment and fostering positive change in the region.

What is your current academic pursuit, and how does it align with your dedication to championing the cause of women’s empowerment?

I am currently pursuing an MBA in strategic management. This academic pursuit aligns with my dedication to championing women’s empowerment by equipping me with advanced skills in organizational leadership and strategic planning. With this knowledge, I can develop innovative approaches to promote gender equality and create opportunities for women’s advancement in diverse professional settings.

How has your unwavering determination left an indelible mark on Africa’s socio-economic landscape, and in what ways do you serve as an inspiration to women everywhere?

My unwavering determination has left an indelible mark on Africa’s socio-economic landscape by spearheading initiatives that uplift women and drive positive change. Through my advocacy, mentorship, leadership, and innovative projects, I’ve broken barriers, empowered communities, and catalyzed progress. By sharing my journey and accomplishments, I serve as an inspiration to many women in Africa, showcasing the transformative power of perseverance and purpose-driven action.

In your opinion, what qualities and actions make you a role model for aspiring leaders and advocates of gender equality across the globe? 

My dedication, efforts to inspire others, dedication to inclusion, teamwork, and genuine leadership make me a role model for people who want to be leaders and support gender equality. These traits and actions of mine motivate others to make real changes and fight for female equality around the world.

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