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Unleash Your Leadership Potential: The Visionary Journey for Introverted Women

Unlock the door to your leadership journey with Patience Ogunbona, a distinguished Accredited Executive Business and Leadership Coach, Keynote Speaker, Best Selling Author, and esteemed member of the Maxwell Leadership Team. With over 18 years of experience in Internal Auditing within prestigious organizations like Deloitte and Saga plc, Patience brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

Could you please tell us about your background and expertise as an accredited executive business and leadership coach?

My venture into the business world started in 2018 after joining the Maxwell Leadership Team based in Orlando, Florida, in 2016. I then got my coaching, training, and speaking certification in 2017, after which I chose to go all out to fulfill my long-held ambitions using coaching, speaking, and training as my “3 part vehicle” to achieve them. 

Over time, I evolved from life coaching into business and leadership coaching, as clients came to me wanting to not only transform their lives but also change their career paths or build a business.

With over 18 years of experience as a Chartered Internal Auditor in the corporate world, I knew that I could transition into business and leadership coaching using my knowledge and experience. 

As I stayed within the coaching industry, I noticed that everyone was calling themselves “a coach.” Naturally, this led me to scrutinize my skillset to validate my expertise. In 2022, I obtained my accreditation from the International Authority for Coaching and Mentoring (IAPC&M), a UK government-approved organization that has been in existence for over 25 years.

I am currently in the process of completing my European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Level 7 Executive Coaching Accreditation. 

What inspired you to establish ATI Coaching Consulting and Training Ltd. and The Visionary Introverted Woman Brand?

When I left the corporate space, I thought about what I wanted my business to stand for and the outcomes I wanted people to achieve. That was when it occurred to me that many people have long-held aspirations that they have failed to achieve because they were too afraid to step out. Therefore, I desired to help them transform into their best selves, the people who can use their full potential to accomplish their ambitions. I also wanted each client I worked with to make an impact and inspire others. That was where the name Aspire-Transform-Inspire (ATI) came from. 

Through Aspire-Transform-Inspire (ATI-Coaching, Consulting & Training Ltd.), my CPD-accredited coaching and training company, I deliver world-class services with a focus on inclusive practices, staff retention, and strategic reward systems. My commitment to empowering people and organisations to transform through awareness, leadership, and strategic action is at the core of everything I do.

By 2020, I realised that I wasn’t fully harnessing all my strengths and using all my experiences. One area was how I navigated life, career, and business as an introverted woman, as well as how I developed strategies to overcome challenges. That was when I chose to focus on introverted women as my niche area, and The Visionary Introverted Woman was born. 

How do you help introverted women overcome self-doubt and build confidence to succeed in leadership roles?

My approach to transformation and courageous leadership is dynamic, drawing deeply on my lived experiences and corporate expertise to deliver insights and excellence in all my services. I specialise in working with introverted women in their 40s and older who are grappling with feelings of unfulfillment and self-doubt. Coaching and mentoring empowers them to tap into their inner drive, cultivate quiet confidence, and forge a pathway to success that aligns with their holistic wealth and impact ambitions.

Whether those ambitions are to move from mid- to senior-level managers or to set up and scale their businesses, I have courses, training, and coaching packages that address challenges as an introverted woman in an extroverted world and help them overcome and adapt to achieve their goals.

One way that I do this is to help them understand their leadership style and strengths. Once they learn how to lean into their leadership capabilities, they can influence their outcomes as well as the outcomes of the different stakeholders around them, which could be personal, professional, or business relationships.

Could you share some insights into your experience in internal auditing with organisations like Deloitte, Saga plc, and ERS, a Lloyd’s Market Syndicate?

As an auditor, I gained invaluable insights into corporate culture, people, and risk management. Working in diverse service-based businesses taught me that prioritizing people and ensuring their empowerment, equipping, and enabling them to deliver services effectively is crucial for success.

During my time in these companies, my role was to review, interrogate, and report on the adequacy of the risk identification process, as well as the controls that management and leaders have put in place to mitigate against it.

What I enjoyed most was that no two audits were ever the same. While it could be challenging, it provides opportunities to constantly keep learning new things and developing new skills and insights. I was known for challenging the status quo and advocating for changes that standardised processes while empowering staff to thrive. 

As a member of the Maxwell Leadership Team, how do you integrate mentoring, DISC behaviour, emotional intelligence, and positive psychology into your coaching programmes?

These are skills I have picked up through training with the Maxwell Leadership Team and supporting their Executive Leadership Team as part of the Presidential Advisory Council for new coaches and executive coaches. 

The training and experiences gave me the grounding to serve my clients with greater depth. As we know, people and their needs differ; therefore, on a 1-2-1 basis, I draw upon the skills, knowledge, and various frameworks required to help my clients achieve results.

When it comes to developing my programmes and courses, skills in these areas come in handy in helping me develop hybrid programmes so that clients get a holistic experience. 

The combination of assessments, frameworks for transformation, and deep coaching is a powerful means of helping my clients achieve their results. 

What are some key elements of your signature programmes, The ALIGNED INTROVERT METHOD® (T-AIM) and Increase Your Personal Effectiveness and InfluenceTM?

All of my programs have one thing in common. I begin with identity, helping clients or participants understand themselves and using that understanding to develop their strengths and increase their effectiveness. The Aligned Introvert Method® was born out of a desire to answer the question, Is there an introverted way of doing things so that you can thrive in an extroverted world? If so, how do I create a program that incorporates introvert-friendly business strategies? I took time to explore the answer to this question and build out a transformational programme. 

Another key element of my Aligned Introvert Method® framework is helping clients develop the right foundations for their business, which will make it easier to keep growing and scaling once you get the foundations right. 

As far as my personal effectiveness programme is concerned, key elements include self-awareness, emotional intelligence, leadership, mentoring, and coaching. In all areas, I believe that when enhanced, they can lead to increased personal effectiveness. 

I tend to operate with a hybrid approach to my programmes, which includes training, coaching, mentoring, and support. 

As an international speaker and trainer, what are some memorable moments from delivering impactful presentations across various global locations?

As an inspirational international keynote speaker, I’m passionate about inspiring and challenging audiences to overcome adversity, abandon excuses, nurture courageous self-leadership, and embrace their best lives in the present moment.

My favourite speeches have been in Orlando, Las Vegas, and Dubai. These platforms were significant to me, as I aspired to deliver speeches in these countries. It was a surreal experience for me, a girl often labeled as quiet and often denied the opportunity to express her opinions, to address large crowds on grand stages, inspiring thought, eliciting laughter, and transforming audiences.

In addition, as a corporate trainer and facilitator, I guide teams through learning and exercises that create awareness and improve team dynamics. My two favorite places were Costa Rica, where I facilitated transformational roundtables in schools and businesses, and Nigeria, where I held a sold-out Build Your Dream Workshop to help business owners develop the right foundations for starting their businesses. 

How do you collaborate with businesses to build diverse, empowered teams that drive performance and profitability?

As a chartered auditor, I have worked with management teams through audit scoping, reporting, and implementing recommendations to transform their teams. This training and experience have shaped how I carry out my training and consulting work with organisations. I must understand.

The organization’s current processes and performance

The desired outcomes through training are

Organizations may perceive one approach as the solution, but a closer examination may reveal a better fit. As a result, I work to match their requirements with my solutions and services. I will then propose the most effective means of addressing the root causes of challenges, creating the right working practices, and achieving the desired outcomes. 

How have you received recognition for your contributions, such as being a two-time finalist in the Maxwell Leadership Stagetime Competition?

Speaking on stage gives me immense joy, which, in and of itself, is a privilege that I am blessed to enjoy. Aside from that, getting to the finalist stage of the Maxwell stage time competitions provided opportunities to speak on stage and to have good materials that I could share to show my speaking expertise. I also started a speaker club at one point and hope to restart it again, helping other introverted women develop their signature stories and speeches. Watch this space. 

How can individuals connect with you and learn more about your work through your website and social media platforms?

I am excited to share my brilliant podcast, Quietly Confident Introvert, which you can find on all the major podcast platforms, such as Apple, Spotify, and Amazon Audible. You can also find it on YouTube. 

My website has a lot of useful resources, and you can access my newsletter at
Connect with me on





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