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Neurotastic™ Revolution: A Formula for Mental Freedom

Enter the world of Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge, a trailblazing mental health pioneer whose impact knows no bounds. As the mastermind behind The Global Institute of Children’s Mental Health, Neurotastic™ Brain Formulas, and Dr. Roseann, LLC, she is on a mission to revolutionize mental health perceptions and interventions. Through her unwavering commitment, Dr. Roseann offers a beacon of hope, advocating for science-endorsed methods that promote a calm brain and foster resilience. Central to her approach is the groundbreaking BrainBehaviorReset® Program and her empowering “Science-Backed Behavior and Mental Health Solutions: It’s Gonna be OK!™” Podcast, which have become lifelines for thousands grappling with daunting challenges such as PANS/PANDAS, OCD, anxiety, and ADHD/executive functioning. Join us as we explore Dr. Roseann’s transformative journey, where every step is dedicated to bettering the lives of children and families worldwide.

What inspired you to become a mental health innovator and founder of The Global Institute of Children’s Mental Health?

What inspired me to become a mental health innovator and founder of The Global Institute of Children’s Mental Health was a deeply personal journey of witnessing the struggles many families face with conventional mental health practices. As a mental health professional, I often saw parents and children caught in a cycle of ineffective treatments, where the focus was primarily on medication rather than addressing the root causes of their issues. This led to frustration and feelings of helplessness, as these methods frequently resulted in side effects and inconsistent results.

Seeing this pattern repeated over and over, I knew there had to be a better way—a way that not only offered hope but also tangible, lasting solutions. I wanted to bridge the gap between traditional practices and holistic, science-backed approaches that could truly make a difference in children’s lives.

This realization sparked my passion for creating an environment where parents could access a comprehensive set of resources designed to promote mental wellness through natural means. By founding The Global Institute of Children’s Mental Health, I could bring together research and proven methods to help dysregulated kids regulate their brain and behavior.

I am driven by the belief that parents deserve better options for their children, and it’s my mission to make those options widely available, which is why I have created The Self Regulation Mastery Blueprint. By providing a platform for science-backed solutions, I’m able to help families navigate the complex world of mental health with confidence and clarity, showing them that wellness is within reach.

Can you explain the Neurotastic™ Brain Formulas and BrainBehaviorReset® method in simple terms?

Neurotastic™ Brain Formulas are my line of brain supplements designed to address specific nutritional needs that support mental health in children and families. The first product, Multi-Mag Brain™ Formula, focuses on providing magnesium in the most bioavailable forms of L-threonate and L-glycinate, an essential mineral known to support brain function and reduce anxiety.

I take the best of what science has shown to support the brain and behavior naturally, creating a wraparound program for kids and their families. My BrainBehaviorReset® method combines proven techniques like QEEG brain mapping, neurofeedback, and PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy) to help calm and reset the nervous system.

This holistic approach offers a comprehensive solution to mental health and behavioral challenges. It integrates nutrition, brain tools and other non-pharmacological methods, providing a complete system that empowers parents to improve their child’s mental health and behavior naturally. The result is a program grounded in science that is designed to foster lasting positive change for the child and family.

How do you address conditions like ADHD, anxiety, OCD, and PANS/PANDAS through holistic therapies?

In all of my work, I teach parents about science-backed methods and brain tools that calm the brain and behavior. I show them the effective methods that parents can use to help their dysregulated children be focused, learn and be calm.

I use a multi-faceted approach to address conditions like ADHD, anxiety, OCD, and PANS/PANDAS, focusing on science-backed holistic therapies. This comprehensive strategy encompasses effective natural therapies that calm the brain, providing families with effective, non-pharmacological solutions to mental health and behavioral challenges.

For families that work one-on-one with me, QEEG Brain Mapping is at the core of my method. It offers a detailed look at brain function, allowing me to pinpoint areas of dysregulation. This data-driven approach helps me create personalized treatment plans tailored to each child’s unique needs.

To help children improve focus and self-regulation, I use Neurofeedback, a technique that provides real-time feedback on brainwave activity. This form of brain training can lead to better focus, reduced impulsivity, and improved emotional regulation, contributing to noticeable behavioral changes.

Another key component is PEMF Therapy (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy), which promotes brain health and relaxation. By stimulating natural healing processes, PEMF can reduce inflammation and support a calmer state of mind.

To reach families worldwide, I offer virtual programs, providing access to my expertise from any location. For those seeking a more personalized experience, my one-to-oneconcierge-level program allows them to work directly with me on a comprehensive plan for their child’s mental health.

What are the main themes explored in your book “It’s Gonna be OK!®”?

In “It’s Gonna be OK!™,” I emphasize that parents can take proactive steps to improve their child’s mental health through simple, science-backed methods. The book outlines that path parents should take when addressing their child’s behavioral and mental health issues.

It walks parents through the science-backed methods that are proven to calm the nervous system and change behaviors.

Could you share a few key takeaways from your podcast “It’s Gonna be OK!® : Science-Backed Solutions for Children’s Behavior and Mental Health”?

On my podcast, “It’s Gonna be OK!™: Science-Backed Solutions for Children’s Behavior and Mental Health,” I offer parents practical tips to help their children thrive. Each episode covers a different aspect of children’s behavior and mental health, with advice that parents can use immediately. Whether it’s calming an anxious child, improving focus, or creating family harmony, I provide actionable steps that are easy to implement.

The podcast emphasizes natural and science-backed solutions, focusing on techniques like behavior management techniques, nutrition, and supplements. Parents can find effective strategies without relying on medication.

By listening to the podcast, parents can gain a better understanding of the root causes of behavioral issues and learn how to address them. The goal is to empower parents with tools and knowledge, showing them that positive change is possible with simple adjustments.

How do you advocate for science-driven tools for brain calmness and family harmony?

I advocate for science-driven tools to promote brain calmness and family harmony by showing how these methods have positively impacted real families. I share success stories and practical examples that demonstrate the effectiveness of these tools, making it clear that a medication-first approach isn’t the only option.

By focusing on the benefits of a calm brain, I aim to shift the narrative toward natural, science-backed solutions. I use my books, podcast, and media appearances to show parents that simple techniques like breathwork, structured routines, and nutrition changes can make a tangible difference. It’s about giving parents the reassurance they need to explore these alternative approaches.

My advocacy is rooted in the belief that every family deserves access to solutions that work without relying solely on medication.

What platforms do you actively engage with to reach your audience?

I actively engage with my audience through multiple platforms to ensure I reach as many people as possible. My website serves as a comprehensive resource, where visitors can learn about my BrainBehaviorReset® method, access my books, and find information about upcoming events. On social media, I interact with my audience through Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, providing regular updates, practical tips, and encouragement.

My podcast is another platform where I share insights and advice on a range of topics related to children’s behavior and mental health.

How do you utilize social media to broaden mental health understanding and solutions?

Social media allows me to reach a broader audience and make a bigger impact by putting actionable resources into the hands of overwhelmed parents who need science-backed solutions for behavior and mental health. Through platforms like Facebook groups, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn, I share educational content that offers practical advice and tools parents can use right away.

The goal is to reduce the stress parents often feel and help them build a calm family life.

Can you provide examples of the type of content you share on your various social media platforms?

On my social media platforms, I share a mix of educational posts, tips for parents, and insights into mental health topics.

How can individuals connect with you and access your resources for mental wellness support?

You can connect with me and access my resources through my website, where I offer information about my programs, books, and products. I also have a Facebook group where parents can gain access to natural mental health solutions.




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