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Property Mastery Made Easy: Learn Proven Strategies

Meet Reetika Gupta-Chaudhary, a seasoned mortgage broker, property investor, and business coach. With a holistic approach to the property industry, Reetika leverages her multifaceted expertise to guide individuals towards success. Hosting networking meetings in Milton Keynes, she shares invaluable updates on the mortgage market. Reetika specializes in HMOs in Derby and Southport, as well as exciting land development ventures near Buckinghamshire. She’s passionate about growth; she’s currently overseeing the construction of three houses from the ground up. Committed to empowering ambitious individuals, particularly women, Reetika offers personalised coaching to navigate challenges and thrive in both property and business. Explore her website for more insights, and embark on your journey to success with Reetika today.


What inspired you to become a mortgage broker and property investor, and how did your journey in this field begin?

I was looking for a loan on my first ever development deal in London. It was a house that I planned to split into two flats. As a first-time developer, I struggled to find a lender or a good mortgage broker. That experience really put me off, and I wanted to take matters into my own hands. That is when I decided I was going to study for CeMap and become a broker. This was back in 2019. 

Could you share a pivotal moment or experience that shaped your approach to property investment and business coaching?

Again, business coaching was a part of my own growth journey. I had many business coaches who helped me in my journey as a property investor. Now,  with my experience and passion for property, I am in a position to mentor young property developers and investors. 

Hosting property networking meetings in Milton Keynes, what insights or trends have you observed in the mortgage market that could benefit aspiring investors?

Trends change almost every day in the property investing market. Some days a strategy might work, and another day it might not be as profitable. Therefore, the best course of action is to learn from experienced individuals, particularly if you are a beginner, to ensure that you are not purchasing a property that will cost more than it will earn..

No property investing strategy is completely hands-off, and no deal is a zero-money-down deal, so watch out for people who are selling property courses based on that promise. 

My mentor Simon Zutschi always says, If knowledge is expensive, try ignorance! 

Could you elaborate on your strategy for investing in HMOs in Derby and Southport, as well as how it differs from your involvement in the land deal near Buckinghamshire?

A ground-up land development is completely different from the HMO conversions we do. 

They have their own different set of challenges. Ground-up land development takes a lot of patience with initial surveys and the planning process; likewise, HMo conversion is about optimising the space and not just making the maximum profit but also striking that balance where you are creating a warm living environment for the tenants as well as maximising business profits. 

Looking after your tenants always pays you in the long run and will also result in fewer maintenance issues down the line. 

Developing three houses from the ground up sounds like a significant undertaking. What challenges have you encountered in this process, and how have you overcome them?

As I said, it takes a lot of patience. The risks include surprises that can come in the form of pipes running underneath or soil types requiring extra foundations, limestone findings during surveys, and the cost of retaining walls!

I won’t delve into the difficulties of assembling the ideal team of builders for the task.

Your website emphasises helping individuals find clarity in their career and business choices. How do you incorporate this mission into your coaching practice?

I think the key is to know your client’s needs and help them not just with knowledge of property but also by working on their fears and helping them take action despite fear! 

What motivated you to specifically focus on supporting ambitious women in property and business, and what unique challenges or opportunities have you observed in this demographic?

Being a woman, I faced the challenge of having to use my husband as the front, as a lot of people don’t want to talk to women when it comes to property development. I learned from my journey, and now I have gained the courage and respect of my fellow male investors. That’s exactly how I want to empower other women! 

Can you give examples of how your clients have overcome limiting beliefs and achieved success in their ventures by combining coaching with business skills?

It’s tough, as I can’t name my clients, but I have several women who have been thinking about taking the first step into property investing, but they neither have the right guidance nor the knowledge. I not only supported them right from the time they started analyzing their deals, but I also helped organize their finances, as I am also a mortgage broker, you see.

This provides them with support, mentoring, coaching, and finance! 

Drawing from your corporate background, what transferable skills or insights do you believe are essential for navigating the property industry successfully?

I believe anyone from any field can invest in property as long as they seek guidance from an experienced investor. This is why when people come to pin meetings that I host, they are from varied backgrounds, but they seek halo-halo support from people in the room who have been a few steps ahead of them. 

The only skill one needs is the ability to focus and persevere.

You mentioned the importance of satisfaction at work to avoid burnout and health issues. How do you prioritise personal fulfilment while managing the demands of property investment and coaching?

That’s a difficult one, as I didn’t always know how to create that balance. As an entrepreneur, the boundary between work and personal life is very blurred. I ended up working late hours and talking about dinner with my partner. 

But I had my coaches help me find that fine balance, and now I help my mentees do the same! 

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