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#VanLife for the Solo Female Traveller: How to Live a Life On the Road

This year, travel has been restrictive.As a safety measure to COVID-19, many borders shut, and travel became a fantasy on the television. It also forced an increasing number of people to seek creative alternatives, especially those with whom travel is a lifestyle. And so, we collectively began to rethink travel in 2020. Where jet-setting to the post-card convenience of a destination was no longer obtainable, newer alternatives emerged to capture the excitement of travel and wanderlust.

Equipped with ultra-modern, refurbished van, female travellers embarked on domestic road trips and mapped out their travels through the hashtag #vanlife. This become a collective of women: many were millennial professionals who sought relief from the busyness of their world. Without many of the hassles of traditional travel, being on the road and touring the country as a solo traveller can open your lifestyle to new, exciting journeys and the tall tales of travel. 

Nowadays, more and more popular, these ‘van lifers’, or solo female travellers, represent a group of millennial women who have chosen to enjoy travel as more of a lifestyle. And for its sense of liberation, too. Yet, it’s not just about freedoms, but also about the opportunity to experience new life lessons. Nothing small, these solo female travellers document their adventures through the movement #vanlife over social media, which has, to this day,collected more than 6+ million posts on Instagram.

If you’re aspirational and always felt appealing, don’t simply give up on it. You could join other professional women in the #vanlife movement and discover there’s more to travel than scenic bliss and the optional cocktail. But before you go forth and journey, there are preparations that are essential. Life on the road is regarding, but it’s not without its troubles. Empower yourself with these top lessons from veteran female travellers who have already been down this road before.

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