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The most amazing meditation experience

IT WAS A NICE, WARM SPRING WEATHER IN APRIL, in Istanbul in 2011.  I was packing my stuff, just a very few things. It was unusual to take so few clothes with me yet I knew that they were the ones I would need for the coming eight days. Apart from a few shirts and toothbrush, I didn’t have anything in my small backpack. I was ready to travel to the deepest, darkest sides of my inner world… I had so many questions without answers.

Taking a flight to Bodrum was also nice and easy.  However, I was very excited and also even a bit anxious about this experience I was going to have. When we arrived at our destination, a very small village in a small forest, I was getting even more excited. I could not relax and felt already all alone within a group of 25 people.

Then our journey started, all of us visiting different worlds, having different energies, having different inner experiences. We were all in a Vipassana Silent Retreat Programme for eight days. The first day, meeting the participants at 5 in the morning was very exciting. Getting up at 4 every morning and getting ready to have our first meditation at 4.30am for an hour was very challenging.

The village where we were staying was very small, in between trees and some green bushes.  Our little rooms were totally primitive, they were designed intentionally as being very plain and simple. We did not have any hot water, we just had a plain mattress with a blanket. Even though I was sharing the room with someone, we were not even allowed to have any eye contact and surely not talk at all. We were having only vegetarian food, with lots of water to drink and also not eating anything after 6pm.

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