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Nina Zani: from heartbreak to a new life and new business in London

SOUTH AFRICAN BORN NINA ZANI has her heart in two countries. We find out why she has a love for England and what experiences have made her into the woman she is today.

Tell us why your journey has brought you to London?
Well, truth be told, the reason I have come back to one of my favourite cities in the world was for a wedding. One of my best girl-friends got married, and we had not seen one another in six years. The other part of bringing me back, is love for the creativity in the city. My mind always absorbs and process and then wants to do more. It’s a city filled with vision and determination, diversity of people and probably the most important element, allowing people to be. This resonates very well with me. I think it’s important to be yourself and grow and move into the direction that inspires you.

What do you remember most from your childhood?
I am mixed race born, from Cape Town, South Africa. I was an only child and my life growing up was somewhat like a movie. I had a very liberal upbringing and was taught to be open minded. I was a very sporty girl from a young age and I also started drama school at the age of eight.

I had a major traumatic experience aged fourteen at the church I went to, which  became well-known everywhere as the St James massacre. Men ran into the church with hand grenades and AK 47s, shooting at everyone and throwing hand grenades into the aisles. I came out alive and unharmed, and the only scar left for a short while was the trauma, but through therapy it all worked out. The thing that I despise most today are guns and would never own one.  However, in saying all of this, that experience didn’t define me, it made me realise that the universe was protecting me and clearly had a plan for me.

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