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Nicola Huelin: Become the CEO of your own life

NICOLA HUELIN IS FOUNDER OF CEO MUMS, which inspires women around the world to become CEO’s of their own lives, to Cherish Every Opportunity in both their business and personal lives.

Multi-award winning Women’s Business & Life Coach, author of the forthcoming book Small Business, Big Success, Great Lifestyle – 7 Steps to creating the business and lifestyle you deserve, Nicola’s work has been featured on international television and brings together a community of over 350 like-minded women in business from across the UK.  Through her talks, events, workshops and programmes, Nicola shares expertise, resources, and insights to inspire and help women to achieve their own definition of success in business with clarity, focus, balance and flexibility.

If I would ask “What is your story” – what would you say?
My story really begins when I left England straight after university to follow my heart and dreams.  I married my soul mate, a French man, and together we lived and worked all over the world; six different countries, three continents, moving a total of nine times in twelve years.  My whole life story has been one of moving, learning and collecting treasure.

By moving our family and life to so many different countries around the world; France, Spain, Singapore, Seychelles, and Mauritius, for example, we learned so much about people, cultures, beliefs and how it feels to leave the security of home for a destination which is completely unknown, where everything is unfamiliar, and really learned what it takes to rebuild a life from scratch without a support network.

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