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Rediscovering Love: Confidence to Date Again

In a world where high-achieving women excel professionally, finding love can pose unique challenges. Confidence to Date Again empowers women to embrace romance and love with serenity and fulfilment. Join us on a transformative journey to rewrite the narrative of love and create fulfilling relationships.

What is your mission with Confidence to Date Again?

To elevate high-achieving women to date again with joy, love, serenity, hope, and fulfilment. With ongoing changes in our society, there are so many women today who have experienced multiple relationships that end in separation, marriages that end in divorce and those who are widowed. With each relationship, we begin to create stories around our love lives, ourselves, and our futures. To add to this, dating is particularly complex for high-achieving women who are highly active in masculine energies that don’t serve them in their romantic lives. My mission is to help women who have gone through the mourning stage of their previous relationship(s) and are ready to date again with confidence, style, and ease but simply don’t know where to begin, or can’t figure out what they’ve been doing wrong.  My online program Confidence to Date Again equips ambitious women with skills and tools to make dating fun and satisfying and have the kinds of romantic relationships they deeply desire. My mission is to elevate 1 million women by 2027.

How did personal challenges in 2019 shape your journey and professional endeavors?

It’s through the worst challenges in life that we grow the most.  2019 was a whammy of a year for me.  My divorce went through, my father was killed in a tragic accident and my mother, who was also my best friend, was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer.  I cared for her night and day for 6 months going back and forth to chemotherapy treatments and sadly lost her when treatments were no longer effective. To add to these painful events, I’d moved house and did some work on a supporting wall in my apartment, where I wound up with a massive hole in the wall for 4 months due to an incompetent building team.  As if it wasn’t enough, one of my sons had an operation and the list went on!  Needless to say, it was very rough and draining emotionally.  I also began an online Master’s degree at HEC Paris that I had applied to before all these events occurred and while working full-time at the Financial Times.  Looking back, I realize we can far handle more in life than we think we can, when we feel the cause is worth the fight, or when we have no choice! The death of my parents and my marriage, all within one year, really made me understand that life is very short and precious. One minute we can be on the phone with a loved one and the next minute they have moved on. This was the impetus for me to a higher calling in life. I have always loved and been fascinated by people, by psychology, human behavior and learning about what I call the invisible world. The world beyond life on earth. Existential questions around where we have come from, our purpose in this life, why things happen as they do, what we are made of, and the energies within us and that surround us.  These collective events catapulted me to a new birth in my journey which led me to want to help elevate women in their own stories of life, specifically on the important topics of romance and love.

What prompted you to transition from your corporate career to entrepreneurship?

I loved what I did professionally at the New York Times International and the Financial Times. I worked with very bright people, in these media powerhouses who are highly respected, rigorous and established.  Yet, deep down, I had always felt a calling for something more impactful and fulfilling. I wanted to leave a lasting, positive mark on the world, knowing I’ve made a meaningful contribution to others’ lives.  I wasn’t entirely sure how.  I had done so much in terms of personal development and growth. It’s from my inner work that I realized I was creating my outer reality and that included in my success with dating. Interestingly, it took the encouragement of two independent business coaches to recognize that my dating experiences could be leveraged to assist other women.  I was having so much fun, meeting so many great men and dating so. I also had so many girlfriends and acquaintances tell me that they didn’t know how I did it, or they wanted to be “like me” when my age (aha they were quite young!) or what my secrets were.  Surprisingly, even men sought my advice in their dating endeavors.  I had always dreamed of being an entrepreneur but with three children and a busy life, I never took the leap of faith until … I did!

Could you describe your significant accomplishments during your corporate career?

I started my 20+ year career in advertising sales at the New York Times International and as I’d done heaps of telemarketing as a student, I was quickly promoted to manage a team of 5 at age 25.  I then had three sons, within four and a half years, and didn’t sleep much for 7 years aha. There was always one who was sick or up during the middle of the night. As I had strong mother instincts, and my husband travelled a lot, I took a hiatus of 5 years as a stay-at-home mom. I realized the huge challenges that many stay-at-home mothers face. I felt this role wasn’t recognized by society and that I had little to no identity beyond my husband and children.  When I returned to work, I wound up moving from one media ship to another taking on a different type of commercial role at the Financial Times.  I was responsible for several different areas within the content side of the business. From managing global intermediaries also known as Subscription Service Providers to driving the delicate and important transition from print to digital sales.  Other B2B responsibilities included sales operations, GDPR legislation, new product development and strategic alliances. I was a key contributor to achieving a £100 million growth target and developing new revenue streams that became £12 million business verticals, leading the team that won the accolade ‘Team of the Year.’ 

What academic background do you possess, and how does it contribute to your current work?

I have a BBA in marketing and frankly didn’t feel it hugely contributed to my career.  As my career advanced, and as I am naturally curious, I remember hearing a phrase “you don’t know, what you don’t know.” This hit me and I felt I wanted to understand the gaps in my formal education, to see my blind spots. While I’m a big believer in lifelong learning, I decided that I wanted to learn more about innovation and entrepreneurship. I had a growing interest in all things tech and one of my childhood dreams was to be an entrepreneur.  This is what pushed me to apply for a master’s at the prestigious HEC Paris.  Acting with classic female imposter syndrome, I doubted if I would get in.  To my thrill, I did, and now hold a Masters of Science in Innovation and Entrepreneurship with distinction.  It has helped me understand how to build a business although there is still a natural gap between reading about topics doing exercises and actually living the challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship firsthand!  

What organizations are you actively involved in as a member? 

I’m an active member of France-Ameriques, the Association of American Women in Europe, the Global Women’s Club, the Professional Women’s Network, and the HEC Alumni Association. I’m also a donating member of the Red Cross.  I’m keen to get more involved with giving back to the world and is one of my major goals until I leave this planet one day.

How do you leverage your personal development experience to empower women? 

Everything I have been through and experienced in my life has led me to this path to empower women. I have been through many difficulties in my childhood and my adulthood that I needed to overcome.  I was constantly moving around as a child, lived through multiple divorces by my parents, and attended a series of different schools which brought a lot of instability, uncertainty and stress into my life. I then left my country (United States) at the age of 20 to move to France, leaving behind family and friends, for the person I thought was the love of my life at the time. And, all this, in a time of no internet. Scary to think back to those times. I later realized I was unconsciously repeating unhealthy family patterns that I had lived through, while raising three children.  It brought me to my knees and forced me to look inward, seek growth, truth and evolve, so I could free myself from my past and the situation at the time.  I’ve been actively involved with personal development for over 15 years and understand the power we each have within us – to shape our lives, and our reality and positively impact one another.  I empower women by guiding them to cultivate self-confidence and self-love, transforming their dating narrative and positively impacting their reality. With unwavering dedication, I support them as they embark on their journey towards feeling truly empowered. Sharing my knowledge and love, I connect with women who have faced adversity, experienced disappointment, and question their next steps. My goal is to empower them to recognize hope and embrace new beginnings. It all begins with their desire and willingness to take that first step.

How does Confidence to Date Again support women in rediscovering themselves and preparing for fulfilling relationships?

Through careful curation, I’ve developed a 5-step program that brings together wisdom from various self-development experts, holistic energy practitioners and healers, that I’ve studied or worked with for over 15 years. Drawing from my own experiences as a high-achieving woman and my clients, this program offers lifetime access to a comprehensive training platform. Here, women receive exclusive guidance and step-by-step instructions, accompanied by a wealth of resources, recommendations, and guides. Additionally, weekly live support calls provide invaluable direct assistance from me, complemented by ongoing access to a members-only community. By offering this program, I aim to provide women with a fast-track to profound personal growth, equipping them with the tools and unwavering support needed on their journey towards self-love, romance and meaningful connections.

Where can individuals connect with you and Confidence to Date Again online?  

Women can apply to my Confidence to Date Again online program at 

Also here’s the link to my You tube channel:

Click directly here to find me on:

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