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Crafting  Unique Jewellery That Empowers and  Celebrates Individuality 

In a world where personal expression reigns supreme, Camille Lindsay-McDaniel has carved a niche with her bespoke  jewellery that celebrates individuality. Through heartfelt conversations and intuitive insights, she  ensures that each piece she creates reflects the unique identity of her clients. Her designs go beyond  mere adornment, empowering wearers to express themselves authentically and confidently. 

Camille’s creations are infused with love, symbolizing her mission to spread love and promote self expression. From couples sets to birthstone pieces, her jewellery enables clients to celebrate different  forms of love. Each gemstone piece is charged with positivity and cleansed, imbuing it with  transformative energy. The limited quantity of her pieces adds to their exclusivity, resonating with  those who value individuality and desire something beyond mass-produced trends. With her brand,  AlexiaCamille Designs, she contributes to the Global Woman Summit’s mission of empowering  women, providing them with the perfect armour of confidence to embrace their unique selves and  make a difference in the world. 

Join us as we delve into the enchanting world of AlexiaCamille, where jewellery becomes a symbol of  empowerment, self-expression, and love.

How do you ensure that each piece of jewellery you create reflects the individuality  and uniqueness of your clients? 

Personal connection. I speak directly with all of my custom clients. We discuss their wants and “chat”  a bit. Through our conversations, I’m able to create a piece that speaks to exactly, or in many cases  better than, their visions. I’m also rather intuitive and empathetic, which helps me relate well to my  clients and create based on their wants and needs. 

Can you share a specific example of a custom piece you created that perfectly  captured a client’s personality and story? 

I have a client who’s an artist. He has great style and asked me to create a bracelet to coordinate  with a watch of his. This is a repeat client, so I know his needs by now. He likes charms on his  bracelets, and whereas previously I’ve outsourced charms, this time I decided to create them  abstract and organic. He gave me one of my best compliments: not only was it better than he  envisioned, but he felt like he truly could not get that piece anywhere else. That’s the goal for my clients. 

What role does love play in the design and creation process of your jewellery? How  will it translate into the final product? 

Love is everything. It’s why I do this. Making jewellery is one of my gifts, and it’s my way of spreading  more love in the world. I often promote self-love and celebration because I truly believe it’s one of  the first steps towards more love in the world. Think about it: “Love your neighbour as yourself” is  the second commandment in the Christian faith. “Do to others as you’d have them do to you” (the  golden rule) — you can’t follow either of these rules well if there isn’t first love of self. And if you love  yourself, you embrace and celebrate yourself and can be inspired to celebrate others, sometimes  through gifts. I’ve often created couples sets, mother/child sets, and birthstone pieces to help my  clients express different kinds of love. Furthermore, each gemstone piece is cleansed and charged  through visualization of love and white light, imbuing each piece with positivity and my love for my  clients as fellow humans. 

In what ways does wearing the “perfect” piece of jewellery empower individuals and  help them express themselves? 

For some, a person’s style of dress can be like armour. When they feel like they look good (the way  they want to), they feel good and are ready to face the day, take on the world. Jewellery is an integral  part of that armour. Not having the right accessories can make an outfit feel incomplete or less than  its best. It’s the difference between okay and awesome.

Add to that a person who is into the meaning of gemstones, and an extra layer is added. If someone  is going into a situation and they know they’re wearing stones of protection and calm or whatever  energy that can aid them, there’s an additional feeling of power. It can be a ring, a bracelet, a  necklace — it’s why ancient warriors wore amulets into battle. They felt that much more ready, more  protected, more powerful. Today’s battlefields look more like boardrooms, classrooms, zoom rooms,  or stages, etc., but the feeling is the same. 

How do you strike a balance between creating bold and unique designs while still  ensuring that they are wearable and versatile for everyday use? 

Bold has many manifestations. It doesn’t always have to be huge and overpowering. There’s boldness  in colour, in the patterns or shapes of the stones or other design elements used. Boldness is also  somewhat relative, as is just about everything when it comes to fashion and style. My work speaks to  the boldness and uniqueness that my clients identify with and want to express. 

Many of my pieces may not be for everyday (lots of colour), but they are for any day. I do my best to  make my pieces as durable as I can. I also offer tips to best care for your jewellery and warranty each  custom piece for the first year.

What steps do you take to understand your clients’ preferences and personal style  before creating a custom piece for them? 

There is continual contact between myself and my clients while creating a custom piece. While I  learn quite a bit during our initial consultation, I check in with them to show “prototypes” in case  they want to make any changes or additions. By the time the final piece is ready, I know it is just  what they’re looking for. 

Can you describe the emotional impact that your jewellery has had on your clients?  How does it make them feel when they wear your creations? 

There is this wonderful sense of joy when my clients receive their pieces. They feel special knowing  the time, thought, and effort that was put into creating them. Those who are sensitive to energy can  feel the intention and good vibes radiating from them. Some of my clients come to me because they  are outside “standard” sizing, and they feel so good finally having someone see them and fit them as  they are. There is great satisfaction that comes with someone catering to you and giving you exactly  what you want. 

How does the limited quantity of your pieces contribute to their exclusivity and  desirability? What drives your decision to create limited edition collections? 

People who revel in their individuality rarely gravitate towards things everyone has. Often times once  everyone jumps on the bandwagon of a trend, the trendsetter jumps off. One-of-a-kind and limited  quantity items can make people feel special, knowing they have something not everyone can get. 

That feeling of being special is part of why I decided to go with limited collections. I love making  people feel special. Limited collections also help me to continually dive into my own creativity. My  mind and imagination are constantly stretching as the need for new collections is ever-present. 

Do you have any notable collaborations or partnerships that have allowed you to  expand your creative vision and reach new audiences? 

At this time, I am more of a one-woman show. I am open to the possibility that being involved with  Global Woman Club will allow me to not only learn much but give me access to people and markets  that would be much more difficult to reach on my own. And with so many incredible, diverse people  involved in the organization, I may very well find my first collaboration. 

How does your brand, AlexiaCamille, contribute to the overall mission of the Global  Woman Summit in empowering women and promoting self-expression?

AlexiaCamille’s mission of promoting and spreading love of all kinds is directly aligned with the  mission of Global Woman. The main drive behind most women is love, be it family, children, Mother  Earth, etc. Love is the greatest motivator to accomplish whatever we are empowering ourselves for.  For many women, one of the greatest discoveries and journeys we take is to self-love, and as I said,  the more we love ourselves, the more we can love others. The more we love others, the more we  want to make a difference in people’s lives, and the more we are reaching to empower ourselves to  do so. A prevalent Global Woman saying is “the best way to empower a woman is to give her a  microphone.” Having her “armour” in place and complete (with the right jewellery) can give her that  extra boost of confidence to take it.

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