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Driving Tech Innovation: A Profile of Impact and Contribution

In the fast-paced world of technology and innovation, AnaMaria Meshkurti shines as a beacon of leadership and ingenuity. Currently wielding her expertise as a Tech Investor and Strategic Board Member at AMVS Capital, AnaMaria’s influence extends far beyond the boardroom. As Co-Editor in Chief at Moneys Magazine, a prestigious global publication spotlighting investors and entrepreneurs, she’s at the forefront of shaping industry narratives.

What are your current roles in the tech and innovation space?

Currently I wear various hats. I am involved as a technology investment advisor and strategic board member with AMVS Capital, which represents a group of UHNWI looking to invest in various tech areas. Additionally, I am actively engaged with the Swiss Virtual Reality space as both angel investor and board member at and 

In essence, my primary focus revolves around linking investors with suitable startups and fostering the creation of more business opportunities on an international scale. I also provide mentorship and advise within the realm of technological innovation sector and beyond. In addition I am Co-Editor in Chief of Moneys Magazine, a magazine that features entrepreneurs and investors globally.

Can you describe your previous position at FONGIT and its objectives?

During my time at the Geneva Foundation for Technology Innovation (FONGIT part of the Swiss Government) as head of Marketing, Communications and Engagement, I was in charge of the online and print media presence of the Foundation. I also started many key partnerships with top entities around the world to bring the Foundation’s work to the next level contributing to achieving positive social and economic impact.

The Geneva Foundation for Technology Innovation focuses on investing and supporting startups either based in Geneva or interested in establishing their business in the canton. This includes supporting them financially, offering office spaces as well as mentoring and coaching. Through these efforts, the FONGIT has created a community that not only helps the startups foster but also have a social impact, particularly politically, by creating more employment opportunities. I personally achieved close collaboration with many partners to enhance Geneva as an even more attractive place for these entrepreneurs than it already is. 

What are the areas of specialization for startups that you mentor and judge?

My main focus revolves around technology advanced products and startups specializing in emerging technologies such as AI, IoT, Blockchain, XR and the Metaverse. I mentor mainly around investment readiness, pitching, investor relations, pitch deck creation as well as government relations, personal and company branding and more. I have additional expertise in the medical device sector, one that takes time but has great returns. 

How did you contribute to digital inclusion and innovation during your tenure at the International Telecommunication Union (ITU)?

During my time with the ITU Standardization Sector, I conceptualized and administrated the ITU Smart Incubator Program, targeting emerging tech start-ups in developing countries. Additionally, I supervised ITU-T’s-non statutory events, which encompassed workshops, seminars and forums. I also took charge of training sessions for the Bridging the Standardization GAP Program, supporting ITU delegates in the standardization process and worked with different focus groups on the topic of Finetech, AI, Blockchain, Internet of Things and more. During my last role with the ITU I was in charge of managing Innovation, Gender, Accessibility and Youth at the European level, collaborating with Ministers and Regulators. 

What educational background do you have, and how does it support your career in tech and innovation?

I pursued my undergraduate degree in international relations and global governance at Hult International Business School in England. I have also completed my master’s degrees in Marketing and Communications in Italy, as well as an MBA in Switzerland, which have played integral roles in shaping my professional self and my career path. However, it is my work experience that I think has had the biggest impact, providing me with the practical set of skills that I apply now. Over the years I have had the opportunity to work in diverse and nurturing environments, which ultimately directed me towards technology and sparked my interest in it. The experience of working with startups, entrepreneurs, innovation initiatives, along with a focus on youth impact, financial strategies and policies, has contributed to developing my advisory and mentoring capabilities, which are fundamental aspects of my work. I am currently pursuing a PhD in the investment field. 

Apart from your professional roles, what are some of your contributions to various organizations and associations?

Definitely here goes without saying the WEF Global Shapers Geneva Hub, which is an incredible community of talented individuals giving back to the world to make it a better place. I am also actively involved in the Knowledge Impact Network (KIN), which is a great network if you are in the non-profit world and looking for masterminds to support you. I also work closely with the ICT associations of Albania and Kosovo to give back to the startup ecosystem there, given I am from Albania. 

Could you provide more information about your involvement with the World Economic Forum Global Shapers Geneva Hub?

In my roles as both Curator and Vice Curator, I immersed myself in navigating complex global issues alongside passionate individuals, learning a lot and having a chance to contribute to positive global change. My role was mostly, as I like to consider it, a curatorship facilitation role, ensuring the coordination of the shapers and providing them with the necessary tools, to bring their passionately driven projects to fruition. Despite the challenges, our community was very active and our duties, were also immensely enjoyable and fun.

Many of the projects were particularly focused on advancing the SDGs, a goal, set to be reached by 2030. Food sustainability is a big topic for the HUB in Geneva, reflecting that most of the shapers were passionate about the food industry. Initiatives such as lake cleaning and cultural engagement, including children’s theater, were undertaken to achieve our impact objectives. It was and still is very important for the HUB to impact the future generations and spread awareness on critical issues like climate change. Another interesting project we were focused on included supporting people with migrant or refugee backgrounds to help them achieve their aspirations. So, in a sense the HUB tries to affect as many areas of the region as possible. Being part of the Hub and seeing the impact it has on the community was a great pleasure.

In what capacity do you contribute to the HULT International Business School Alumni Association of Geneva and the Global Hult Alumni Executive Board? How do you contribute to the startup ecosystem as an angel investor and board member at

VR has brought numerous opportunities when it comes to training, recruitment, team building, setting up workshops and understanding the Metaverse. It stands as one of the most potentially transformative technologies of recent times. At VR4, we help businesses stand out and participate by using this cutting-edge technology. This is important for the development of team building and growing internally, as well as to have an impact on current and possible new customers through customizing products and experiences. As a team, we play a role in making sure businesses make the right decisions as they embark on their VR ventures.

In my capacity as an angel investor, I am committed not only to providing financial support, but also, that those working with me profit from my consulting expertise in marketing, investment, tech, social media, leadership and more. Efficiency and practicality are the keys for me in what I do, ensuring that my projects are solution and result oriented. 

What notable awards and recognitions have you received throughout your career?

In 2021 I received the UN ITU Innovation Award, and I was honored as one of the top 100 Swiss digital Shapers in 2022 and in 2023. Additionally, I was honoured to be selected as Top International executive of the Year 2024 in Marketing and communications by the prestigious International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP).

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