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Life Lessons in Leadership: An Inspirational Path

In the fast-paced world of hospitality, leaders like Keisha Simpson stand out for their ability to inspire and empower others. With a rich tapestry of life experiences and a keen eye for unlocking untapped potential, Keisha brings a fresh perspective to the industry. From her early days as a migrant to Canada to her journey through Emery Collegiate, she learned the value of dedication and perseverance firsthand. Now, as a seasoned professional, Keisha’s dynamic leadership style motivates individuals to focus on what truly matters, both in the workplace and in life. Join us as we delve into the transformative journey of a true hospitality leader.

How do you use her leadership expertise to empower people within the hospitality industry?

I use my leadership expertise to empower people within the hospital industry by recommending books, podcast and giving each individual a dose of motivation to help them to develop a growth mindset.

What unique qualities do you possess that inspire individuals to focus on what truly matters in their work and personal lives?

The qualities that I possess that inspire people to focus on what truly matters in their work and personal lives are my blunt approach for inspiring them to have a better future and my  charming personality which usually get them excited.

Can you share a story of how your leadership has made a positive impact on the lives of those she works with?

My leadership quality has led me to help a drug dealer to stop selling drugs and turn his life around. I got him a job encourage him to stop selling drugs he’s been at the job 9yrs now and has even moved up in the company. He went from making $12 an hour to making $35 an hour.

How have your early life experiences, such as migrating to Canada in 1996, influenced your dedication and leadership approach?

Migrating to Canada has broken my horizon in such a way that I see beauty and talent in every nation. Canada has given me a diverse mind which has led me to be able to work with anyone from any nation.

How do you incorporate the lessons you learned at Emery Collegiate into your leadership style?

Going to Emery Collegiate has taught me that the sky is the limit. I have learned that the only road block which stop us is our mind. I try to incorporate this in every one I empower.

What methods do you use to help individuals discover their hidden potential and achieve their goals?

I use the each one teach one method to help individuals discover there hidden talents and potential. I get them to see that everyone that comes into our lives is a teacher and there is a lesson to be learned. I often advise them that the best teacher is a baby.

Could you give examples of how your leadership has led to real changes or improvements in the hospitality industry?

Within the hospitality industry my leadership qualities has help a few people move up from entry level position to a better position.

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