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Lena Johansson

Lena Johansson: My Journey as a Summit Speaker Transforming Lives with Cellular Health and Art

Welcome to Global Woman Magazine! Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing an extraordinary woman who founded “The LifePower Institute.” With a background in physical therapy, she embarked on this path to offer a comprehensive approach to well-being. Through coaching, nutrition, art, and spirituality, she helps clients achieve transformative change. As an accomplished author and artist, she empowers individuals through her books and vibrant watercolour paintings. With a passion for education, she also shares her knowledge as a lecturer and implements programs for parenting support. Her ultimate goal is to create a healthier world by raising awareness about the importance of cellular health.

Join us as we delve into her incredible journey as a global health entrepreneur. Discover how she combines her expertise in physical therapy with coaching, nutrition, art, and spirituality to empower individuals on their path to well-being. Through her books, artwork, and educational initiatives, she aims to make a positive impact on society by promoting cellular health and holistic living.

Summit Speaker Transforming Lives with Cellular Health and Art

Global Woman — Interview

Welcome to Global Woman Magazine! Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing an extraordinary woman who founded “The LifePower Institute.” With a background in physical therapy, she embarked on this path to offer a comprehensive approach to well-being. Through coaching, nutrition, art, and spirituality, she helps clients achieve transformative change.

Could you tell us about your journey as a global health entrepreneur and how you founded “The LifePower Institute”?

There are three reasons: I was working at hospitals and rehab centers in Sweden with traumatically brain-injured patients, and I thought I had too little time with every patient. I also became a mother and wanted to decide when and how much I would have to work. I wanted to be with my precious children as much as possible. Due to a car accident, I started coaching and working with test-based nutrition and art because that was how I got my life back.

What inspired you to become a physical therapist, and how did that lead to your work in brain injury consulting?

People I trusted thought I would be suitable, and I believed them, and I thought it would be a great job as an entrepreneur when I had kids. The brain is such an incredibly plastic organ, and with the right rehabilitation, the most impossible things can happen, and I like to make the impossible possible for people.

How do you approach stress management and counselling in your work?

If there are acute situations, of course, I deal with them first in counselling and coaching. Otherwise, I always start with the dreams and visions of my clients for life, family, business, and faith. I work with their WHY! Why do they want to reach this dream, goal, or vision? If I know their dreams and WHY, I can always come back to it in motivational sessions.

Many of our symptoms come from pure physical problems, so I take a blood test and have it analysed by a world-known laboratory in Norway. I check how their balance between the fatty acids Omegas 3 and 6 is. It is essential for a healthy cell with Omega balance. A healthy cell is a foundation for a healthy life and for us to be able to absorb the nutrients we eat. I also give advice about different supplements that can help them.

If the body and its cells are functioning as they were supposed to, it is much easier to work with the mind and coach about life, stress, and business. And my client has a quite different possibility to develop in all other areas of life and cope with stress and the practical exercises that I give them.

As a pastor, my secret weapon is to pray for my clients. God, the creator, knows what is needed to fill my clients’ needs, and he gives advice and guidance on how to reach the source of the client’s problems.

Photographer: Marika T Styhr

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement as a health entrepreneur and author?

It is actually coaching myself back to life after a car crash that gave me a lot of stress and cognitive symptoms for many years. No one was there to help me, so I used my knowledge and the wisdom of God and analysed my blood and took action and started to intake the Balance Oil. And it was like a miracle happened, and I started to heal. And now I am helping other people the same way I helped myself with coaching, spiritual counselling, and nutrition, and health coaching, as well as with my art. If I hadn’t been successful in coaching myself back then, many people would not have been able to come out in freedom because of my coaching.

I have been a co-author for four books, a two-time number one bestselling author, and my upcoming book “Women with LifePower – Achieve the life of your dreams, without sacrificing your dignity” is on the way. Of course, I am very proud of that book, but also of writing “Love and Coaching” (the purple version) together with the famous Dr. John Gray (Men are from Mars and women are from Venus). With some of my fellow Gender intelligence Coaches, we put this book together.

How does your work as an artist tie into your mission of assisting others in living in fulfilment?

Firstly, I paint with the purpose that my painting shall transfer happiness, joy, harmony, and hope to the viewer. Secondly, I arrange watercolour courses and retreats where I teach how to paint, together with how colour, being creative, and starting a healing process leads to a source of letting go of stress.

I myself found the way back to myself through watercolour after the car crash. It is just something miraculous watching the paint flow with the water and create shapes and shadows by itself.

Can you discuss your experience as a lecturer and how it informs your work today?

I love connecting with an audience and mediating knowledge. This exchange of minds, being one steppingstone to change lives, has proven crucial. When it is perfect, we both grow from our meeting together. Right now, I am involved in a project where I, together with a municipality, am implementing the parenting support course ICDP (International Child Development Programme) in the Swedish education for immigrants. I am convinced that this is the right way for integration and for building strong and secure families and a strong and secure society. I would really like to spread this to the whole of Sweden and abroad.

What is the significance of your work in various congregations, and how does it affect society?

Christian people and churchgoers are no different from other people. They too encounter bad things in life, make dysfunctional decisions, or are abused by others and need tools to come out in freedom and LifePower. There I can be a help with holistic coaching, including the transforming power of God and salvation. And when people are set free and healed from inside out, they too can go out and change the world, and we create a movement of people who can reach their God-given LifePower.

How do you see the future of global health and wellness, and what role do you see yourself playing in it?

As it is now, blood tests show that 95% of the world population (we have tested over 1 Million people at the time of writing) are NOT in Omega 3, Omega 6 balance, and that is causing a lot of unhealthy conditions and suffering for people. I believe in a health movement, and I see myself creating change in life, one blood test at a time, educating people all over the world about this little simple step to build health by taking care of your cells. Scientists say that if we do that, a lot of diseases that are now filling up the hospitals could be prevented.

How do you balance your work as an entrepreneur, author, artist, and lecturer?

I make it a part of my lifestyle, and painting and writing are ways of handling stress for me, so they help my well-being. But I am also a very good enjoyer of life and take time with my family and just do the things I love and meditate on the word of God and pray. But my best way of releasing stress is to go down to the lake early in the morning or late in the evening when no one else is there and take a swim. Just me and nature.

Could you share any upcoming projects or initiatives that you’re excited about for the future of “The LifePower Institute”?

Next Spring, I am arranging an event for Christian women here in Sweden called “Daughter to the King 2024” with a focus on coming out in your calling in life. I am excited to continue focusing on developing my artist retreats on how to use watercolour in the healing process for my clients. And of course, to spread the ICDP-project globally and to publish my new book “Women with LifePower”.

Photographer: Belinda

Feature Image Photographer: Magnus Häll

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