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Mind-Body Mastery: Holistic Expertise Unveiled

Meet Antigoni Louca, a seasoned professional with a rich tapestry of qualifications and experiences in the realms of physical education, sports science, physiotherapy, and holistic wellness. Armed with a BSc in Physical Education, Sports Science and Physiotherapy, as well as an MSc in Exercise Physiology, Sports Medicine, and an MBA, Antigoni’s journey spans over three decades, marked by unwavering dedication and a commitment to multifaceted fields.

What academic qualifications do you hold? 

I hold a BSc in Physical Education and Sports Science, a BSc in Physiotherapy, and an MSc in Exercise Physiology from Moscow State University. I also have an MSc in  Sports Medicine from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from the Neapolis University of Pafos. 

Can you describe your diverse career journey, including the various fields you have worked in? 

During my academic journey, I have been studying the different areas of the holistic approach to health and well-being. Upon my return to my home country, Cyprus, I  had the opportunity to continue my education in a holistic direction and expand my expertise in various programs and techniques. Initially, I ran group fitness programs tailored to different populations, later I focused on new therapeutic approaches that enriched my toolkit of holistic wellness practices. 

How long did you own and manage your wellness and fitness centre in Cyprus? 

I owned and managed the biggest wellness and fitness centre in Paphos  “Poseidonio” for 22 years. 

What certifications have you obtained to further your expertise in holistic wellness? 

Some selected certifications related to holistic wellness are:  

∙ Chinese Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture 

∙ Acupressure and Shiatsu 

∙ Aromatherapy, Reflexology 

∙ Pilates, Yoga 

∙ Pranic Healing 

∙ Master in Bowen Technique 

∙ Coaching 

∙ Mindfulness Instructor 

∙ Heart Math Coach 

∙ ThetaHealing Master and Certificate of Science Instructor 

∙ Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher  

What personalized coaching programs do you offer, and what are their primary  objectives? 

I offer a variety of holistic personalised coaching programs such as Stress Management (personal or work-related in company setting)

Corporate wellness packages – Team building, Stress Management

Weight Management 

Relationships – attracting your soulmate – improve personal relationship

Financial Abundance

Life Coaching – Personal Development – Positive Mindset

Career Coaching

How do you integrate your expertise in holistic health into your workshops, training, and coaching programs? 

I incorporate my knowledge of holistic health into my workshops, trainings, and coaching by developing customized programs, that are tailored to the specific needs of each client. Since 2015, my to-go techniques include ThetaHealing and Laughter  Yoga, for which I offer certified training and seminars.  

What specific techniques or methodologies do you employ as a ThetaHealing®  Technique Therapist and Laughter Yoga Teacher? 

As a ThetaHealing® Technique Therapist, I incorporate Meditation Techniques,  Digging for Beliefs, Rewiring our subconscious, Deep inner healing, Positive  Downloads, and Holistic Wellness Coaching. 

As a Laughter Yoga Teacher, I use Laughter exercises, Stress release exercises, Breathing Exercises, Laughter Meditation, Laughter Dance, Fun Games, and Yoga Nidra. 

How do you promote corporate wellness in companies through your workshops? 

Through my workshops, I promote corporate wellness using my expertise in various fields for Stress Management, Health and Wellness, and Team Building.  

Aside from your professional pursuits, what are some personal interests or hobbies that you enjoy? 

Some personal interests and hobbies that I enjoy are reading, learning, swimming,  dancing, and traveling. 

When it comes to embodying qualities such as generosity, compassion, and enthusiasm in my interactions with others, I strive to infuse everything I do with passion and love. Whether it’s in the services I provide or in my volunteer work, I  want to make a difference and help people in need. 

My motto is simple: “You deserve to be healthy and happy. I’m here to help you achieve that!

I believe in making a difference in the world and I am always willing to help make our world a better place.

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