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Eva Martins; The Woman Who Defies Fear

Eva is one of those women who truly knows how to empower women everywhere and her journey, of course, had to start with working on herself. After many difficult moments in her life she eventually made the decision to reconnect with herself in order to be the best she could be. Today she is a successful Entrepreneur, Coach and widely read Author. In this interview she provides us with very important messages that are relevant to all those who seek perfection. And, through a series of valuable tips, Eva explains that perfection is just the expectation we have for ourselves. As an author she has received very positive feedback and her book, “Stop Believing The BS !: 7 Steps to Awaken Your Feminine Power” provides an essential guide for every woman who seeks to be empowered. It has also made her one of the most clicked authors on Amazon. 

Eva, as an entrepreneur, when did you realise that it was time to embark on this journey?

I always felt in my heart a deeper calling to help women on a different scale from a really young age but I did not know how to embark on this journey. So, I had to go through my own growth and self-development journey in order to better help others. I went through big transformational challenges in my life which I now realise were wake-up calls. I came to understood that I was playing small, I was on the wrong path and I was disconnecting from myself. The biggest wake-up call was when I lost a baby and I had no other choice than to reconnect with myself and feel the pain and suffering at a time when nobody could really help me. I had to find my own path. Since then I have done endless training in order to be able to serve, to spark transformation and to inspire. I trained personally with Tony Robbins being a Platinum Member, and completed full training suites with Brandon Bays, Viana Stibal, Joe Dispenza, John Grinder and many others while also working full time as ‘Head of Innovation and Commercial Digital Transformation’ at one of the top three Pharmaceutical companies in the world. I embraced my courage to step beyond my own fears in order to be an example for other women and for my daughters. Three years ago, after twenty years of self-preparation I finally felt it was time to rise as well and share it with the world more openly.

What were the first barriers you encountered?

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