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Here’s How Australia’s Leading Astrologer, Natasha Weber, Is Inspiring Women Globally Through The Lens of Astrology

Using astrology as a vehicle to promote self-acceptance and discover their greatest potentials, Natasha Weber is helping women of the world move forward in personal evolution

Over the past few decades, the influx of sceptics, abundant misconceptions, and the cheesy but timeless pick-up line “What’s your sign?” has lent to astrology not getting a fair hand. Dismissed before it was even fully understood, astrologists lay in wait for a time when people would once again open their hearts and minds to the truth and science of their craft. 

We have now ascended into an age where looking inward, defining your personal truth, and investigating the dark parts of ourselves are accepted and have even become a priority. Self-awareness is now synonymous with strength! 

Natasha Weber, Australia’s leading media astrologer, is heading the movement to rewrite the reputation of astrology and is using her gift as a powerful tool for empowering women. Through her unique journey, Weber has recognised astrology as an untapped human resource and wields this superpower to support truth-seeking women through transformation. 

Australian-born with Dutch and German parents, this detail is just scratching the surface of what made Weber’s background so extraordinary. She grew up living in a house inside the Melbourne Zoo with her parents, both zookeepers that fatefully met and fell in love while working there. She explains what set the stage for her interest in astrology sharing, “My mother is clairvoyant which opened my eyes to all things mystical and spiritual.” Weber continues,” it was often the topic of discussion in our house which led to me developing a healthy acceptance of spirituality.” Aside from the novelty of living amongst exotic animals, being raised in a zoo fostered her love for the cycles of nature of which astrology, and the planets, are intrinsically linked. Even so, once she graduated from high school, she pursued a different path in Ballet, becoming a mom while balancing a career as a highly successful ballerina for the opera until one day, her heart yearned for something more. Courageously following that thread led her to discover her passion and life’s work as an astrologer.

Today, Natasha Weber is breaking down doors, opening minds, and renewing credibility in her field. She is the real deal, bringing 20 years of astrology experience, with accreditation by the Australian Academy of Astrology and Cosmobiology (PMAAAC) and a membership with the American Federation of Astrologers (MAFA). 

After graduating from her three year program, she resided for an additional 15 years with the AAAC senior research group, building her presentation skills while working alongside vastly experienced astrologers. Weber immersed herself in this world, soaking up every bit of information she could and putting it into practice – but at this point, astrology was only a passion and not yet a paying career. 

Going through a divorce and “personal metamorphosis,” Weber began formulating a plan for starting her own business. Taking baby steps and pushing through self-doubt, she opened an Instagram account where she was surprised to see an increasing number of followers enjoying her insightful horoscopes. Encouraged, she launched a website and began offering personal birth chart consultations. 

Weber provided in-depth analysis on everything from discovering a client’s greatest potential, health vulnerabilities, and relationship patterns to forecasting for the coming year. Validation came through finding her niche in guiding women seeking their purpose and combining her highly technical skills analysing charts with translations into spot-on horoscopes. Astrotash, the name she created to represent her across all platforms, was now an Astrologer to be reckoned with. As things progressed, she started to get nudges from the universe to begin writing, and opportunities came knocking. Weber described her reaction when she received her first offer to write horoscopes for a publication saying, “I immediately accepted and thought all my dreams had come true – but I was terrified.” 

Rewarded richly for facing her fears and working through that terror, Weber has earned the endorsement of several top media outlets, standing as a resident astrologer for, Body+Soul, and Mamamia. Her expertise has earned her appearances on Today Extra, Sunrise Morning Show, and countless podcasts, while her work has been featured in Today’s Astrologer, Thought Catalogue, Out of Office New York, and many other publications internationally.

Natasha Weber, Australia’s Leading Astrologer, has built a thriving career in sharing with the world what she describes as “a perfect dance between math and mysticism.” Her true mission is to inspire women, through her story and expertly written horoscopes, to listen to the nudges of their spirit, step forward courageously, and follow their dreams.

Discover parts of yourself still unknown, and see what the cosmos has in store for you by visiting and connecting with her on Instagram (@astrotash).

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