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What Can Female Protagonists Teach Young Women?

What Can Female Protagonists Teach Young Women?

If you pay much attention to pop culture or the entertainment industry, you’ve no doubt seen plenty of excitement over the portrayal of the DC Comics character Wonder Woman that hit cinema screens this summer. The superhero was played by Gal Gadot in a film simply called Wonder Woman, and critics responded with almost universal praise. As unique as this movie was, however – it was the first major superhero film with a female lead – there are actually a lot of noteworthy films coming out in the next year with strong female protagonists (to say nothing of the fact that Star Wars’ latest jedi is a woman!). 

The one that most people might already be aware of is Tomb Raider, a reboot of the popular action/adventure series due out in March. The Tomb Raider character of Lara Croft has already enjoyed a resurgence in recent years, appearing in multiple console video games as well as in Microgaming’s slot reel collection hosted by Slotsource. In fact she’s also appeared in a mobile game called Lara Croft GO. So, between console and mobile games and online slot arcades, she’s back in the public eye to some degree. But a whole new big screen adventure for Croft – not to be played by Alicia Vikander – should be a big deal for movie lovers, and particularly girls and young women. This is in effect the Indiana Jones for women. 

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