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Celebrating Confidence in Fashion and Life

Step into a world where confidence reigns supreme, where fashion intertwines with empowerment, and where dreams are nurtured into reality. From Hong Kong, to Singapore, the UK to Japan, US to the Netherlands, and Denmark, meet Tiffany Lui, a global citizen whose journey from the corporate world to entrepreneurship embodies the spirit of transformation and empowerment. Having traversed through diverse cultures and professional landscapes, Tiffany’s path took a pivotal turn in 2019 when she embarked on a journey to redefine her purpose. Transitioning from the realms of Human Resources and Diversity & Inclusion in prestigious law firms to co-founding a health food company, she swiftly realised her lifelong dream of founding a fashion brand, even gaining the opportunity to showcase her collection at the London Fashion Week in such a short space of time. Tiffany’s story is one of courage, passion, and the unwavering belief in the power of confidence.

What inspired you to transition from the corporate world to entrepreneurship, particularly in the health food and fashion industries? 

Transitioning from the corporate world to entrepreneurship was a journey fueled by both inspiration and aspiration. 

For years, I followed the conventional career path after university without truly considering if it aligned with my deepest interests and passions. I simply did what was expected. The idea of breaking away from the corporate mold had crossed my mind occasionally, but as I continued in that world, the idea of starting something entirely new seemed increasingly daunting. The security of a stable job and the familiarity of my surroundings held me back, along with doubts about my experience and whether it was too late to start something completely new. 

Then, a former senior colleague shared how he had joined our company years ago merely to follow his boss at the time, not because it was his dream job. But at a certain point, he realised he needed to uncover his true calling. Once he did and pursued that newfound passion, he couldn’t have been more happy. He looked forward to work every single day, and he even wished weekends would finish soon so he could get back to work. His journey made me realise that it’s never too late to pursue what truly makes us happy. 

His story really resonated with me because, like him, I had fallen into my corporate role without really considering what I was passionate about. It made me reflect on my dream of owning a fashion brand. I’d always loved fashion, and the struggle to find something versatile yet elegant for work and evenings out fueled my desire to create a fashion brand. 

With newfound determination, I decided to delve deeper into the fashion industry. I enrolled in an intensive fashion course in Europe to learn more about fashion design. It was during that time that my passion crystallised into a clear vision – a vision I was determined to turn into reality. 

To build a fashion brand wasn’t just about personal fulfillment. It was about inspiring others to believe in themselves and chase their dreams, just as my ex-colleague had inspired me.

How does your experience in Human Resources and Diversity & Inclusion influence the ethos of your fashion brand, TIFFANY NOYAMA? 

My years working in HR and D&I have been instrumental in shaping the driving force behind TIFFANY NOYAMA. It is beyond just creating timeless and classy fashion. For over a decade, I’ve been deeply committed to championing diversity and inclusion, particularly focusing on gender diversity. 

Throughout my career, too often, I’ve encountered countless talented women full of aspirations but lacking the confidence to pursue their dreams fully. It saddened me to see how societal norms and outdated beliefs held back their potential, causing many of them to doubt their capabilities or abandon their ambitions altogether. Some felt they weren’t good enough to climb the corporate ladder. Others were made to believe they should simply be stay-at-home housewives and mothers. At some points in my own life, I had similar insecurities and limiting beliefs about my potential until certain individuals inspired a shift in my perception and beliefs. They inspired me to break the glass ceiling I had subconsciously constructed in my own mind about what I could achieve as a woman. This change of mindset gave me the confidence to pursue my entrepreneurial fashion dreams without hesitation. 

I realised that in order to make true strides toward gender equality and female empowerment in this unequal world, we need to first change our own self-beliefs as women. We have to model confidence for the next generation. That’s the driving ethos behind TIFFANY NOYAMA. 

With this brand, I aim to create a platform that inspires women to become their most confident selves through fashion, inspirational and self-growth contents. We envision a world where the roles and values that society defines for women have been replaced with us owning our own choices, believing in ourselves, and having the confidence to live the lives we want to live.

Can you elaborate on how your fashion brand serves as a platform for empowering women beyond just offering clothing? 

TIFFANY NOYAMA is far more than simply a fashion label – it’s a movement dedicated to empowering women to boldly pursue their biggest dreams and transform them into their most confident selves.

Our mission extends far beyond offering timeless and classy clothings. Fashion is merely the aesthetic vehicle and creative expression, but the true essence lies in fostering a supportive community. 

Through our social media channels, we share inspirational quotes and messages designed to ignite passion and motivation within our community. These snippets of wisdom serve as reminders that each of them possesses the power to shape their destiny and live a fulfilling life. 

Moreover, our blog serves as a platform where I share very personal stories and life lessons from my own journey and insights. By opening up about my own journey, I aim to connect with our audiences on a deeper level, serving as a relatable “buddy” on their path to self-discovery and empowerment. We are also committed to collaborate with other inspiring women, providing a platform for them to share their own stories. I believe in the transformative power of shared experiences that resonate with our audiences, and I want them to grow internally through this process right alongside us. 

At TIFFANY NOYAMA, we are not only selling clothes. We are trying to sell “Confidence”. We aim to be that catalyst inspiring women to live their dreams fearlessly, using both fashion and sage life advice as the catalyst for transforming perspectives about female potential. Our clothing is designed to make women look and feel confident, but more importantly, we strive to ignite a spark of inspiration in every woman and embolden them to live life on their own terms. 

What specific challenges did you encounter when starting your own fashion brand, and how did you overcome them?

Launching TIFFANY NOYAMA as a complete newcomer to the fashion world posed immense challenges from the very start. I had zero experience – I didn’t study fashion design, never worked in the industry before, and had no pre-existing connections or network. Essentially, I was a total outsider trying to break into an entirely new realm. 

That lack of domain expertise made even the most fundamental startup steps difficult. Things that might seem simple, like sourcing fabric suppliers, connecting with manufacturers, understanding fashion marketing and PR – it was all uncharted territory for me. I didn’t have the insider knowledge or relationships that could facilitate smoother processes.

However, since I was young, I’ve always been drawn to challenges. Routine tasks often leave me feeling bored, and I’m always longing for something more stimulating. As a result, the greater the challenge, the more driven I am to tackle it head-on. 

I studied every educational resource and took every possible masterclass to get upskilled on the business of fashion. I sought out mentors who could provide valuable insights. And I am working to network and develop relationships with people in the industry who could fill knowledge gaps. 

In what ways do you integrate the concept of self-discovery and confidence-building into the design and messaging of your fashion pieces?

Incorporating the concepts of self-discovery and confidence-building into our fashion pieces is integral to our mission at TIFFANY NOYAMA. One innovative way we’re doing this is through the integration of unique linings in most of our upcoming garments. 

We have added our motto, “Celebrate the Confidence in YOU,” to the linings of our garments with the intention of instilling confidence in every woman who wears our pieces. You might wonder how a simple motto in a lining could make a difference, but the inspiration behind this idea stems from a fascinating discovery outlined in a book that talks about some hidden messages in water. 

The author of the book found that when water is exposed to positive messages, with the messages facing the water, it forms beautiful crystals, whereas negative messages result in distorted formations. Considering that about 70% of our body is water, it’s intriguing to think about how positive messages, like our motto, can potentially affect our well-being. By incorporating our motto into the lining, positioned to face the body, it has the potential to enhance our confidence. 

We also believe that when our customers see the uplifting message in the lining of our garments, it serves as a subtle yet powerful reminder of their inherent confidence. It’s a gentle nudge to embrace their unique qualities and celebrate their strengths. By infusing our fashion pieces with positivity and encouragement, we aim to inspire self-assurance and empowerment in every woman who wears TIFFANY NOYAMA. 

Could you share some examples of the initiatives or projects you’ve undertaken to empower women through your brand and the accompanying blog?

At TIFFANY NOYAMA, empowering women is at the core of everything we do. Here are some examples of initiatives we’ve undertaken or are planning to do to uplift and inspire women:

Celebrate the Confidence in YOU” Linings: As mentioned earlier, we’ve introduced unique linings in all our new garments, featuring our motto “Celebrate the Confidence in YOU.” This initiative aims to instill confidence in every woman who wears our pieces, serving as a subtle reminder of their inherent strength and empowerment. 

 Inspirational Blog Content: Our blog serves as a platform for sharing inspirational stories, personal experiences, and empowering messages. Through storytelling and relatable content, we aim to connect with our audience on a deeper level, fostering a sense of community and empowerment. 

Collaborations with Inspiring Women: We are planning to collaborate with inspiring women for them to share their stories, insights, and experiences. These collaborations aim to celebrate the achievements of women and inspire others to pursue their passions fearlessly.

Social Media Engagement: We engage with our community on social media by sharing inspiring quotes and empowering messages. Through these contents, we aim to inspire and uplift women in their daily lives. 

Social Responsibility: Additionally, while we haven’t turned a profit yet to implement it, we have big plans to pay our empowerment mission forward. Part of our future profits will be donated to like-minded non-profit organizations who share our values of empowering women. 

However, we want to go beyond just monetary donations. Money can help solve short-term needs, but we aim to foster long-term independence. To that end, we’re planning an initiative to donate empowering books on topics like self-development, inspiring success stories, career paths, entrepreneurship and business skills. 

Our vision is to put enriching literary resources into the hands of women and young people in need. We believe building knowledge is a powerful catalyst for personal growth and financial self-sufficiency. The more women and girls can educate themselves through these books, the more they can uncover their talents and discover new paths to support themselves and their families.

As TIFFANY NOYAMA grows, we also plan to establish a funding mechanism to directly assist women who feel inspired to take the entrepreneurial leap themselves but lack startup capital. Our goal is to provide the financial backing and mentorship to brave aspiring women with business ideas but limited means. 

What role do storytelling and personal narratives play in your brand’s mission to inspire and empower women? 

Storytelling and sharing personal narratives are absolutely vital to fulfilling TIFFANY NOYAMA’s mission of inspiring and empowering women. Stories have the incredible power to not just entertain, but to deeply resonate, forge emotional connections, and dismantle outdated mindsets. 

Through storytelling, we create a platform where women can see themselves reflected, validated, and uplifted. These stories serve as a gentle reminder that their journeys are shared, their experiences are acknowledged, and their voices matter. 

As a founder of a fashion brand, how do you balance the pursuit of passion with the practical aspects of running a business? 

While my passion for fashion is what initially drove me to start this venture, I understand the importance of managing the day-to-day operations effectively. 

To strike this balance, I place a strong emphasis on strategic planning and resource allocation. By setting clear objectives and establishing realistic timelines, I can effectively manage the resources and stay on track towards achieving my goals.

I’ve also learned to balance two different mindsets – the creative dreamer and the practical businesswoman. On one side, I allow myself complete freedom for artistic expression, trying new materials, and innovative design ideas without any limits. For instance, our most recent collection aimed to blend tweed and tulle fabrics, a combination rarely seen in the market. This boundless creativity fuels TIFFANY NOYAMA’s unique and bold brand identity. 

However, when it comes to making major business decisions, I have to approach it in a disciplined and objective way based on facts and strategies. I rely on data, market research, financial projections and advice from professionals, before deciding on the best path forward. While creativity still plays a role, it has to be balanced with pragmatic thinking based on reality.

Looking ahead, what are your aspirations for TIFFANY NOYAMA in terms of its impact on women’s lives and its presence in the fashion industry? 

Looking ahead, my vision for the future of fashion is centered on creating a space where women can truly express themselves, particularly in professional settings where their individuality can shine. It’s often said that women are expected to stick to black and white or neutral attire in the office to be seen as professional. But here at TIFFANY NOYAMA, we want to redefine what it means to be a powerful and professional woman, by offering simple and timeless tweed shift dresses in a variety of colors. These versatile pieces are perfect for the office, seamlessly transitioning to a night out after a long day of work, or any other occasion. We believe that office wear should be as colorful and diverse as the women who wear them. We want to give women the options and confidence to incorporate more color into their workplace wardrobe. 

Furthermore, we envision a future where fashion brands go beyond simply selling clothes to advocating for the well-being and empowerment of their customers. That’s why TIFFANY NOYAMA is dedicated to inspiring women to chase their dreams. We are committed to inspire women to fearlessly chase their dreams by challenging outdated societal roles that can hinder their ambitions. Our focus is on reshaping mindsets about what paths women can choose for themselves. 

Ultimately, I also foresee a shift towards individuals prioritising comfort and confidence over blindly following trends or norms. TIFFANY NOYAMA does not follow fashion trends. We aim to be a part of this transformation by empowering individuals to express their unique style and feel empowered in any of their clothing choices. We believe that true empowerment comes from embracing who you are and wearing what makes you feel confident and comfortable.

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