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Welcoming an Age of Unity Consciousness

Welcoming an Age of Unity Consciousness

Transformation of Consciousness

 By Caroline Shola Arewa

“In the last analysis magic, religion, and science are nothing but theories of thought; and as science has supplanted its predecessors, so it may hereafter be itself superseded.” Sir James Frazer  – The Golden Bough. 1922.


We are standing at the crossroads of major transformation. Our planet is crying out in pain as the mighty winds of change blow up a powerful storm. Our world is in the midst of chaos and confusion. These challenging times cause us to dig deep in search of answers. As we seek solutions we come face to face with the part we each play in this global chaos. We become aware of our alienation from nature, our divorce from religion and our dependence on technology. We see relationships failing, creativity sidelined and money ruling. We feel the stresses, suffer the dis-eases and watch the disintegration of qualities we hold dear like peace and harmony.

Yet out of darkness comes light and out of chaos comes order. We want our lives to improve and we want the world to be a better place. As we seek to transform ourselves, we change the world. As Ghandi proclaimed “be the change you want to see”.

As Ghandi proclaimed “be the change you want to see”.

Over the last 20 years I have seen a steady increase of progressive souls opting for more meaningful lifestyles. Lifestyles, that take the planet, its wildlife and its people, far and wide, into account; ecological living, recycling, buying fair-trade, supporting causes concerned with the elimination of poverty, making small moves towards global change. More and more people are choosing lifestyles that favour personal health and not just company wealth. Talk of work/life balance, emotional intelligence, family values and personal leadership are all commonplace. This shift demonstrates a greater awareness of self and highlights the fact that we do have choices and we can be responsible for our actions and the impact they have on both our immediate environment and the world at large.

This shift leads me to believe we are taking part in a spiritual revolution, a transformation of consciousness. This awakening was predicted on the earliest calendars such as those of the Ancient Egyptians and the Mayans. 2004 – 2012 was sighted as a time of major transformation. As the procession of the equinox pulls us into the Age of Aquarius we are experiencing great planetary change and political instability. Both threaten global destruction and extinction of the human race, just as predicted.

The threat of the unknown is a wake up call inviting us to transform ourselves and in so doing enhance our world. Many people are now answering this calling. As the human potential movement, once the domain of the enlightened few expands and matures we are seeing people willing to take responsibility for their lives and the environment we live in. Many of us are willing to make changes, willing to be the change a spiritual revolution calls for. We are part of a revolution, a movement of rapid change and rotation that is taking us back to review the ways of the old. We have the opportunity, more now than ever, to tap into a vast reservoir of spiritual intelligence. This powerful source can help us re-design our lives creating more health, happiness and success. It can also support us in changing the world in which we live, as we welcome in an age of unity consciousness.

I speak of Unity Consciousness in my first book ‘Opening to Spirit’, which came out in 1998 a time when my thoughts were with the approaching new millennium. I saw a future where we would witness the coming together of the best of ancient spiritual tradition, religion and science. This vision, which I still hold, is one of synergy, it’s not about destroying that which went before as we have in the past, but utilising the very best of our experience to date, and honouring the evolutionary process. We are expanding our awareness of who we are and developing new ways of being. We are standing at the edge and unity consciousness is emerging as a viable way forward.




3 Ages of Humankind

Sir James Frazer, Author of the classic work The Golden Bough speaks of three ages of mankind. The age of Magic, the age of Religion and the age of Science. As we have progressed through the ages people have readily undermined and thrown out teachings and believes from the previous age. Religion sent its missionaries into far-flung parts of the world, places they knew nothing about, and in a mostly barbaric manner ‘civilised the natives’ as they liked to call it. No time was taken to see what they could indeed learn from the earliest nations and civilisations on our planet.

Science also forced its way into our cultures claiming to have answers to life’s lasting questions. Questions about the nature of the universe and life within it; who am I, where do I come from, and what is it all about? Science has answered these questions numerous times changing its theories as it goes along, but always claiming superiority over religion because science aims to be objective and empirical. An objectivity that science itself is now telling us is not possible. Quantum Physics in its theory of wave particle duality makes it clear that the mere act of observing changes everything. Is it time for another theory?

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for science. As I look back over the human journey, that has brought us this far, I see so much that is of great value. I honour the spiritual sciences and technologies of the ancients. Teachings from yoga, meditation and healing that when practised, as the ancients taught, offer predicable results, just as the sciences of our day. I am with Frazer when he asks, “if under science we may include those simple truths, drawn from observation of nature, of which men in all ages have possessed a store.”

We have travelled through three ages and it is my understanding that when we can embrace the very best of human history, combining something from the:

  1. Age of Magic, the richness from our ancient spiritual traditions

  2. Age of Religion, the essence of our major religions

  3. Age of Science, the advances of modern science

When the power from all three is integrated we will create an important synergy and make a huge shift in our consciousness. It is this transformation that I refer to Unity Consciousness. And to reach it we are in need of a spiritual r-evolution.

I was in Nigeria recently; Pax Herbal invited me to speak at the launch of a book I contributed to “New Frontiers in African Medicine”. I sat on a speaker panel along with traditional healers, pharmacists, scientists, medical doctors from the US and the Catholic Church leaders who had organised the event. As I spoke I realised, we were leading the way, this panel was the coming together of ancient tradition, religion and science. It was an important step towards unity consciousness.

Science and Spirituality

 We are witnessing many steps towards unity consciousness, shifts that unite the old with the new. New research in Quantum physics and advances in neuro-science seem to verify some of the ancient teachings. Quantum physics seeks to discover what the universe is made of. Neuro-science seeks to understand the function of our brain-mind. These are also the primary objectives of contemplative spiritual practises such as dharana deep concentration and dhyana – meditation. The major difference is that science searches the macrocosm, while the ancients searched within, studying the microcosm. Both methods are based on empirical[1] evidence that can be repeated and not belief systems. The ancients knew about the Akashic field and the information it holds. They knew that information on everything that ever was, is, or shall be, is held within the Akashic record. This field is known as the quantum vacuum, a field of energy and in-form-ation. The ancients spoke of the ability to be in more than one place at the same time. Which science calls non-locality, they knew about connection, and realised that if we hurt another we hurt ourselves because we are all one. In Quantum physics this is known as entanglement. This knowledge our ancestors have long held sacred and now science is also moving towards to this understanding. Bringing science and spirituality closer.

Sankofa and the Chakras 

The Ghanaian concept of Sankofa recognises the need to look back in order to move forward. In these times of chaos and confusion we must look back, as we need as much wisdom as we can get to propel us forward. As Einstein said No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Some people think the west got us into this problem, and the west must get us out of it. I disagree. The problem is on a global scale and all nations have something to contribute to the solution. We must remember that the future is not a definite reality that awaits us. It is for us to consciously create the future together. The twenty-first century and the Age of Aquarius offer us an opportunity for transformation. So how can we create greater unity consciousness?

Much of my work focuses on the Ancient Chakra system. Chakras form the central energetic core of our existence. This Human Energy System provides a map for the important journey of life. Seven main chakras represent a full range of human experience and possibility. They transport us from the personal and earthly realms through to the transpersonal, universal realms of the divine. Creating a journey from embodiment to enlightenment. The major transition point in the chakra system lies between the solar plexus and the heart chakras. This signifies the shift from personal concerns to concerns of a more universal nature. The planet and her people are on this edge, as if taking part in an initiation, a time of challenge and fear for survival. We can choose to remain stuck in power issues relating to the solar plexus or choose transformation, which will carry us towards the heart. Will we make it? Will we survive? I believe we will, but only if we can make the right choices.

I advocate synergy of Frazer’s three stages of evolution – magic, religion and science. We need to balance the chakras of evolutionary time. Each chakra governs a specific evolutionary time in human history. The root chakra relates to the age of magic, and the first people inhabiting the planet, people who lived close to the elements and moved with the earth’s rhythms and cosmic laws. The age of religion is stimulated by the sacral chakra. People sought God in heaven and that, which was moral, sacred and spiritually uplifting. During the current age of science, ruled by the solar plexus, we have made enormous advances. We have created the nuclear bomb, modern medicines, put man on the moon, Dolly the genetically engineered sheep has been created and Artificial Intelligence is now on the verge of reverse engineering the brain, in order to create computers that exceed human intelligence a billion fold! [2] What we are now capable of is frightening. The fear is not technology itself, but its divorce from sacred and universal law. Rather than dismissing the past, would it not be most advantageous to take the best from it and use it to create the new?

Unity Consciousness

 I trust this present era of quickening and change will bring a major shift in the collective soul consciousness of humankind. So we can transition from the power struggles and warring of the solar plexus to a place of love and compassion at the heart. Elevating energy to the heart chakra will mark the fourth evolutionary stage, a stage of synergy and union where we bring together the wisdom of old with that of the new. We can develop the ability to utilise the very best from magic, religion and science. Building knowledge and respect for teachings and traditions that stood the test of time. Unity consciousness asks each one of us to make this quantum leap. So let us re-learn the secrets and mysteries of the ancients. Re-evaluate the morals and ethics of religion and use the advances in technology to create a global village we can all be proud to call home. As we stand at the crossroads of major change let us choose a direction, which supersedes all past ages and takes us beyond confusion and chaos into a new evolutionary time characterised by heart chakra energy. Let us choose to integrate the very best we have created through the ages and walk the path together of unity consciousness.


Caroline Shola Arewa

Author of ‘Opening to Spirit and Way of the Chakras. Master of Yoga, Success Coach and sought after Motivational Speaker. Shola presents the popular Energy 4 Life workshop and has appeared on radio and TV worldwide.

[1]Empirical – here refers to that which is based on evidence or consequences that are observable by the senses.

[2] T. Grossman; Latest advances in anti-aging medicine; Keio J Med. Jun 2005 ;54 (2):85-94


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