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Want Success? Get High on Your Energy

Maaike Driessen-Laverman -Want Success? Get High on Your Energy

By Fatima Gorezi

She is on a mission to help people boost their energy, lower their stress levels and regain crucial balance, within just a few minutes. So we can all have our life flow more effortlessly. Maaike is certain that all that is needed is the knowledge she shares – and our own two hands. Her dream is that the method snowballs and radiates a better quality of life to all around us. But not only that, the wish is for our children and grandchildren to lead better lives as well, with less stress, because they have full knowledge of how to balance themselves.

What can you tell us about your childhood and upbringing, and how it has influenced you?

My parents divorced when I was only 4 years old, which was quite rare back then in the Netherlands. At times I would not be invited to some of my friends’ homes, as I was the child of divorcees. As you can imagine, because of that, I was always very happy when I actually felt welcome somewhere. I think this was when I began to develop a strong sense of gratefulness.

Then, after the divorce, my mother started working. We had people to help in the house and they looked after my brother, stepbrother, stepsister and me during the week. These people are still very special to me, they did an incredible job. But I still decided that I wanted to raise my kids myself and be a ‘stay at home’ mum. In 2008, however, I became seriously ill and  realised that I had to make some changes. My illness showed me that along with taking care of my family, I also really needed to do something for myself. 

So the year after, I made the bold decision to start a study – and I have never regretted it. The things I learnt were a revelation, and came to determine my path in life. My dreams came true in becoming a Health and Wellness Coach, a Mentor & Teacher, and also a Touch for Health Instructor, which means the teaching of how to activate the self healing system of your body. And, most importantly, I became a better mother as a result of all this.

Why did you make the decision to become a Personal Coach?

I see my mission as helping people become more independent energywise, so they can learn to do things for themselves. As a therapist, you see people for a longer period of time, and I enjoy that deeper commitment. At some point I met someone who worked with A Wellness Revolution, which offers education in the ‘new sciences’, with the view of becoming a holistic Health and Wellness Coach. The timing couldn’t have been better! I had just completed my part of orthomolecular nutrition studies and wanted to become more professional. After I graduated, I began teaching, coaching and mentoring people worldwide, from Australia and the USA, to Ibiza and the Netherlands, for A Wellness Revolution. I mostly teach re-programming, how to balance your energy. A wonderful by-effect is that all New Health and Wellness Coaches can use this for themselves, and not only for their clients. 

The coaching is done in groups, using the Your Energy Survival kit, which I have designed based on my studies, skills and experience. This ‘kit’ is for adults and focuses on energy and stress management, improving sleep quality and understanding how colours, food and clothing can support your system. It is wonderfully practical and hands-on. You can use it anywhere and anytime, for a guaranteed better quality of life, increased productivity and balance. Nobody will notice you are busy increasing your energy on a plane, in a meeting or sitting in the dentist chair, balancing yourselves.  An added bonus is that you will learn to use your energy more efficiently and effectively, which also can reduce sick-leave and burnouts. I also teach children in school, as I am appalled to see children as young as 10 years old, already on sleeping tablets. For them, I have designed the ‘Your Easy Learning and Living Kit’, which helps children to improve their focus, sleep quality, breathing, energy, quality of food intake – and have loads of fun while doing the exercises. Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly, their self-esteem improves as they gain balance in their lives. The leading principle behind the kits is that you can use them by only using your two hands!

When you look back at your coaching history with clients, what are the common issues for your clients that you see – and the goals for you as a Health and Wellness Coach & Mentor?

Over the years, what I mostly see are issues around lack of sleep, poor concentration, stress, traumas, anxiety, depleted energy, weight gain and relationship problems. As clients become more balanced, it is wonderful to witness their symptoms alleviate, allowing them a more positive direction in life.

The goal closest to my heart is getting my clients to take responsibility for their own energy.

By using the ‘energy survival kit tools’, I teach them how to recognise when they go off balance, and exactly what to do to turn the situation around.

It mostly involves reprogramming old, automatic survival, behaviours which are not serving them. In addition to this I also teach:

*How to stay grounded in one’s personal energy

*How to become more independent energy wise 

*How to use one’s energy as effectively and efficiently as possible

*How to ‘go with the flow’ and be less resistant, as we learn to accept what is around us and understand we can only change our own reactions.

How can a Life Coach help clients with their business or careers? 

Making my clients aware of the way they lead their lives will affect how they lead their business or plan their career. We start with learning selfcare management, which includes levels of food, energy, and thoughts. Next is to take a look at the programs we run, to determine if they still serve us. If not, they need to be reprogrammed to serve our current needs.I also get my clients to look at their why in their work. The prime focus is on developing awareness and willingness to leave the comfort zone to fully follow our life path.

What is your philosophy about coaching?

The relationship with my clients is based on trust and confidentiality. Creating a safe atmosphere is vital for my clients to start thinking about their purpose in life and how to live it consciously, at the highest possible level. I try to let clients connect the dots themselves, so they take responsibility and understand what has held them back from accomplishing their goals. My purpose has always been to teach people that they can do a great deal themselves, all they need is the knowledge and/or certain exercises and the belief they can learn.  

You enjoy working with women. Why is this so special for you? 

I’ve always been surrounded by women and was predominantly raised by four women. I also went to several ‘all-girl’ schools in the Netherlands and abroad, and became educated in a field that seems to be more ‘female oriented’. 

I also truly enjoy having smart, older and wiser women around me, so I can learn from their experience and wisdom.

They are often so happy to help and teach others. The majority of teams I have worked in consisted mostly of women. However, I see today more and more men attracted by this field of work, which is wonderful. Clients have mentioned that they want to work with me because I teach things that are not taught elsewhere. Working with men is different, I used to find it challenging, but I am now learning to approach the working material differently, in a way more adapted to men’s needs. 

What have you done to market yourself both on and offline?

To be honest I am better at ‘old school networking’, but have started challenging myself on this issue. I need to walk the talk and also dare to move out of my comfort zone. I started online marketing and was amazed at how many reactions I got from people reading my articles.

You are also a public speaker. What is the key to success when you are speaking to an audience? 

Next to the standard things such as owning your speech, repeating your message, using humour – surprise them! –  and making it more personal, as ‘I’m one of you’, I believe it is about interacting with your audience. Asking questions and thanking them for their input. Literally, going into the audience is also very effective and makes it more exciting. And of course, end it with your wish, dream or goal. My purpose is to help people live their blueprint. By that I mean follow their own path, guided by their true self. I strongly believe that we are all here on Earth with a mission. Mine is to teach people balance and how they can increase their quality of life and energy so that they can fulfil their mission, follow their dreams and passion.

Who has been your role model and has supported you on your journey?

I can think of a few people who have been very important to me on my journey, the founder of A Wellness Revolution, Cathleen Beerkens, is one of them. She helped me make new choices and develop the courage to expand my career. Most importantly she got me out of my practice and put me on stage so I could impact even more people. Joining this company has been incredibly rewarding as I now teach, mentor, and coach students worldwide. We are a great team; she coaches and inspires us and pushes us to be our best. We also know she is there for us in good and in bad, and supports us at every level. I am truly grateful to have her in my life.

Why do you believe that continuous personal development is so important for everyone?

I think it makes us aware that we are all ‘students of life’ and learning all the time. Whether it’s a course, a sport, dancing or learning to eat differently, we are never too old to learn something new. It helps us become humble and reminds us that everyone we meet can teach us something, and that we should embrace differences instead of judging or condemning them. It also makes us more flexible in our thinking and our brain loves it! One of my favourite topics is re-programming, and when we learn new things, we are constantly creating new pathways in the brain. Through learning we also enhance our self-esteem, which is always an added bonus! Besides, learning is FUN. Children are great learners. I love it when my kids come home and show me something new they have learnt. 

What are your plans for the future?

I am already booked to teach the ‘kids kit’ in schools, as well as teaching parents with children that are ill, and with the adult kit I’ll be working more with corporate businesses. I have started in the Netherlands, and now I’ll extend to a few European countries in the first six months of this year. Plus I am working on a very exciting book project …

What words of wisdom would you give to our readers? 

Believe in yourself and in your product. Be aware of what you can learn from your daily life and how you react to it. This is very important because our life is often the result of the way we think, act and react.  The same is true in your business. Remain open-minded, curious and grateful! Ask those who already are where you want to be. Find a good coach or mentor. Follow your heart and your desires and never give up, even if the going gets tough! Light that inner fire and keep it fed. Know what your ‘soul food’ is, and always remember, you are a student of life.

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