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The art of selling. Why it’s all about emotions

Taoues Raddi  – The art of selling. Why it’s all about emotions

By Fatima Gorezi

Taoues Raddi is a consultant and trainer in client relations with 15 years of experience. 

She believes that the mindset of the seller is the biggest key and that’s why his approach to sales is different. Nowadays in the marketing industry, it is very important to be unique and to have that ‘X’ factor connecting you with people, to have their trust and to be credible in order to sell them something.

‘’You must understand that selling is the art of creating links: it’s all about emotions. Of course, it is essential to master your products and sales method to stay focused on your final goal and sign the contract.’’ –says Taouess for Global Woman Magazine. 


Tell us more about your background and experience in sales?

In my 15 years experience as a strategic account manager, I had the opportunity to work with amazing clients like Marriott International Hotels, Kiabi fashion brand or Westfield-Unibail shopping centers, selling them solutions to improve their customer experience.

I have always sold products that represent an investment with a ROI (return of investment) difficult to quantify. I sold minibars and safes for hotels for many years, and then scent diffusers for different markets (hotels, retail, shopping malls, co-working spaces…). Those products improve the client experience but are not essential: for example, a shop can sell clothes even if the area is not scented. Of course, scent is a service that brings more comfort and that definitely improves clients’ perception of the brand. To add more complexity, my customers had to sign a service contract with a 36-months engagement… I quickly understood that I had to focus my attention on the value my solution would bring, using the approach of selling value.

 You say: “I have no conventional approach of sales based on the concept of selling by value.” Is there something beneath this message?

I think that the mindset of the seller is the biggest key. I was a successful seller and I believe that my great results were due to my beliefs. I was convinced by the value that my products bring. I was in resonance with the values of my company and I was self-confident on my professional skills and efficiency. My strength is my human ability to create a strong trust relation with my clients.

You must understand that selling is the art of creating links: it’s all about emotions. Of course, it is essential to master your products and sales method to stay focused on your final goal and sign the contract. But all the subtlety is to provide an emotional response. The most important thing is being able to ask the good questions, to discover the real problems we have to solve. Listen to them and discover their values (what is important for them, what they expect from you), and then as an expert, share with them your value proposal. Explain to them how you will be able to solve his problem (using examples).  At the end of the meeting, the client must be convinced that you are the right person with the right solution to solve their problem, because you share the same vision. You have been able to show them what they could miss out on if not working with you. This I call “Sale by Value” technique.

In your opinion, what do people need to do to achieve excellent customer service? 

Dealing with key accounts provided me with a unique understanding of high level requirement in relation with clients.

I believe that leaders should make a priority on putting the client first, be solution-oriented and incorporate it as part of the company’s culture:

– All the people should make a priority in giving satisfaction to the client on every single task they do. I think that clients can definitively feel it.

– The process need to be clear. For example, we should always respond to an email in the next 24 hours, even if we don’t have the response to their question.

– Stay connected to your customers: they should feel confident enough to call you for any issue. When a client calls me directly, I greet him and then say: “What can I do for you?” I stay quiet to give them to space to talk. That makes all the difference: this way, you make them feel cared for.

What are your plans for the future? 

I am currently working on an e-learning programme to bring more value to my customers. I have already created a training on « How to manage client dissatisfactions ». I think that the most useful information can be obtained online. The goal is to dedicate more time to interacting with people face-to-face during workshops. The idea is to put in practice what they e-learn within role-play situation.

I also plan to create a special e-learning program for women entrepreneurs, as I meet so many women convinced that they don’t have the commercial fiber, which by the way is a limiting belief. We all have a unique way of selling that makes us special. 

Women can contribute to improve our society and it can be through successful entrepreneurship. That’s why we need to work on our sale posture and be more results-oriented.

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