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Santia Deck: I’ve been prejudged because I’m a woman and I’m African American

She was only 4 years old when she realised that her path was towards sports. Santia is one of those fighting girls who chose to win in a masculine world like football, and become an inspiration for other generations of women. Today, after passing the peak of her career, she is dedicated to business, but always in the service of sports. And of course on social media we all know Santia as an influencer, coming to the aid of her clients, who learn all the tricks on how to empower themselves through social media. We invite you to read the story of a woman who does not stop running even outside the greenfield.

Santia, as you realised your passion for sportswhen you were a child,how connected were you to sports?

My first sport was at 4 years old and it was Tennis. From then on, I knew I wanted to be an athlete and I soon fell in love with track and field, which I took pretty far in life. I honestly feel like I was born to be an athlete: it’s definitely one of my callings.

Traditionally,football is a male sport.What was it like for you to become a professional in this sport?

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