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Christina Macfarlane: From CNN to the most important competitions in the world

Christina is definitely one of the icons of sports journalism in the world. She realised her dream when she was entrusted with the moderation of the Rugby World Cup, Winter Olympics, Summer Olympics, Champions League, Six Nations, but she feels that there is still a long way to go. In her interview for Global Woman, she confesses that indeed, the clue to becoming a journalist started exactly from her passion for sports. Her success in a male-dominated sector reveals how she gained self-confidence, becoming one of the best. We could not leave without mentioning the moment when she was banned from asking NBA players about the National Basketball Association’s encounter with China. In addition to what we saw on television, Christina reveals how she felt in those moments. As a true professional, Christina shares with us some tips for young journalists. Let’s follow together the story of a woman who is used to being on the other side of the “microphone”.

Christina, you are usually used to asking the questions, so how does it feel when you are on the other side and the questions are asked for you to answer?

Slightly uncomfortable! But a surprisingly salutary experience. It’s good to take a pause and remember what it feels like to be the interviewee every now and then.

How did your path to journalism start?

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