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AGATA GALUSZKA : From High-Flying Corporate Ice-Queen, to Passionate Advocate for Women Empowerment Worldwide

Agata Galuszka is on a mission to prove it’s possible for women to have anything they want–the amazing relationship, the rewarding family life, and the super-successful career. Ice Queen broke through the corporate ceiling then opened up her heart to empower women globally. The nickname Ice Queen came from watching Agata over the years fighting first the abusive marriage then climbing the corporate ladder and showing that it is possible for women, to become leaders despite of their gender and age. And becoming the passionate advocate for women empowerment required not only strength, knowledge and constant training but soft skills and elimination of anger and pride. 

As the founder of Ultimate Confidence LTD and anEmpowerment Mentor for Women, she’s spent the last 2 years creating a game-changing online program designed to teach them exactly how to succeed on their own terms and live a life they love.

The idea for the Confidence and Financial Independence Academy which is an online school for women with Live weekly sessions, was born out of the framework Agata uses in her coaching practice with one-on-one clients, which is, “life coaching before business mentoring, ” And she provides access and support for life!

Agata explains: “Most of the women I work with privately are either looking to use the skills they’ve developed in the workplace to start their own businesses, or they already have a business they’d like to grow and scale. Or they simply are stuck in a relationship that either they don’t know how to fix, or get away from.

Initially, they come to me for strategies that will help them become more successful but they learn very quickly that it’s not a lack of knowledge that’s been holding them back. It’s their negative thoughts and beliefs, as well as unresolved issues in their personal lives that have caused them to doubt their abilities and feel unsure of how to move forward.

If I don’t work with my clients on getting those things sorted first, they won’t stand a chance of succeeding even if we create the most brilliant business plan in the world. You can’t build a business if you’re not growing and evolving as a person.”

“Most of the women I work with privately are either looking to use the skills they’ve developed in the workplace to start their own businesses, or they already have a business they’d like to grow and scale”

Agata knows first hand how a lack of confidence and making decisions from a place of fear can wreak havoc in your life. She spent years in an abusive marriage and lost everything when she learned that her husband had been stealing money from the company they owned together, and sleeping with clients’ wives.

 “You know how you recognise that you have hit the rock bottom, when you can actually feel the weight on your back, being against the wall, not being heard, not being recognised as a significant other, just chasing your own tail getting nowhere, and feeling lower and lower each Christmas time” – says Agata during the interview, still being emotional remembering those times.

To her friends and family, she had a picture-perfect life; an idyllic marriage, a successful career. It was an image she had carefully curated to disguise the shame she felt about what was going on behind the scenes. She didn’t know how to reconcile the life she was actually living with the one everyone else believed in. “Us women, we hide the truth when we go through a challenging time, and now I can say I have a radar for it. I see this happening around me all the time. If I could change just that in the world of women, I would call it a great success. I am so happy now, and I wish other women would get the same happy ending as I did.”

Agata finally found the courage to end the marriage and began seeing a therapist. But she credits her work with a mentor in providing the tools to rebuild her confidence, finding clarity about what she wanted to do, and creating the life she’d always dreamed of. “I have learned a lot about myself and about women when I was lying to my therapist for the first 5 sessions. I learned that what we think in our heads is totally different to when we speak out loud tobe true. The power is in the voice, that is the only way we can empower ourselves”.

That dream led her to pursue her Master’s degree and land the position of Director of HR and People Development at one of London’s largest companies by the age of 32. Agata used everything she’d learned in the one-on-one work with her own mentor to counsel her employees in the corporate setting. She was able to help them create massive mindset shifts, increase their productivity, and boost the company’s bottom line.

As she transitioned from the corporate world to becoming an entrepreneur with her own coaching and mentoring practice, Agata was honored to help her private clients transform their lives.But with only so many hours in a day, the number of women she could work with was limited.

 “I was at the point where I couldn’t manage any more clients; I was fully booked. I also understood that working with a coach or a mentor is an investment and isn’t even an option for a lot of women. I see coaching as a true necessity; not a privilege only a few can afford. I wanted to make the transformation coaching and mentoring, personally, professionally and financially, accessible to women everywhere,” Agata says.

She decided to find a way to bring the step-by-step process she had previously only shared with her one-on-one clients, to women all over the world. That’s when the idea for the Confidence and Financial Independence Academy started to take form. Online School for Women was born.

“I see coaching as a true necessity; not a privilege only a few can afford. I wanted to make the transformation coaching and mentoring, personally, professionally and financially, accessible to women everywhere”

With her corporate background and expertise in strategic planning and implementation, Agata designed the Academy to be the ultimate project plan for transforming your life.

According to Agata, motivation isn’t the problem most women are facing. With billions being spent every year in the self-help industry, there seems to be no shortage of it. The confusion lies in what we need to do to facilitate real change in our personal and professional lives; change that goes beyond virtual pep-talks and feel-good inspirational quotes.

 “Change requires action. Creating a life you love means that upgrading your beliefs, having clarity around what you want, and having the confidence to go after it is non-negotiable. The problem is that most of us have no idea what actions will produce those results.

The Confidence and Financial Independence Academy provides you with a strategic plan to reach your goals, as well as the support and accountability to keep your eye on the prize when you face challenges along the way (because you will face challenges along the way)”, says Agata.

Agata further says: “We’re taught to go out into the world and get an education, find a decent job, start a family, and live a good life like it’ll be easy. We learn to focus on the external things in our lives but no one really teaches us how to handle the internal parts of life that are messy and difficult-which help withfinding meaningful success and true, lasting happiness.

 “Most of us don’t know what we need to do to change our lives; we get caught up in the comparison game and look to others to validate us. We feel paralysed, so we do nothing…or we try to change everything all at once. We start throwing things at the wall to see what sticks.

If you have a little voice inside telling you you’re meant for more, maybe it’s time to start listening. You can join our private community for FREE to learn more:


From high-flying corporate Ice Queen, to passionate advocate for women empowerment worldwide: who is Agata Galuszka? She is an entrepreneur, speaker, success coach and business mentor and the creator of the online program, the Confidence and Financial Independence Academy – online school for women with weekly live sessions. She’s determined to prove that women can, in fact, have anything they want and create lives and businesses they love. Agata uses her signature framework – life coaching before business mentoring to help her clients develop the confidence and prepare their financial plan to take action and go from unsure to unstoppable.

Agata sees coaching and mentoring as a true necessity rather than a privilege only a few can afford, and she’s on a mission to make it accessible and affordable to women all around the globe.

Cover Photography by: Katrina Nyby

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