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AGATA GALUSZKA : From High-Flying Corporate Ice-Queen, to Passionate Advocate for Women Empowerment Worldwide

Agata Galuszka is on a mission to prove it’s possible for women to have anything they want–the amazing relationship, the rewarding family life, and the super-successful career. Ice Queen broke through the corporate ceiling then opened up her heart to empower women globally. The nickname Ice Queen came from watching Agata over the years fighting first the abusive marriage then climbing the corporate ladder and showing that it is possible for women, to become leaders despite of their gender and age. And becoming the passionate advocate for women empowerment required not only strength, knowledge and constant training but soft skills and elimination of anger and pride. 

As the founder of Ultimate Confidence LTD and anEmpowerment Mentor for Women, she’s spent the last 2 years creating a game-changing online program designed to teach them exactly how to succeed on their own terms and live a life they love.

The idea for the Confidence and Financial Independence Academy which is an online school for women with Live weekly sessions, was born out of the framework Agata uses in her coaching practice with one-on-one clients, which is, “life coaching before business mentoring, ” And she provides access and support for life!

Agata explains: “Most of the women I work with privately are either looking to use the skills they’ve developed in the workplace to start their own businesses, or they already have a business they’d like to grow and scale. Or they simply are stuck in a relationship that either they don’t know how to fix, or get away from.

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