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Violet Carson: From the missing splendour of the catwalks, to the greatness of the books

Violet is one of those girls, who grew up on the farm, but with a desire for beauty. Childhood memories seem to have quickly turned into an ambition for the world of beauty. But the catwalks and fashion quickly disappointed her, being far from splendour and glamor. From the time of university she had another passion, writing. Investing already, she managed to bring the first bosk, “Whatever you think this is”. A book dedicated to every woman and the challenges she has with herself, but also with the world. Violet is already preparing a second book and is ready to amaze us all.

As a former model who became a writer, when did you realise you had this other talent, and what was the turning point for making the change?

I realised that I loved writing during my second year of university. I chose the option module ‘collection’ and started making a collection of site specific poems which had an illustration next to them. After I wrote these, I started writing longer passages about my feelings with people and situations. That collection of poems was the highest mark I had ever gotten during my time at university. I had a creative writing block during my time modelling and this ruined creativity for me, as I was trying so hard to keep on top of both of them. After I quit modelling, I filled that gap with writing.It just felt right.

How was your childhood? Was it more driven by beauty and dreams of catwalks, or by reading, and also by writing?

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