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Unstoppable, Roneish Myers: Helping Women Achieve Financial Freedom

By Angela Azuar

Roneish Myers became Finance Manager at just 25 years old and decided to leave that behind to start her own business, Money Heave. She is following her dream of empowering women by helping them achieve financial freedom. Throughout her career, she has allowed herself to be comfortable with the uncomfortable.

“The vision is bigger than me and so if I don’t take action, it will have a knock-on effect on others.”

This desire to be financially independent, how much of it was a result of your own upbringing and childhood experiences?

Seeing my parents make sacrifices to ensure we had the best, has had a big impact on how I show up today. 

My mum made many sacrifices and she has always encouraged me to THINK & DREAM BIG and go for what I really want in life. From my Dad, I have learnt to be non-negotiable with my goals and dreams, to go all in. I don’t have a plan B, but just by observing and listening to my parents, it has given me the drive to contribute in a major way. I always have in mind to want more for myself and to be the best I can be. 

Neither of my parents went to university, so I was encouraged by my parents to do what they didn’t do, be better than them and improve so that every generation is better than the previous one. They made certain sacrifices, and they’ve done their best, so it’s now my time to continue the legacy and be the best that I can be with all the resources that I have.

What does life climbing up the finance ladder look like for a woman? What challenges did you face in your career journey?

It’s definitely an exciting time to get into finance. I think there are so many roles and different opportunities in the finance space. So I do recommend having a career in finance. For me, it’s been a fantastic journey. I have had various roles and worked for amazing companies. I started off as an Assistant Commercial Accountant and by the time I was 25 years old, I became a Finance Manager. It’s been an exciting journey and I was very well supported in my career. In terms of challenges, it was me who was getting way too comfortable with my current positions and not moving on early enough, because I considered what others would think of me. I also allowed my salary to keep me comfortable. Another challenge I had was managing further education and working full-time. It’s very important that we are constantly elevating ourselves.

What do you think made you unstoppable?

I always take an action that makes me uncomfortable and, over time, I have gotten comfortable with being uncomfortable. There was a point where I was so scared to show up on Instagram, but I decided to confront my fear.

What makes you feel like that now?

Before, I wasn’t aware of my calling and purpose in life. Now I’m aware, I work towards the vision every single day. I believe having this foundation has really set me up to show up, because it’s not just about me. The vision is bigger than me and so if I don’t take action, it will have a knock-on effect on others. For example being able to pay our staff, serve our clients etc. 

What would be your advice to other women for them to feel the same way?

First of all, be in an environment where others are prospering, living on purpose, living fulfilled lives, and going for their goals and dreams. Be a part of a community that represents your values and where you want to go. Have friends that are in alignment with your next season. Have accountability partners, people that would hold you to your words. It may be creating friendship groups that will push you to show up and hold you to your word. This has definitely helped me to become unstoppable.

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