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Mothers Should Protect Their Girls

By Mirela Sula

I have been working with women for over two decades. I rose out of a suppressive culture, where women have no voice—you may beat them, cheat on them, put shame on them, divorce them and give nothing but leave them on the street (many times with children) and devalue them, sometimes even continually mistreating them after they leave…

Yes, I have seen all of this with my eyes.

And I hated it.

I felt powerless, worthless, and sometimes rebellious because I was angry. I was also angry, at times, with my mother (and other women like her) when I was a child because they were powerless to protect their girls.

They could see their girls beaten and abused. They couldn’t do anything because they were afraid to.

I am so grateful we have come so far, and women like me, including many female friends around me, even though we come from big drama, have faced adversity and fought in a world which failed to encourage diversity. We have removed the fear, and we stand in our own power. First to protect ourselves and most importantly our kids, and we also support other women who are feeling suppressed, lost and threatened.

When I see myself in high heels, hair done, with make-up, dressed up, standing in front of other women, and encouraging them to join the Global Woman Club, I feel unstoppable because I feel committed to doing whatever it takes.

That means we keep going and we invite one woman at a time to build that presence of confidence and remove the fear coming from the past.

Yes, we do look glamorous, stunning, powerful, and happy, but remember:

Every time you see a woman (especially a migrant/refugee woman) standing for herself, she has paid so much for this freedom. Now, she doesn’t show up only for herself, but for so many others who are looking for hope and an example of “Yes, it is possible.”

My mission is to be a big champion of change, a hope for women who come from oppressive cultures.

This is especially for those I have met through my journey who shared their stories with me: stories of abuse, exclusion, rejection, and discrimination. I have been there. I know how it feels. But not all of them have the courage to move and build that resilience needed for change. 

This inspired me to create the Global Woman Club where the mantra is:

“If you want to empower a woman, give her a microphone”—so they can build their confidence and gain their financial freedom.

GWC—Mirela Sula, CEO & Founder

The Global Woman Club that we created is the most dynamic club, with 22 chapters around the world, including women of all nationalities, backgrounds, religions, and cultures.

On Tuesday 21st we launched a new chapter, the Global Woman Club Mayfair, where we organize monthly meetings. 

I really hope to see more and more women join us, where they can learn, earn, and return.

I Would Love to Meet You in Person—Join My Next Meeting


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