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Wordsmith Extraordinaire: A Journey of Literary Empowerment 

Embark on a journey into the realms of book coaching, independent publishing, and corporate empowerment. As the CEO of MysticqueRose Publishing Services, our luminary’s magnetic presence and fervent dedication to her craft has earned her acclaim as an award-winning book coach, author, and TEDx speaker. Join us as we delve into this remarkable journey of transformation and inspiration.

 How does your book coaching experience impact your guidance for CEOs in crafting impactful books that blend personal stories and wisdom to drive income and thought leadership? 

My journey into book coaching began with my mentor, Tamara Rasheed, whom I was blessed enough with for several years before venturing into book coaching myself. Tamara instilled foundational values that influenced my ability to craft impactful books. I absorbed her insight and techniques and passed them on to those I started working with. It was kind of like the passing of the baton.

The idea of combining story and wisdom was born out of my exploration, where I sought to uncover the secret behind what makes impactful books truly impactful. The Aha Moment for me was when I read “The Alchemist.” This book had a massive impact on me and how I moved through life, and I wondered why. What exactly had Paulo Coelho done in his writing that made a lasting impression on me? Soon I realized it. Even though “The Alchemist ” is a work of fiction, its power lies in Cohelo’s insertion of both storytelling and wisdom. 

I was truly astonished by that realization. I finally understood that incorporating both elements into a book ensures the delivery of valuable knowledge while making it memorable for the reader. And if it worked that well for fiction, imagine how impactful it could be in a work of non-fiction. So, I began to implement this framework and proved that this recipe is the secret sauce to any great book, regardless of genre. 

As a young black female self-publishing expert, what insights do you offer CEOs to make their books resonate with audiences and succeed? 

One of the main points I emphasize to CEOs to ensure their books resonate is this: it’s never about them. Many CEOs and aspiring authors approach the book-writing process with a self-centered mindset. I call it “selfish publishing.” There’s a distinction between self-publishing and selfish publishing; they are not synonymous. Selfish publishing is when the focus is on the author’s desires, with little consideration for the reader’s experience or the impact the book will have on them. 

It’s a common mistake made by new authors and often causes their books to fail in the market or struggle to garner reviews. The key takeaway here is simple: it’s not about you. It can’t be about you. By shifting the focus to the reader and crafting the book with them in mind, the resonance will be on a completely different level. When readers feel that the book speaks directly to them and addresses their needs, they are more likely to be positively impacted. 

What I love about that level of impact is that it often generates a buzz and spills into organic word-of-mouth marketing. By placing the reader in the driver’s seat and making the content impactful for them, you create a ripple effect of engagement and endorsement that extends beyond your initial efforts. 

Can you show how you embody your core values of communication, integrity, and support in your client interactions and services at MysticqueRose Publishing? 

Absolutely. I firmly believe that our core values should permeate every aspect of our lives, including our professional endeavors. 

Communication, integrity, and supporting others aren’t just business principles; they’re the guiding pillars of my philosophy. It is how I live my life. 

This means effectively communicating in my relationships, both personal and professional, honoring my word with integrity, and supporting those around me or in my space. 

These values naturally extend into my business practices, especially in my interactions with my authors.

Effective communication is vital throughout the book-writing process. I’m always committed to ensuring that my authors are well-informed and understand the reasoning behind our decisions, imparting valuable knowledge to empower them for future projects. 

Integrity is and will always be a non-negotiable for me. Upholding my commitments is the key to ensuring our projects are completed powerfully and everyone involved is left feeling happy, accomplished, and proud. Every bit of it matters to me. I also make sure my authors uphold their integrity as they write because it will make all the difference to their readers. 

Support is the cornerstone of our collaboration and brings it all together. Writing a book is more than a transaction; it’s a labor of love, the birth of a new creation. If I fail to support authors through every step, the integrity of the final product suffers. I’m dedicated to guiding and assisting them, ensuring a seamless journey from inception to publication. 

Which publications have featured you and how have they contributed to your reputation in the self-publishing industry? 

I’ve had the privilege of being featured in several notable publications such as US Reporter, Business Insider, LA Weekly, New York Weekly, CEO Weekly, Mentor’s Collective, and more. 

I’ve also had the opportunity to share insights on platforms like The Rundown with Ramon Ray, delivering talks at TEDx events and speaking at multiple summits. 

I think we all know the importance of PR and media and how they help entrepreneurs establish credibility and enhance their online presence. While anyone can say they’ve achieved this or has expertise in that, being showcased in reputable publications can be the proof that backs up the claims. 

These features helped to validate who I am and what I do and provided concrete proof of my commitment to excellence and professionalism. In an industry where stereotypes often prevail, particularly in independent publishing, I needed to differentiate myself from the perceived norm. 

Many self-publishing service providers are unfortunately associated with subpar quality and a DIY aesthetic. But from Day One, I refused to be a part of that stereotype. My aim has always been to deliver top-tier quality, infused with a sense of luxury and sophistication in every aspect of book creation and marketing. 

It allowed me to reach audiences who may have dismissed me based on industry stereotypes. They’ve allowed me to showcase that high-end independent publishing can indeed be synonymous with excellence and professionalism. 

It’s been my mission to redefine what it means to be a self-published author or service provider and continue to cater to powerful authors who seek something exceptional and distinct. 

How do you use storytelling to boost team productivity and improve company branding?

Storytelling is like the secret ingredient that brings teams together. 

A lot of times when you are part of a team, especially when you’re working for a corporation, there are oftentimes random people that are hired and thrown onto your team, you don’t know them, you don’t know anything about them. You don’t know their strengths or their weaknesses. 

So people are forced to work together as strangers, which may lead to a lack of productivity because there is no general understanding and maybe even a lack of respect. Storytelling is a tool that allows team members to get to know each other deeply and quickly. 

When you share your story about who you are, what you do, and what you’ve been through to get where you are, people get a different perspective of who you are versus who they thought you were. They’ll be able to see you in that authentic light. 

When you have that space of authenticity amongst all team members, there is a general respect that is washed over the team. This, in turn, cultivates a sense of camaraderie and mutual trust, laying the groundwork for heightened productivity. 

In terms of company branding. In today’s social media-led market landscape, people are more accustomed to buying brands and not so much the product itself. Without a compelling brand story, businesses risk failing to resonate with their target audience, hindering customer engagement and loyalty. 

If a small business does not have the correct branding to be able to vibe with its target audience, it will fail to reach them, and the “Know/Like/Trust” factor will not be present. 

Storytelling is the key that unlocks the door to one’s audience and allows business owners to meet their consumers and clients where they’re at. As consumers become acquainted with the brand’s journey and values, they are more inclined to develop lasting relationships and actively engage with the company, especially across digital platforms. Storytelling truly is the catalyst for success at both the team and C-SUITE levels, ensuring cohesion among team members and establishing a compelling brand identity that resonates with consumers.

As a keynote speaker, what guidance do you provide to college students to navigate uncertainties and pursue their life purpose and careers confidently? 

My TEDx talk titled “How to Discover Your True Identity by Writing Your Story” serves as the foundation for my guidance. I delivered my talk back in March 2023 before a university audience, and I aimed to help students understand that far too often, we are left feeling unsure about our identity mainly because our decisions are influenced by the expectations of others. 

College students, particularly freshmen and sophomores, often grapple with self-discovery. They question if they’re on the right path if their chosen courses or programs align with their desires, or if they’re simply following someone else’s script. This uncertainty can lead to burnout as they find themselves pursuing paths that aren’t truly their own. 

It’s because of this that I developed the “Four R Framework” – Relive, Recount, Reflect, Rebuild. This framework empowers students to deconstruct their lives and assess what’s working and what’s not. By engaging in these four steps, they uncover instances where decisions were made to meet external expectations, leading to their dissatisfaction. Empowered by this introspection, students are equipped to rectify any inauthenticity in their lives. Through my keynote, I guide them towards a sense of empowerment, enabling them to embrace change confidently, whether that means forging a new path or reaffirming their current one.

How has your Pittsburgh background shaped your approach to entrepreneurship and publishing? 

Being a Pittsburgh native has always been one of my proudest attributes. 

I grew up in the inner city of Pittsburgh, and I think one of the most profound aspects of that was understanding the art of hustling and tapping into your ambition. I was immersed in the idea of deciding what you want/need and going out to get it. 

But unfortunately for many, it was merely an idea. I soon realized that I was surrounded by many ambitious people, but not everybody had the opportunity nor the mindset to act on it. I was determined not to succumb to the same fate. 

I believe that every Pittsburgh Native is born with an innate hustler’s mentality, but it’s a matter of whether or not it’s cultivated. I had a front-row seat to this mentality in action through my father. Though he never accomplished what he truly set out to, my father’s ambition was miraculous to me. He’d started several ventures on sheer grit and vision alone. He was never satisfied with simply surviving. His desire for more instilled within me the same hunger for greatness. I inherited a desire to push boundaries, defy norms, and transcend the limitations that often plague our communities. While many around me voiced grievances about their circumstances—be it crime, poverty, or systemic injustices—few took meaningful action to change them. Being a Pittsburgh native instilled in me not just a hustler’s mentality, but also the drive to translate it into tangible outcomes.

What motivated you to relocate to Nigeria, and how does living there influence your work with clients and your personal life? 

I moved to Nigeria when I met a guy online and we fell in love. 

It was an incredible journey. 

We dated online for five years, and we kept it a secret, but in 2019, I went to see him in person. The day that I arrived, he proposed to me. I said yes, we got married, and began our lives together in Nigeria.

So that move and taking the chance to see a guy who I’d never met in person before worked out so beautifully because now my husband is my best friend. It also shaped who I am as a woman and, of course, who I am as an entrepreneur. 

Being in Nigeria was quite an incredible experience because it allowed me to see what happens when an entire group of people are of one mind, generally, generally speaking. 

Nigeria, particularly the Igbo community, embodies a remarkable spirit of entrepreneurship and resilience. Very similar to how I grew up, they have this natural ambition and business acumen. I’ve observed firsthand the innate ability of Nigerians, especially those from the Igbo tribe, to hustle and thrive in diverse circumstances. Marrying into an Igbo family and having the incredible husband that I do further allowed me to tap into this hustler mentality, creating an environment where ambition and tenacity flourish. Because of this, my business grew powerfully. I found myself being able to constantly explore and learn, something that excited me. I approach each day with a sense of curiosity and openness, recognizing that knowledge is dynamic and ever-evolving. This dedication to personal growth not only enriches my own life but also enhances the value I offer to my clients.

Can you share the success stories of MysticqueRose Publishing Services helping business owners create impactful books from their stories and knowledge? 

Absolutely, let’s dive into a few success stories, starting with Katie and Tyler. 

Katie, an independent nail technician, faced the typical hurdles of starting her own business. However, after perseverance and dedication, she cracked the code to become a successful nail tech and salon owner, reaching six figures within just a few months. With her boyfriend, Tyler’s support, they co-authored her book, “The Power of N.A.I.L.S,” merging Katie’s journey with professional insights. The book not only chronicled her struggles but also detailed the framework she used to scale her business. This success was pivotal for Katie, propelling her coaching career forward. Through strategic presales and the launch of an accompanying online course, Katie and Tyler not only gained clients but also solidified her expertise with a tangible asset – her book. 

Then there’s Rodney, a former software developer who faced a life-altering stroke, leaving him wheelchair-bound with limited mobility and speech impairment. Despite these challenges, Rodney refused to let his circumstances define him. He penned his book, “How to Manifest Your D.R.E.A.M.S.,” documenting his journey and outlining his approach to manifesting goals. Initially doubtful due to his speech impediment and physical limitations, Rodney’s determination prevailed. With my coaching and support, he completed his book faster than we originally anticipated and published it in record time. It’s authors like these who push boundaries, break off their shells, and take life head-on that makes me love what I do.

How do you juggle your roles as CEO, book coach, speaker, and mentor to college students while staying aligned with your core values and client commitments?

The beauty of what I do is that it all falls within the same wheelhouse. I speak about what I coach, I mentor what I coach, and the authors we work with are all within my area of expertise. So, it’s not difficult for me to align all of it because it’s already aligned—my coaching, my speaking, my mentorship, and the production work we do at MysticqueRose Publishing —it’s all under the same umbrella. 

It’s all about storytelling, book writing, and creating impact with the power of books. So, it isn’t difficult to handle that. I never feel like I’m juggling something. What I will say is that there are a lot of moving parts for me. I have to go out speaking, I still have to show up for my clients in our weekly meetings. 

But what helps me is that I’ve built a community around it. It’s about bringing everybody into one space, where they get to see each other, understand what’s happening, and just have that community of authors and my team members all in one place. So, I don’t feel like I’m juggling anything. This is just what I do. This is my world. I’m very much inside my zone of genius, so I feel good about it. 

Sometimes, I do need to take time off if I’m working too hard or pushing too hard for too long. Usually, during the weekend, I relax, rejuvenate, and do whatever I need to restore my energy. Then, I jump back in on Monday morning and feel good. 

I love what I do, so it doesn’t feel like a job. I’m doing the work that I want to do, living my best life, and doing what I love.

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