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MonteRosola Volterra: The Futuristic Organic Vineyard

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by Lady Kendal Jaggar

Is the world about to be shaken by this futuristic organic vineyard?


The Monterosola vineyard is owned by a family from Sweden who purchased the estate in 2013. The Thomaeus family decided on a completely new and breathtaking futuristic approach to change over production to that of organic wine. Their decision to change the cultivation methods meant that dedication was required from their team; the whole land had to be completely changed and acres of organic vines were planted. Bengt Thomaeus was dedicated to his quest for sustainability using innovative designs that incorporated the latest in construction to construct the Cantina and the organic vineyard within four years.
The Thomaeus family inherited the name Monterosola after it was born by collaborating the land and La Rosola from its previous owners, A German family who owned the estate from 1999 to 2013. This ancient land has rested high upon a hillside between Chianti and Bolgheri, where stood an old farmhouse and watchtower that had served the medieval city of Volterra for many years, I believe as early as the 1400s, in producing wheat, olive oil and wine.

The state of the art welcome to MonteRosola Vineyard 

The Team

Tuscany is renowned for its wine making. The Thomaeus family is now creating history – they have systematically created a vineyard which has its own microclimate which enables the vines perfect growing conditions to produce perfect grapes. A combination of climate conditions, the intelligence of the winemakers and the dedication to the health of the land has secured the Monterosola with award winning wines. Thus, the collaboration of agronomist and winemaker Michele Senesi, Viticulturist Stefano Dini and Oenology Alberto Antinori has secured the vision, commitment, dedication, alongside innovation to produce these award winning wines that we enjoy across the globe.

The impressive cork designed lift takes you to the futuristic cellar

A revolutionary journey lies ahead for Monterosola

With the land now nurtured to the best of its ability and the dedication of the Monterosola “Thomaeus family and their team” offers an impressive vineyard.           

Guests now flock in abundance to see for themselves the wonderful private roof terrace, where they cater for weddings and parties under the Tuscan sun.

Since opening its doors in 2019 to the general public, MonteRosola showcases the revolutionary ambience created, from the magnificent VIP meeting room, which overlooks the cellar like a scene set for a James Bond movie. A stunning mantelpiece displays some of the award-winning wine they offer. An impressive oversized oak table is lit to showcase inside the bottle, whilst it sits ready for the sommelier to express the full body and its notes for you to enjoy.

Monterosola offers elegant courtyards, alfresco courtyards and a very interesting and rather impressive oak panelled wine tasting area. The bar was extremely unique in its design, with a comfortable seat with fine crystal clear wine glasses so you could see the legs from the full-bodied reds. Fresh bread was served, and the most amazing olive oil I have ever tasted in my life.

The wonderful wine shop offers its guests the chance to take the wine of their choice home with them. I wanted to take advantage of shipping which was so easy to do, as unfortunately, I had to fly back to the UK.

Monterosola offers you the opportunity to join their wine club to share in their passion for creating exceptional wine.

For further enquiries contact Tenuta MonteRosola at [email protected]

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