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Migena Krifsa: The “brand” of beauty

 “If you make a woman feel beautiful outside you have made her beautiful inside”, is the daily motto of MigenaKrifsa. We all know her and the love she has for beauty. Known in the field of Dermal Aesthetics and permanent Make-up tattoo, she is certified at Phi Academy, an Academy known worldwide. It is time to trust our body, our face, to professionals who have been certified and are specialized in knowing exactly what they can do with our appearance and wellbeing. MigenaKrifsa is one, she as a real artist manages to transform everything she touches with her hand and does all of this without harming us. Her salon already holds the name “Best in” and is located in Bllok, and of course this is a well-deserved name. Her journey in the field of beauty has continued year after year, with training in Europe and America, learning new techniques, but also maintaining the quality of her work. What’s the secret? Even after so many years of experience, she continues to call her work, “The greatest passion she has”. Her center resembles an oasis of peace and relaxation, where you find a trained staff certified with great professionalism in all derma aesthetic services and facial tattoos. With over 25 certifications, Migena has managed to become a leader in her field.

She has been certified all over the world:

Phibrows certified in Germany, Serbia and Albania Phicontur

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