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The Emotion of Money Be the Master of Your Abundance

By Micaela Passeri

Have you ever heard the expression “Money is Energy”?  If you have, you probably also have heard that money is a reflection of your subconscious patterns, limiting beliefs and views of yourself and the world.  If you have not heard this expression, what that means is that what we store in the subconscious mind is really what dictates our reality, because the energy of our thoughts and feelings about yourself and the world that are unconscious to your conscious mind, govern your decisions and your actions.

So what does this have to do with money?

Well, it has EVERYTHING to do with money, because you decide what jobs you go for and you accept.  You decide how much you promote yourself and your business. You decide which clients to take on.  You decide which disempowering contracts to sign.  And the list goes on.  These decisions then affect your bottom line, your income and your ability to invest.

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