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The Emotion of Money Be the Master of Your Abundance

By Micaela Passeri

Have you ever heard the expression “Money is Energy”?  If you have, you probably also have heard that money is a reflection of your subconscious patterns, limiting beliefs and views of yourself and the world.  If you have not heard this expression, what that means is that what we store in the subconscious mind is really what dictates our reality, because the energy of our thoughts and feelings about yourself and the world that are unconscious to your conscious mind, govern your decisions and your actions.

So what does this have to do with money?

Well, it has EVERYTHING to do with money, because you decide what jobs you go for and you accept.  You decide how much you promote yourself and your business. You decide which clients to take on.  You decide which disempowering contracts to sign.  And the list goes on.  These decisions then affect your bottom line, your income and your ability to invest.


The subconscious patterns, limiting beliefs and self/world view are created by your experiences in life from the day you are born to the day you die.  Your experiences are made up of emotions, thoughts and feelings, which are the direct response of what happens to you.

From here, sometimes, these emotions get trapped in the subconscious and take ahold of the driver’s seat of your life and start unconsciously guiding to more experiences that match the interpretation from that past experience.  Is it making sense yet?

In this article I will be talking about the top 3 emotions that surround your money making decisions from how you spend it, to how you make it.  I know, I know.  Now the question you are asking is, how do I find out the emotions that are governing my money so I can learn to master it and create the abundance I want and deserve?  As an entrepreneur or business woman you work hard to create a viable business and use it to make a difference in your community and your life.  The first thing you can do is learn the 12 governing emotions of money, then if you want to go deeper, you can work with a professional like myself who can help you identify the trapped emotions in the subconscious that has you stuck, frustrated, overwhelmed and unhappy.

But first let’s understand which emotions affect our money flow.  Each emotion has its own energy, sub-emotions and triggers.  What is important for you to understand is the energy of each emotion so you can understand how you are affected by it.

Let’s dive right in! There are 12 governing emotions of money:

1. Fear

2. Self-worth/Worthlessness

3. Failure

4. Confusion

5. Overwhelm

6. Loss/Scarcity

7. Anger

8. Insecurity

9. Anxiety

10. Bitterness

11. Shame

12. Blame

The top 3 are the biggest ones that stop you from creating movement forward and taking action.  From movement forward and taking action you create results, which include making money.  Although most all of them end up having the same effect, meaning most of the money emotions all stop you from taking action, Fear, Self-Worth and Failure are the ones with the most power. 

For example, if you are selling a product or service, the amount of money you make is the direct result of how many of your products and services you sell.  In order to sell your product and service, you must let people know you have these products and services to sell (i.e. market your product and service). 

If your money emotions are tied to the first 3 (and for the majority of the population it is the case), you will find yourself struggling to create enough result driven action and movements forward to attract the sales you need to make the money you set out to make.  The same is the case if you have a non sales job, maybe a desk job or an academic position.

If you can’t do your work as required by your job duties, because your money emotions are connected to any of the governing emotions, you will lack productivity, motivation and efficiency to complete the tasks required, therefore you will most likely loose your job, be demoted, not promoted or make any additional bonuses.  So as you can see no matter what you do for work, your money emotions affect you in an unconscious way and hinder you from performing at your highest potential.

When you look at the human experience, everyone experiences failure in some way, everyone has fears and the very essence of a human being is overcoming the not good enough inner conversation, so if you find yourself frustrated with efforting in your work, but not advancing fast enough, or confused about what the next steps you have to take are, chances are there is a trapped emotion in the subconscious related to one of the 12 governing money emotions and most likely one of the first 3.

So what does this have to do with money?

1. Fear interferes with your ability to take action, because is puts us into flight/fright/freeze mode, so we get paralyzed and have a hard time taking action (the most important element of generating money as discussed above).

2. Self-Worth/Worthlessness is an emotion tied to shame and feeling not worthy of anything, let alone money.  It has you in a space of non-expectancy for any good to come to you.  Almost like a dark cloud following you everywhere.  I have worked with so many women who, the moment they heal their self-worth conversation, have made leaps and bounds in the abundance that shows up in their life from money, to opportunities, to relationships and happiness.

3. Failure keeps you in a never ending cycle of disappointment and negative thinking of incapability, inferiority and inadequacy which affect your performance, effectiveness and efficiency.  Failure is the biggest contributor to procrastination. Why?  Because we are afraid to fail again. So we procrastinate the things we need to do to succeed.  It’s a bit of a vicious circle.

As you can see they all take you to a place of no action and without action you cannot generate abundance, income or wealth.  Understanding the depth of all of the emotions that affect your money capability takes a more detailed analysis of each individual’s set of unique life circumstances, life experiences and beliefs.  Yes, it is definite subjective.  Do not get discouraged though, just by starting your own inner dialog to understand yourself as an emotional being is a great start.  Bring awareness to the underlying thoughts and beliefs that move you to action or not. 

From there you can start understanding triggers, unconscious motives and subconscious behavior.  It is a very personal, private and deep journey, I know this, because I have gone through it myself and that is what I do what I do and have a mission to guide women to financial freedom through healing their emotional baggage and opening their heart to more abundance. 

I will leave you with this, you MUST clear the Subconscious Mind in order for your intentions in the conscious mind to manifest and that includes the money you intend and want to make.  Ponder this, what are your money emotions?

Meet Micaela Passeri

Micaela Passeri is and International Speaker, Emotional Intelligence and Business Performance Expert women entrepreneurs hire to identify and release the trapped emotions that prevent their success and freedom.  She helps transform women from stuck, stagnant and unfulfilled to happy, liberated, hopeful and healed. Get clarity, take action and increase income now! Call/book a 30 minute complementary Emotional Money Mastery Session

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