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Vivian Geffen: Creativity, the Entrepreneur’s Toolkit for Survival

Creativity is the portal to possibility. I believe it is at the heart of becoming an effective entrepreneur and a generally happy person. Without the ability to pose the question,what is possible and to believe that there is something to move towards, we get stuck in a rut or look backwards trying to relive what was. In life and in business, there are always setbacks. Situations do not go as we anticipate, and the rug can get pulled out from under us. If we don’t have a sense of how to navigate change, where to start, and what kinds of questions to ask, then life and business can be pretty scary. However, when you develop a creative mindset and understand that creativity means more than expressing some form of artistry, you can become aware of always being in process. This allows you to take setbacks and readjustments as an opportunity to find a new path that works.

Have you ever found yourself in a time when the need for change became unavoidable, possibly from situations beyond your control, or just the natural outgrowing of something that was once useful but now just feels safe and unfulfilling? I reached that crossroad 20 years into my career as the owner of a Massage Therapy agency. I had an internal sense that I wanted and needed a different expression for myself in business, and the idea of creativity being an important part of it kept recurring, but I had no picture of what that could mean. I had drive and passion and need, but no clear vision or idea of what new service I could be providing. It was a very painful, stuck time. I felt lost, and I didn’t know what to do next.  All I had was a sense of a different destiny calling me. I sat in this discomfort and uncertainty for a while until I had a thought which yielded a question whose answer became the beginning of my journey into a new career based on a new understanding of creativity and how I can use it in my work with others. 

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  • Michaelak12


    SO much of this resonated with me. I believe that starting from a creative process really does allow us to think and see things in a new way. What if you applied more of a creative thought process to business and the way you solve problems? You may get outcomes and ideas you would never have otherwise. Great article Vivian!

    August 25, 2020