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Being a Fearless Female in the World of Business

Interview with Anna Boroshok

Please tell us more about Fearless Female Founders Community and Academy. What is its underlying vision?

I have started Fearless Female Founders when I was making my first attempt to become an entrepreneur in a country I hardly knew. I didn’t know where to search for information on registration, taxation, and all other complex rules about setting up a business in Belgium. My lack of knowledge of local languages didn’t help either. I tried to find a community where I could find like-minded people and learn from them and learn together. But I could not find such a community, so I decided to set it up myself. That’s how it all started a couple of years ago.

I focused my efforts in working with women because my intuition was telling me that we need a different approach. For centuries, the world of business was dominated by men who created rules and standards that became a norm – and we tried to comply. However, psychologically and physiologically we are very different from men. We respond differently to risk, stress and pressure: none considered before. We had to act like men: burn the boats, act on will power, be pushy and aggressive, etc. This, of course, created confusion for both genders on a playground and made us doubt ourselves professionally-speaking.

It is for that reason I have started creating programs which help women to build businesses based on who they really are without stressing themselves. I can see so many false expectations about business building that it makes me more dedicated to make a shift in how women build business, show the world that we are different and we need a different approach.

You have work experience in digital transformation. How important is digital marketing in today’s world?

Nowadays, if you are not online, you don’t exist. Online presence has become a must in the business world. This puts a lot of pressure on female-preneurs who usually start their business solo. Digital marketing is a multi-faceted discipline which requires a lot of time both in terms of learning and execution. When you are a solo business, it is almost impossible to manage it all. That’s why I strongly recommend to learn the overall strategy and outsource the rest. At times, it is difficult to make the first step towards hiring a personal assistant, because it feels like a balance between first earnings, and paying someone can jeopardise your livelihood. But that’s exactly where you free your hands for earning more while an assistant leverages your online presence.

About the Mastermind program Think Big & Go Global: how has it changed you?

The program helped me to see how important visibility is for branding. Talking on a big stage, releasing an article, being surrounded by women who are more advanced than you is a huge booster for your business. Someone said, “Proximity is the key”, and I can’t agree more. Being beside Mirela, seeing how she acts, learning directly from her and the team was priceless. You learn much faster.

What are your goals and plans for the future?

My plan is to expand my academy with more affordable courses not only on female entrepreneurship but financial literacy and freedom. I am a real estate and stocks investor, and it is sad to see how few women invest. It can truly give us confidence and financial freedom to do what we really like instead of sticking to a boring job just because it pays the bills. We are much more than that. By being financially free, we can give the world the best of ourselves, making it better and being happy ourselves. Happy woman, happy family, happy society, happy world.

Anna Boroshok is the Founder of Fearless Female Founders, International speaker, investor and author. To find out more, got to:

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