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The Intuitive Mentor Bridging Life’s Purpose and Profit 

In the world of personal growth and spiritual entrepreneurship, Baeth Davis stands out as a source of  guidance for those searching for their life’s purpose. Her journey as a mentor to healers and spiritual  teachers showcases the power of aligning one’s calling with business success. Baeth’s story began in  

her late 20s when she realized that her life was shaped by others’ expectations, prompting her to  question her true purpose.  

Throughout the years, she cultivated her expertise in scientific hand analysis and human design, using  intuition to guide clients towards finding their own path. Her achievements in the online realm,  dedication to giving back, and recognition in notable publications serve as a powerful testimony to her  incredible journey. 

Through the impact Baeth has had on clients like “Mary,” we can see the power of embracing one’s true  self. Baeth’s insights into future trends, such as skill development, local community connections, and  simplifying technology, highlight the importance of these aspects in our evolving world. Baeth Davis’s  

journey serves as an inspiration for unlocking our own life’s purpose and creating meaningful and  prosperous endeavors. 


Baeth, you’ve had a remarkable journey as a guide to creative spiritual teachers and  healers. Can you share a pivotal moment or experience that inspired you to pursue this  path of mentoring and business development in the healing arts?

In my late 20s, I came home from work one day as a project assistant at a design firm  and realized that the world I was living in and the life I was living wasn’t mine. It was  someone else’s idea of what life should be like – or rather, a messy patchwork quilt of  ideas, suggestions, teachings and demands from others that seemed to take me further  and further from a sense of satisfaction and meaning.  

A lay student of psychology, medicine, and philosophy as well as a graduate of studies  in the dramatic arts, I dug back into my research. Why was I on the planet? What was  the purpose to my life? 

I’d also been struggling at the time with depression, fatigue and a mysteriously high  white blood cell count. Repeated medical tests showed no infection. Several spiritual  teachers said to me, “You’re having a spiritual crisis of meaning and if you don’t choose  your spiritual path, you’ll die.” 

Harsh words perhaps, but what I needed at the time. In my bones, I knew it was the  truth. 

Within several months, I began studying multiple systems to help people find their life’s  purpose. People began asking for guidance and so I started delivering (and charging  for) readings. 

My body healed, my business grew and many clients reported finding spiritual and  material success in doing their life’s work. It’s not like life suddenly became a vacation,  but rather, my clients found they could handle what life was throwing at them with more  grace, less mental strain and more creative flow – which is the key to material  abundance. 

My purpose continues — helping others eliminate resistance and truly step into their  life’s purpose by bringing their greatest work to the world. 

Your expertise in scientific hand analysis and human design sets you apart in the coaching  industry. Could you explain how these tools have helped you and your clients in uncovering their life purposes and designing businesses around them?  

When working with a business client, I look at various tools, such as their human design  chart and hand analysis data, and then filter it through my own intuition and business  skills (direct sales, marketing, copywriting, planning, etc.) to determine how they are best  designed to use their energy in their work. This is “aligning to one’s design.”  

This is DISCERNMENT at its finest. 

These tools are only some of the information I carry. I function as an oracle for others.  My intelligence can’t be measured by me but rather by my ability to answer the  questions of others.  

I “feel” their direction in my body, which we map out together, sometimes in simple to do steps. I’m able to see their branding path, the energies they work with, sometimes  even new programs or book titles. It depends upon how open the client is to what wants  to move through them versus what their mind says they “should” do. 

Providing clarity, permission and a simple action plan are usually all it takes to help  someone get going in the direction of their soul’s calling. 

Many entrepreneurs struggle with aligning their businesses with their core purpose.  What advice do you have for someone trying to find that harmony between profit and serving their life purpose?  

For me, profit and serving go together. There is a fine balance between both and it  varies from person to person. 

Someone called TO this work is usually called out by others to DO this work.  

Believe me, you don’t want the job of a healer/shaman/entrepreneur unless it is your  correct work – because you can’t “fake it until you make it.” 

This kind of work will torment you if you ignore it and you’ll get a lot of grief from  others for doing it, so it’s a no-win situation in the eyes of society. The healer walks a  fine line between being sufficiently protected, so that only true seekers find them, and  not being so hidden that they can’t help others. 

We are still suffering in a very strategic world that plays in winners and losers. We aren’t  here for this anymore. We are here to share our awareness. We are all here to be  teachers at this point in history/herstory/ourstory.  

Each person reading this has a genius awareness within them. My commitment is to  help people find the patience to allow the genius within them to flower – and share it  with those who care to listen and learn. Today, sharing your awareness with others is the  most efficacious path to prosperity and meaningful, transformational service.

You’ve mentioned making millions of dollars online through your coursework and events.  Could you describe one of your most successful online ventures and the key strategies  that contributed to its success? 

The first step to business success, whether off-line or online, is to build your community by building (online) groups and an (online) contact list. 

My first online course was created in 2007 and focused on simple palmistry techniques  for life insight about health, love and money. To create this course, I hired a product development coach for about $6000 and we spent a weekend mapping out the course.  It then took me about two and a half solid weeks of writing over several months to  finish the rough draft. 

Once everything was edited for print, I made some bonus CD recordings to send out  with the coursebook. I did a small webinar class promotion online, made an offer and 

over the next several years, I sold $350,000 of this course. I hired a mailing house to mail people hard copies along with offering an online-accessible version. We now offer our  classes online and with flash drives. 

As my career progressed, I created a course called the “Life Purpose Blueprint.” I had 10  affiliate partners help promote it through a free webinar series. We sold $350,000 of the  course. On the back end of the product sale, I offered mentoring and sold about a  million dollars in coaching services. From there, I went on to regularly promote online  courses that generally sold $150,000 or more — but without a lot of tech. 

Since I’d been building my online mailing list actively since 2001, I had a community of  nearly 10,000 people to share my offer with. This is why it is never too late to start  building your contact list. 

I continue to offer courses and teach. It is my greatest love. I’ve grown a Facebook  group from 220 people to just under 4400 people since the end of 2019, mostly through  organic outreach and word-of-mouth. This is the hub for sharing free courses, which  leads to paid courses. 

This year (2023), I launched a three-month program and a four-month program, each  with 32 students. This grossed about $106,000 without a lot of front-end or back-end  work as I’ve been streamlining the process over the years. I also mentor clients one-to 

one for a significant fee where I act as their “business partner” to build their ideal  business and have a year-long coaching group with 22 members.

As a supporter of the Unstoppable Foundation and the Pachamama Alliance, you seem  passionate about giving back. How has your commitment to these organizations  influenced your approach to business and life purpose?  

I support organizations that don’t treat the people they serve as victims but rather as  partners in creating a more sustainable world for everyone. Thousands of people have  been lifted out of poverty and are experiencing a better quality of life without  eliminating the best practices of their traditional teachings. 

For example, together with my clients, we raised over 50K for Unstoppable to help build  two schools in Kenya. This was achieved through donations from our clients and  donations directly from the business’s profits.  

Giving is my way of saying thank you and remembering to not take anything for  granted. Our access to resources is rarely a matter of intelligence or potential, but 

rather, access to resources. 

I wouldn’t even talk about this work except that my being visible raises awareness and  money for the cause. Most giving is invisible and it’s my little delightful secret with  myself. If everyone took pride in secretly giving where truly wanted and desired, winds  of change would sweep over this world, the likes of which we have never seen. 

Being featured in publications like Women’s World, Cosmopolitan, and the Los Angeles Times is a significant achievement. Can you share the story of how your work gained  recognition on such a wide scale?  


I read a self-published book on public relations in my late 20s and did what it said. It’s  not difficult to get mentioned in the press. I would recommend anyone buy a PR book  and do what it says.  

If you have an important launch coming up and can manage the expense, a good PR  agent can get you on radio, major television shows and online video/audio podcasts.

In your extensive 25 years of experience in business, what would you say is the most  common challenge creative entrepreneurs face when trying to align their business with  their life purpose, and how do you help them overcome it?  

The most common challenge is being more concerned with social approval than doing  what is correct for you – because the fears behind this concern are immense. Many  people alive today fear following their truth as they may be ostracized by society 

(“cancel culture”) and even cut off by their own families.  

Hence, why many people do not pursue their purpose. There is a cost.  

I help my clients identify where they are suffering in their life and where their behaviors,  habits and attitudes are out of alignment with what they are truly here to accomplish.  They find a way to align the cost of being their authentic self with the world around  them. For most of us, it is learning when to speak and when to be silent.

You mention using intuition as one of your tools. How do you incorporate intuition into  your coaching and decision-making processes, and what role does it play in helping your  clients find their life purpose?  

It’s just there. Ask me a question – and it is there. I’ve always had this ability. I don’t have  to do anything to incorporate it. I’d say it is the main skill I have – and I can trust it. It is  typically on point and useful for my clients. 

My favorite offering is “hot seats.” That’s where my intuition comes alive. Someone  brings me a question. I listen to their energy and look at the data in their charts. And  then I start talking. I’m also usually surprised by what I say.

The concept of “unleashing your life purpose” is intriguing. Could you provide an example  of a client whose life was transformed after working with you, and how did they discover  and live out their life purpose? 

About eight years ago, a woman who had suffered a near-fatal car crash heard me  speak at a conference in the United States. She said to herself, “Baeth is my next  teacher.” Let’s call her “Mary” to protect her identity. 

Mary approached me after the talk and told me as much. She went on to learn hand  analysis, human design and business approaches with me over several years.  

However, she was still working her full-time day job and raising two children while  learning these healing skills. She was also schooling herself in several other modalities to  fill her “healer’s medicine chest” to the brim. 

In the midst of this, I got very ill with a secondary cancer, caused by a medication used  to treat the first cancer. Deep sigh. Life keeps dishing out the learning opportunities,  doesn’t it? 

It was post-pandemic and many of my test results didn’t reach the right people because  of staff shortages. The “illness” was not something I took personally – it seemed to be  serving a very important purpose for everyone around me as much as it was for my own  trajectory through life.  

As I screamed with physical pain, Mary, my beloved client, was called upon by a mutual  friend to come “practice” on me. She did so (for 10 days at the hospital) and it was one  of the most healing exchanges of my life to date. She told me afterwards: “Helping you  helped activate my purpose.” 

She went home, left her job and is now doing her healing work fulltime. We are  currently discussing a business venture together! 

With your vast knowledge and experience, what trends or changes do you foresee in the  fields of business mentoring for healers and spiritual teachers in the coming years, and  how should professionals prepare for them? 

As we wean off the screen of dopamine, self-actualization will become even more  important. Here are my top suggestions: 

#1) Grow Your Skills 

It’s important to find things to do that are difficult and require practice. This creates  healthy self-esteem better than anything I know of. Maybe get good at something  you’ve always wanted to do “just because?” You no longer rely on the validation of  others. It’s also the best remedy for procrastination. 

#2) Practice Your Business Locally 

It’s also vital to get to know the place you live. As we are required to rely upon ourselves  more and more, those who build their communities and businesses on the local level  will be at the forefront of the massive changes sweeping the globe.  

I urge business people to build their direct mailing lists, their local community presence,  and start doing more live LOCAL events. 

#3) Simplify Your Tech 

What I’m seeing is less and less cohesion between various online learning platforms,  phone apps and social media services. As time goes on, I meet more people who do not  seem to understand how an online business is put together nor how things get fixed.  

SIMPLE tech is usually better for most healers and coaches. You don’t need thousands 

of people and thousands spent on business software for a successful business unless  that is the correct model for you. Having a steady practice of the correct clients, doing  the correct work is usually a satisfying proposition unless you are called to build  something larger. 

How to Contact Baeth 

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