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Radiant Resilience: A Journey of Inspiration and Empowerment

Happy Kids… Healthy Families… Hope-filled world. It begins at home. For over two decades, I’ve been in homes massaging stressed-out moms and disconnected dads, observing how their anxious energy frazzles and flusters their kids. But amidst this chaos, I found a beacon of solace – music. Over the years, I’ve performed and recorded two albums of heartfelt melodies, witnessing the transformative power of music in soothing souls. Now, I’m merging my passion for nurturing the human spirit with creating music to foster positive development in children. Enter Christina’s Cottage – a program born from collaboration with mental health professionals and a multi-platinum songwriter, infused with cutting-edge childhood development methods. In a world where the mental health of our young children is in crisis, Christina’s Cottage aims to spread its wings, reaching young hearts and minds worldwide.

What inspired you to create Christina’s Cottage, a YouTube series aimed at preschoolers, parents, and teachers?

I have owned my own massage therapy practice for almost 20 years, and most of my clients are parents of young children who are stressed, disconnected from themselves and overwhelmed. They share with me the struggles they have finding balance in their lives due to pressures in their jobs, roles as parents, and not to mention the global turbulence we are all feeling these days.

I kept thinking to myself “ How are the young children of my stressed out, disconnected clients coping in THEIR daily lives?” It was very clear to me that there is a need for more nurturing programs to help support young kids, their families and teachers in staying emotionally regulated, compassionate toward themselves and others.   

How do you believe stressed-out parents and disconnected families impact the emotional well-being of young children?

After spending the past 20 years in and out of homes, I can tell you without a doubt through my own experience, that our own emotional well being or lack thereof, affects those around us.  According to Psychology Today, research has shown that children who live in stressful environments can end up with all sorts of behavioral and emotional problems at some point during development. Some examples include aggression, anxiety, and depression.

Can you explain how your experience as a massage therapist influenced your approach to nurturing the human soul through music?

The positive transformation I’ve witnessed with so many of my clients by taking the time to relax in a quiet, nurturing and safe environment so they can get back in touch with their internal landscape  is incredible, and as a professional singer I knew that I could create that same feeling of safety and peace through song. Plus, it’s a lot less expensive! Music is an incredible tool to help people destress. In fact, I’ve done extensive research in the power of sound healing to help people transform their lives.  

What motivated you to merge your passions for music and nurturing to create songs and characters for young children?

I don’t have my own kids and young parents and teachers need all the help and support they can get to ensure that the young children in their care have what they need to thrive.  I also know that the first seven years in a child’s life is considered to be the most powerful time to influence future prosperity, inclusiveness, social stability, health, and happiness. I feel in my heart that because I don’t have my own kids, I’m meant to help raise all kids.

How did you collaborate with mental health professionals and a multi-platinum songwriter to develop Christina’s Cottage?

I believe that the success of any project relies on a team of like minded individuals with different skill sets coming together with a shared purpose and goal.   David Friedman, composer of all the songs at Christina’s Cottage, is a longtime friend and we’ve worked on a lot of projects together.  When I mentioned to him that I wanted to create a program for young children and the adults in their lives, he immediately said yes.  He currently works with a lot of adults within his Thought Exchange circles. It’s based on one of his incredible books titled “The Thought Exchange. Overcoming Our Resistance To Living A Sensational Life.” David also happens to be a multi-platinum, award winning songwriter. My Self Regulation advisor Brad Chapin wrote a curriculum for Preschoolers, I turn to for each episode.  Other advisors like my HeartMath advisor, and Conscious Parenting advisors I look to when an episode touches upon topics that need their expertise. I’m grateful for having a team who are just passionate about helping our young children and families thrive in todays’ fast paced world as I am.

Why do you believe programs like Christina’s Cottage are crucial, especially considering the current mental health crisis among young children?

Our world has become so over stimulating, and in my personal experience, families are not connecting to one another heart to heart. Parents are overworked and way too busy.   A lot of parents of young children are struggling to help their children regulate their big feelings because they themselves, never learned how.  This is why a program like Christina’s Cottage is crucial.  What sets Christina’s Cottage apart from many shows currently on line or on networks, is that  Christina’s Cottage is not only focused on nurturing young children who may not have a trusted adult at home, but all about supporting and nurturing a child AND the trusted adult together. Having fun together as a classroom or family is the perfect environment for learning and deep connection.   We can only connect deeply with someone else when we can connect deeply with our own inner landscape and Christina’s Cottage is dedicated to helping more children and adults do just that.

What is the overarching goal of Christina’s Cottage in terms of reaching children and families worldwide?

It is my goal to have every episode translated into different languages while collaborating with production companies worldwide to be sure Christina’s Cottage can be a successful support to  families and schools  from different backgrounds and cultures. Ultimately, we are a global family and each person, and country have something special to share and to offer to benefit the whole. My mission is to help connect our global community heart to heart one child at a time. 

What platforms can viewers find Christina’s Cottage on, and how do you engage with your audience through these channels?

Currently Christina’s Cottage is found on YouTube at @ChristinasCottage444.  All our videos are featured there as well as my onboarding section titled “Christina’s Creative Corner” which is a resource for parents and teachers to help them integrate the tools we teach at the Cottage into the home or classroom.

I envision millions of children and adults across the globe singing the songs from Christina’s Cottage in the car, or while walking to school holding their very own Love Bug cushy toy with the confidence of knowing that whatever they encounter in their day, they have the tools to handle whatever comes their way with resilience. I also envision every child and adult all over the world placing their hands on their hearts and sending love to themselves first, and then radiating that love out anyone they meet knowing that the heart that we all share can make things better.

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