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It takes a positive attitude to achieve great results

Angelika van der Schilden –It takes a positive attitude to achieve great results

By Gulia Lucci

Angelika van der Schilden is a physical awareness expert. Her mission is to help businesswomen to improve their quality of life, and feel healthier and more comfortable in their everyday activities! She helps female entrepreneurs with ‘Mindful Movements’ to be vital, radiant and have good posture to make a powerful impression.

What is your opinion about why it is so important to talk about physical consciousness?

Your attitude is the foundation in your life. Your physical and mental attitudes always interact: your thoughts and how you feel. To become aware when you feel comfortable and when not, is very important because it influences your daily functioning.


In your life you will have situations which give you positive or negative feelings. Often you don’t know where they come from. For example, there may be a difficult situation you don’t know how to handle. You are aware of negative thoughts in your head and negative feelings in your body. You observe yourself with a negative posture, drooping corners of the mouth, dropped shoulders, stooping back, pinched stomach, etc., you do not feel well, the situation makes you very tired and exhausted.

In a situation like this, straighten your posture consciously!Recognise that your thinking and feeling also will change positively. Often you can’t change a situation but you can consciously change your attitude and even your mind about them and you will feel different and better.

We must restore the connection between mind and body. In our mind-driven culture it is especially important to become aware of this. The interaction between body and mind was investigated by a group of scientists and documented in their book “Embodiment”.

“An erect posture releases energy instead of consuming energy, an attitude that intensifies everything: thinking, feeling, sensing with all the senses.”                                                  

With an erect posture your self-confidence increases. You experience your environment more positively and you are also perceived differently by your fellow human beings.This makes your life much easier and more enjoyable and you can develop your full potential.

What inspired you to raise awareness and talk about it?

I am a teacher of sports and gymnastics. Although I was moving a lot when giving my classes, I had backaches and pelvic floor problems for years and years! I was seen by many therapists but that did not really help me. It was not until I discovered “Mindful Movement with Ismakogie” in the year 2000 that my problems disappeared.

My attitude and my life has changed through my experience with “Mindful Movements“.     I live much more consciously!!  It makes my life easier and more pleasant.  I am in a better condition than 20 years ago physically, but also mentally. It is my passion and my mission to pass this on to younger women in particular. It is important to know that you can take matters into your own hands. I believe that you are partly responsible for your own well-being.

In addition to training, what are the other tools that people can use to support their mental well-being?

You have to use your imagination, that is all you need. You are independent of resources, place and time, you need only yourself. Mindful movements are small, seemingly insignificant, but very deliberate changes and easy to integrate into everyday life. At work or home, in the office, in the car, train or plane. You can even do them invisibly in your thoughts, yet still affect the entire body.

What are your top five mindfulness tips?

  1. Become aware of your attitude in daily life
  2. Use your imagination consciously
  3. Go for small changes
  4. Be aware of your healthy body, mind and soul
  5. Consciously enjoy your life every day

Angelika is a contributor for the Global Woman Book Project :THE POWER AND HEALTH OF WOMANITY -“How to align body, mind, and soul to succeed in business”

The book is available in Amazon and you can get your copy by clicking HERE

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