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How Nepali women are becoming independent and enterprising



By Anku Ali

This is a story from Kathmandu valley, Nepal. A story about going on with life, staying positive and pursuing your dreams no matter what. It paints a picture of strong women and above all, women supporting each other.

Kevin Rohan Memorial Eco Foundation (KRMEF) is a non-governmental organisation established in 2008 in the Kathmandu valley. KRMEF was founded by Krishna and Leela Gurung to commemorate the life of their son, Kevin Rohan Gurung, who passed away in a domestic accident at the age of only seven. The foundation is trying to save the local environment and promote sustainable development by employing local disadvantaged people, recycling waste in creative ways and educating the locals about the benefits of protecting the environment.

In total there are 43 locals working at KRMEF, of which 23 are women. These women work in different fields such as biodynamic farming in the gardens and fields surrounding the foundation, teaching in the Waldorf-inspired kindergarten and school operating at the foundation, working at the office, and at a medical clinic for the villagers. Finally, seven women have a job at a handicraft workshop. Besides these permanent employees, there are always international volunteers and interns sharing their knowledge and helping hands. All in all a variety of women work in diverse tasks, helping each other whenever they can. That is where the beauty of the foundation lies: in the constant collaboration and mutual learning of this network of women.

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