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HINCH EFFECT: 6 in 10 Brits Would Rather Do Chores Than Have Sex

  • The household chore that Brits dread the most is cleaning the toiletwith 61% voting this as their least favouriteto do
  • The household chore that Brits feel the most satisfied after completing is making the bed with a whopping 89%of votes
  • When asked if the same satisfaction experienced with household chores was better than sex, 59% of participants agreed it was

Thanks to the Queen of Clean herself, Mrs Hinch, it seems even more Brits are turning to cleaning and organising as a way to seek satisfaction. 

But what feels better? Sex or completing household chores?

This find out what chores Brits found the most satisfying after completing and compared them to everyday things we do for pleasure.

To do this, surveyed 3,234 participants and asked them, out of the 15 common household chores, which ones they dreaded doing the most and which chores they felt the most satisfied after completing.

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