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Farah Shammas; The businesswoman who dreamed of becoming an artist

Farah dreamed of becoming an artist when she was young, but when her family built a hotel in Cyprus, her path was set, although her desire for art never left her. She now runs her family business and her greatest pride is customer satisfaction. As an expert in this field, she also gives her perspective on the COVID pandemic, hoping that everything will return to normal soon. Farah as a speaker has found another blessing as she sees that she becomes an inspiration to her followers.

How did your journey in the field of tourist complex management start?

At a very young age my grandfather decided to build a hotel and marina in Limassol, Cyprus and my father, who is a civil engineer by trade, built it for him and subsequently ran it. I was only seven years old when the five star resort opened and my whole life had been shaped around it, having moved to Cyprus to build it. After that, the family relocated back to the UK, as my father in turn decided to invest and develope country house hotels in the New Forest, and the group now consists of five beautiful three and four star hotels. So it is fair to say that i grew up in and around hotels, with most conversations being about them, my young work experience being in them, and my love for them growing in me as i grew up.

How challenging is your work with some of the most famous hotel names?

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