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Ceylan Boyce: UK’s Top Advisor to Female Business Owners

Ceylan Boyce, Co-Founder and Lead Trainer at Academy for Women Entrepreneurs, is a business strategist and marketing expert who spent 15 years resolving issues faced by corporate companies and SMEs before launching AWE. Here Ceylan shares why she was determined to utilise her skills to empower women to have successful businesses that fulfil them and afford them the lives they want to live.

Tell us a bit more about Academy for Women Entrepreneurs

Academy for Women Entrepreneurs was established in 2019by myself and my business partner, James Vanderzee. Having seen what was on offer to women business owners, we wanted to provide time efficient, directly applicable, and affordable training solutions to solopreneurs and micro-business founders. Academy for Women Entrepreneurs is a platform that really places community at its core, with support and collaboration from all members. The platform, which allows individuals to join as members on either a free or paid for basis, is all about empowering women and providing the knowledge and specific skill set needed to be successful in business. From one-to-one coaching, group coaching and online courses, we have created a coherent set of resources to enable success for women-led businesses.

And how did you come to set this up?

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