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Helping women to create a roadmap to find success

Marina Newington –Helping women to create a roadmap to find success

By Ellen Smith

Marina Newington, known as the secret weapon for helping women restore their lost energy and motivation, is an internationally-qualified IIN Health Coach, a Columbia Business School MBA, and the founder of PowerSystem.  PowerSystem is a 5-step process for clarifying goals and removing the obstacles to success so you can get your power back and get the confidence and energy to take on the world! Today, Marina is committed to helping women live their best lives through her unique methodology, coaching, and public speaking.


When did all of it begin? Can you give us a brief overview of your entrepreneurial journey?

To be honest, about eight years ago, I wasn’t in a very good place. My energy levels were at an all time low, I was snappy and irritable with my husband and children, 25 pounds overweigt and suffering from a lack of purpose, Sounds awful, right? Around that time my husband and I moved to Australia with our four young children for 2 years and I began a journey of transformation that changed my mind, body and spirit. At the end, not only was I slimmer and stronger, but I had more confidence and energy than I ever had before. Most importantly, I learned to be present in my own life and to really enjoy it.

Having undergone this huge change in my own life, I started looking for what was next. This was when my entrepreneurial journey began. I knew that the corporate work I had done before was no longer for me and I also knew that I wanted to help others feel great and move forwards in their lives the way I had, but how?

With this mindset, I started noticing that everywhere I went I saw other women who were feeling the way I used to; busy, unhappy, not looking after themselves, exhausted and snappy. I remember thinking “I know how you feel” and found myself in so many conversations helping them to see that it didn’t have to be that way. Through these discussions and because it just felt so right helping others, I had an epiphany: I decided I wanted to help other women who were struggling with similar issues to have the same results I was having. This was the beginning of my business idea, it was my why.

Upon returning the UK, I retrained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I then opened my practice and began working with women to make them feel good about themselves again. The next step was to expand my business to the online world by building a presence on social media, especially Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

I then needed to reinforce my visibility offline and began attending networking events leading on to speaking opportunities.

I truly believe that speaking is the best way to get your message out to your audience, and is the best way to attract clients.

Then, with the insights I gained from my personal transformation, and my early work with business women in similar situations, I created PowerSystem, a 5-step process for clarifying goals and removing the obstacles to success.

Today, I work with entrepreneurial women to set the groundwork in their own lives so they can clarify their goals, set realistic tasks and create a roadmap to find success in their chosen fields through coaching, group programs and speaking.

You are the founder of Power System. What is the mission and the vision behind it?

 I feel very passionately about our own ability to make big changes in our lives by starting with small steps in the fundamentals like mindset, diet, movement and self-care. I retrained as a Health Coach to learn how to pass on my experiences and help other women become their best selves. While doing this work, I discovered that a lot of women were facing similar challenges and an idea started forming in my mind of a system that could help them get their POWER back. As it turned out, my clients were all women in business. As a businesswoman myself, I discovered that my clients couldn’t move forward in their careers until they took care of themselves on a personal level first.

This is the truth I learned: Before getting organised in your career, you need to first get organised in your head and in your life, identify your priorities and establish a support network, both personally and professionally, to then enable you to move towards your professional aspirations.

PowerSystem strives to do this by helping entrepreneurial women reclaim more time for themselves, build a support network in work and in life and form an action plan to achieve their dreams so that they can gave the confidence and energy to take on the world!

What can you tell us about the book project experience?

The book project has been an amazing platform to share my story and let other women know that if you have a passion inside of you and you follow it, you can make it into a business. When I first heard about this amazing opportunity, I knew that I had to be a part of it. I had actually started writing my own book about PowerSystem and this seemed like a great way to start my publishing experience. Not only was I able to get my story out, but I was able to collaborate with other amazing women on the same topic. There has also been a wonderful level of support from the whole team from coordinators and editors to journalists. I can’t wait to see the finished product. Thank you, Global Woman!

Marina is a contributor for the Global Woman Book Project : The Mind of Female Entrepreneurs. How to think and act to succeed in business.

The book is available in Amazon and you can get your copy by clicking HERE

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