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Gabriela Stamenova

Gabriela Stamenova: Unleashing Your True Potential — Why My Energy Healing Guides Women to Fulfilment and Purpose

Meet Gabriela, a passionate healer and coach dedicated to helping women rediscover their inner wisdom and potential. With a personal journey of self-discovery and healing, she found her purpose in guiding others towards transformation and empowerment.

Having experienced the power of personal development and spirituality firsthand, she saw positive changes in herself and her relationships. Witnessing her own growth inspired others to seek her guidance, igniting her soul’s calling to help women break free from limiting beliefs and embrace their true selves.

Through intuitive energy healing and a blend of modalities like cacao and fire ceremonies, coaching, and more, she peels back the layers of trapped emotions, helping women find healing and alignment. Her sessions create a safe and nurturing space for clients to explore and grow, encouraging them to surrender to the process and trust their inner wisdom.

As she continues her journey as a coach, she believes that true healing lies in the client’s inner power. Her aim is to guide them back to themselves, empowering them to heal and transform their lives. She emphasizes that personal growth is a lifelong journey, and she remains committed to constant expansion and broadening her skills to support women on their path to happiness and fulfilment.

Join us as we delve deeper into her unique approach to coaching and energy healing and discover how her work contributes to a more fulfilled and purposeful life for women and a better world.


The key is doing the inner work to feel fulfilled and excited about life, rather than solely focusing on external achievements.

Gabriela Stamenova

What inspired you to start your business and pursue a path of helping women rediscover their inner wisdom and potential?

I began my personal development and spiritual journey when I noticed repeating dysfunctional patterns in my life and relationships. This led to self-discovery and learning to release and transmute these patterns.

As I became more in tune with my spirituality, I noticed positive changes in myself and my relationships. Eventually, others noticed the transformation in me and started asking how I achieved success and abundance. This made me realize that my purpose is to inspire and guide other women facing similar struggles. Now, I am certain that helping women transform at their core is my soul’s calling.

Can you share some specific examples of coaching and energy healing techniques that you use to support women on their journey of breaking free from limiting beliefs?

I believe in the school of life, where personal experience holds great value. Unlike formal education, my journey of self-discovery has taught me invaluable lessons. My approach to helping women is intuitive, as I meet them where they are and adapt to their pace.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution in energy work. Over the years, I’ve explored various methodologies and modalities, such as tantric healing, cacao ceremonies, yoga, reiki, and more, to find what resonates with me and brings significant transformation.

I hold certifications in somatic healing, womb ceremonialist, circle facilitator, and lemurian shamanic practitioner, and continue to expand my skills and intuitive abilities through ongoing learning and development. 

As a certified somatic healing practitioner, womb ceremonialist, circle facilitator, and Lemurian shamanic practitioner, how do these different modalities complement each other in your work with clients?

All the modalities I use in my sessions and retreats are rooted in the concept of energy and the belief that everything we need exists within us. They serve as tools to help us understand and process the intangible and unseen aspects of our being. These modalities complement each other, aiming to help us remember our innate power and connection to the source.

Some, like somatic healing, work on releasing stored emotions and energy through physical movement, while others focus on developing intuition and inner knowing to transmute energy through intention alone. The combination of tangible and intangible approaches allows for deep, transformative healing. The possibilities are endless, and the excitement lies in the realization that we are part of a limitless universe.

How do you envision your work contributing to a more fulfilled and purposeful life for women and ultimately to a better world?

Women possess a remarkable creative force, not limited to childbirth. When self-aware and on a transformational path, a woman becomes intentional, receptive, and aligned with her soul’s purpose.

Her empowered energy influences those around her, sparking a ripple effect of healing through generations. Conversely, an unaware woman creates unconsciously, repeating dysfunctional patterns and limiting herself. Empowering women to embrace their inner wisdom and power is my mission, as it brings harmony and balance, fostering love and connection in the world. Embodying the sacred feminine leads to positive outcomes, making this journey truly impactful.

Your background includes experience in the corporate world. How has that experience influenced your approach to coaching and helping women in their personal growth and empowerment?

True abundance is not solely determined by degrees, family background, or wealth, but rather by connection, contribution, love, and personal growth. While enjoying a nice lifestyle is important, it’s the journey and how we show up each day that truly defines abundance.

Money and lifestyle are byproducts of aligning with our true selves and releasing limiting beliefs. When we are in the right frequency and mindset, opportunities naturally come to us without force or desperation. The key is doing the inner work to feel fulfilled and excited about life, rather than solely focusing on external achievements.

My work with women focuses on inner healing to create a positive shift in their alignment and quality of life, even if they choose to remain in the corporate world. By releasing what holds them back and raising their frequency, they naturally attract what they desire through alignment.

My corporate background has helped me discover my true self, redefine success, and understand the impact I want to make. It taught me that qualifications and degrees don’t define value or worth. I now value authenticity and inner growth over paper credentials. Spirituality shouldn’t be a popularity contest; true transformation comes from inner work and healing, not just surface-level practices. Inner transformation leads to real change, whereas empty claims can be misleading.

What do you think are some of the common challenges women face when trying to let go of what no longer serves them, and how do you help them overcome these challenges?

As women, we can easily feel guilt-tripped because of our natural caregiving and healing tendencies. Society often expects us to prioritize others over ourselves, making it challenging to focus on our own well-being. People may label us as selfish or inconsiderate when we prioritize self-care or personal growth. Additionally, setting boundaries and prioritizing our needs can be difficult, as we tend to be compassionate and easily persuaded to compromise.

There is a societal expectation for women to be the peacemakers and caretakers, often leading to self-sacrifice. However, putting ourselves first allows us to show up as the best version of ourselves for others.

The growing popularity of personal development and mindfulness indicates a need for healing from past wounds and traumas. Many women tend to give to others before investing in themselves, leading to exhaustion and burnout. By prioritizing self-care and personal growth, we can live in alignment and positively impact those around us.

How do you incorporate the concept of “remembrance of true selves” in your coaching and energy healing sessions?

In my sessions, whether through cacao or fire ceremonies, coaching, or dancing, the goal is to uncover the root cause of discomfort, pain, and other emotions like anger, frustration, or anxiety. These emotions are manifestations of trapped energy or other emotions, often resulting from limiting beliefs or fear.

Through intentional energy healing, we peel back the layers of trapped emotions to find healing at a pace that aligns with your readiness.

The healing journey is not linear; it can bring moments of release, discomfort, or sadness at different times. We surrender to the process, allowing the energy to guide us to the areas that need healing. The goal is to come closer to our true selves by peeling layer after layer of emotional baggage.

You may ask but what does that actually mean? True selves? Well, I always say we remember or return to our true selves because we are born with a high frequency, we are born in full surrender and trust of the universe.

We are born with a knowing and instinct. Somewhere along our journey, we begin to forget or are taught to forget the magic and power we hold be it because someone says something repeatedly, be it because we experience some sort of trauma, be it because we start associating love with fear, anger, hate rather than what it truly is. Unconditional and pure.

We become being shaped by our environment and surroundings and start adopting the beliefs of those that we most love, depend on and trust in our life. 

We then start developing our personality and character based on these external factors rather than our inner knowing of who we truly are as a light being. We silence that inner voice because we are told to, ridiculed for it or no matter how hard we try to listen to it, our physical surroundings convince us otherwise. 

As Tony Robbins said, “I’m not your Guru” and I’m not trying to tell you I’ll heal you. A true healer knows that that’s a lie. A true healer guides you back to yourself so that you can heal yourself and that is all I ever aim to do. 

To believe that there is a guru that would rescue you, is to give up all your power. This is the opposite of my teachings and the legacy I want to leave behind. 

Could you share a particularly meaningful success story of a woman you’ve worked with who was able to step into her birthright and unleash her full potential after working with you?

You know, when I first started out sharing my gifts with people other than myself, I didn’t know what to expect but I truly believed that if it worked for me (an ex-sceptic) then it must work for others. I wasn’t going off of theory, I was going off of experience which is why I am so determined to lead with my authenticity and actual truth.

I’m not going off of theory, everything I teach and use in my sessions have been tested time and time on me because I too – have discovered them on my healing journey. They are not things I’ve read about or heard about that I just went and got a certification for – they are things I’ve done and implanted over and over for myself and continue to do so on the daily because I know how much amazing transformation they’ve brought into my life. 

So going back to your question – I’ll pick an example of a woman that came to me right at the start of my journey as a guide for others on their healing journey.

She begged me to do a cacao ceremony because she was in a tough place with her boyfriend at the time, was struggling with work, nothing seemed to be bringing her joy. She’d also just started therapy but was determined to try a cacao ceremony with me too because she’d seen the transformation, I’d gone through over time impending my tools.

So, she messaged me, and we arranged a date. She came slightly nervous and skeptical of the process. She didn’t know what to expect and even told me she felt pressured that she might disappoint me if at the end of the session, she didn’t feel anything. I told her to relax and just let go, to surrender and let go of the outcome. To see it as a new adventure and experience. No pressure, no expectation. And we started. 

10-15 minutes into the session, she started crying uncontrollably and even apologizing for being “so emotional”, that she didn’t know what was happening to her. That was all I needed to see and hear. I knew that the process was working just as it had for me a while back when I first sat in a cacao ceremony in Mexico with the local shamans. I was so excited for her! Any doubt I had had, was out of the window! Any reservation too! 

She was one of the first people that although skeptical, trusted the process. She was one of the first people that to this day thanks me and has now also started working with crystals etc. herself. She saw the shift straight away. It was clear that she was holding onto so much emotion that just needed to be released.

Her healing journey hasn’t stopped but it was an amazing example of someone perhaps skeptical or nervous about energy work, that surrendered and opened up a whole new world of possibilities for herself. Just talking about it makes my heart beam with happiness. The feeling of seeing someone shift state right in front of your eyes and that you have been the guide to their inner power, is indescribable! 

And just one more point here – notice how I said you have been the reason or guide to lead them to their inner power? Because I didn’t give her anything more than what she already had that night. She just surrendered and opened herself to receiving her inner wisdom. She made that shift for herself. I just guided her there. 

As you continue to train to be a fully certified coach, how do you see this additional qualification enhancing your ability to support and empower women?

I’ve mentioned a few times now that I believe in who you are, not your title/the letters behind your name or your qualifications. I am a true believer in the school of life over the school of theory especially when it comes to personal development. However, I also believe in seeking help when you have gone as far as you can along the way. I believe in learning from others, and constantly broadening your horizons. I believe in learning skills from those that have done it longer, but I pick who I learn from very carefully these days because as I’ve mentioned – authenticity and pure intentions are key. 

Doing this course will help me broaden my skills as a coach and also learn new methodologies which I may also like and start incorporating in my sessions. This is the same as me going on retreats for myself rather than just hosting them for others. There is no end to growth, personal development and expansion. We have to keep expanding and it is necessary for our growth as human beings. 

And as much as my belief may be that a qualification doesn’t make you any more worthy or capable of helping someone, it still adds that credibility for some people and that is to be respected. It is understandable because that is how our society functions and I want to and am determined to help as many women as possible, I don’t want a qualification or certification to be a barrier of entry to the juiciness of greatness and a life of happiness and fulfilment! 

In a world where fear and limitations often hold people back, how do you create a safe and nurturing environment for your clients to explore and grow into their authentic selves?

I think I said something earlier in the interview and I may repeat myself, but the key for me is the person sitting in front of me. The session is their session, and the process is their process. I am there to support, listen, hold space and surrender fully to where the client wants to go during that session. I am not there to impose my view. I am not there to let my frustrations of the day come in the way of how I show up for that person. 

My sessions are a sacred space. They are held through love and connection to source. I therefore let the client take me and them to where they need to be taken but just prompt and guide the process. As I said earlier, sometimes, the process would take over and we may go in a different direction to the planned one but isn’t that just life?

We can’t control what is out of our control. We have to accept and not be attached to the outcome and that’s my job. I hold space and guide, but the client’s process always comes first, even if that means going “off script” for the given session. 

Sometimes clients would feel skeptical or nervous about coming to a session. That is ok too and totally understandable in a society where there is so much stigma and misunderstanding around alternative and energy methods of healing and trauma release.

My role is to be patient and understanding and to never force anyone to go anywhere they are not ready to go just yet. My place is to hold space, be patient and understanding and let the session unfold just as it should in perfection. 

Safety in the process is key and I ensure that my clients feel safe, nurtured and heard which usually leads them to open up and surrender to the process with ease. 

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