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Evgenia Salimova

Evgenia’s Empire of Empowerment: Charting the Course of Self-Worth Mastery in the Spirit of Entrepreneurship

Evgenia, an innovator in self-worth and success mastery coaching, redefines the essence of success by uniting spirituality with entrepreneurship and championing the potential in every woman. Her venture, “Self- Worth Mastery,” not only showcases her transformative journey but also empowers women to seamlessly integrate their layered identities, embracing both their masculine and feminine energies. In this feature of Global Woman Magazine, we immerse ourselves in the success stories birthed from Evgenia’s coaching, examine her distinctive methodologies, and gain insights into her contribution to women’s empowerment and gender equality. Her wisdom stands as a testament to her belief in the power of self-love and self-recognition as the cornerstone to unlocking one’s full potential.

Evgenia, as a self-worth and success mastery coach, what does success mean to you personally and how does this definition shape your coaching philosophy?

I’m passionate about a world where women live from a place of love and not from a place of fear, and where we don’t have to choose between love, money, purpose, happiness and health. For me success is about having it all, to live in alignment with our values and desires, without sacrificing what is important for us or settling down for less because of the fear. 

Every woman deserves love, health and wealth, but many of us, from our childhood were taught that we cannot have it all. That we must choose between career and family, or between happiness and wealth.  In other words, we were taught to settle. As a result, many of us feel unworthy of all those things. We think it’s not available, and even feel ashamed to desire more, to ask for more and to have more.

In my coaching, the journey to Self-Worth Mastery starts from healing our feminine and masculine wounds. This helps us build deep loving relationships with ourselves, to have a connection with who we are, to our needs, values and desires, to build healthy boundaries and self-respect, and of course, to have trust in ourselves and in our abilities to achieve, to take actions and to have resilience.

You’ve successfully intertwined spirituality with entrepreneurship. How did that come about? Can you share an instance where your spiritual beliefs significantly influenced a business decision?

It was early 2021, when I launched Équilibre Féminin, a space for women, for their personal growth and self-awareness. Obviously, my personal transformation led to this decision.

A few years before that, I was living a very intense, yet unfulfilling life. I was managing a chain of 20 restaurants, had a team of over 350 people, worked long hours, earned well, however I never had time for me. My body was exhausted and I was constantly postponing my personal dreams, e.g. having a family, and I settling down in my relationships. People around me thought I was living a fabulous life.  They couldn’t understand when I was saying I was not fulfilled, and to be honest, neither could I.  Because I thought what can I wish for more.?. My life was a representation of success for majority of people, and for me too at that moment. But my soul and my body knew better. They were giving me more and more ‘visible’ signals, that at one point of time, I couldn’t ignore anymore.

I still remember the exact moment so clearly, in September 2019. I realized that up to that point, my way of life had a very negative impact on my personal being. In my relationship, I had become the woman I never wanted to be, nervous, insecure, and self-critical. I had lost my core, my femininity, playfulness, softness, sensuality. I had traded all that in to become what I call a “productivity machine” that society expects us to be today. Be a super-performer at work, run the household with perfection, manage family and friends and so on. I was taking care of everything and everybody EXCEPT myself. I had to be sure everything was under control so I wouldn’t be judged or worse, abandoned. But all that was coming from the place of fear, not from the place of love.

I also knew I had something more to offer to this world, something that was always my passion, but in the infinite course and checklists I had forgotten about my dreams, about my desires and my passions. That day, the 5th of September 2019, I decided to change my life.

And so I embarked upon a journey of self-discovery. I did a lot of immersive, deep work on myself. I started to reconnect with myself, with my deep desires, my aspirations. I emerged from this with a new-found sense of purpose, self-worth, and enlightenment. I designed a life that I wanted to have and live. I also understood that my mission was to support other women, who have the potential, the ability, and the drive, but who don’t believe themselves to be good enough or worthy of more. And as part of my new life-purpose, in 2021, I launched the project “Equilibre feminin”, to help other women achieve their personal worth mastery. Since then, Équilibre Feminin has evolved in “Self-Worth mastery”.

Your project “Self- Worth mastery” focuses on helping women realize their full potential. Could you share a heartwarming success story that emerged from this program?

Absolutely! One of the latest success stories is a businesswoman and a mother of two children, who had a huge problem with self-worth. A year ago, she was working very long hours in her business, couldn’t take any time off, wasn’t able to delegate, and felt the business would fall apart without her. Yet she wasn’t confident in her abilities to tackle the financial and administrative aspects of the business and so avoided dealing with them altogether. And although her service and quality were worth much more, she was afraid to increase her rates. She had difficulty expressing her opinion and speaking her mind. This also kept her fearful and anxious, which spilled into her personal life. She couldn’t build a long-term relationship or have a life outside of work and her children.

After going through the program, she built a profound connection with herself, found peace and confidence, and established healthy boundaries. This did wonders for her professionally and personally. She took control over her business, restructured the team, took responsibility over the financial and administrative aspects of the business, raised prices by 40%, reduced her hours, and has even become selective with any new client she takes on. In her private life, she is now in a relationship with a man she adores, where authenticity, communication and deep connection are the main pillars.

As someone who works with both the masculine and feminine, what’s the most common misconception people have about balancing these energies?

The biggest misconception about masculine and feminine energies is that they are confused with femininity and masculinity. Each of us have feminine and masculine aspects within us, and it’s important to recognize this.

Feminine energy is expressed through things like creativity, intuition, compassion, connection, acceptance, collaboration, flexibility, and empathy. Masculine energy can be expressed through action, determination, focus, structuring, management, power, providing, perseverance and protecting.

So, a good balance of both these energies helps us to be successful in our relationships and in our business. In our relationships, because we open our hearts to be able to give and to receive love from the place of authenticity and compassion, it allows us to be more tuned in to our feelings and those around us, and still have healthy boundaries.  In our business, we can achieve great results using creativity, intuition, and action, as well as building very high performing teams based on collaboration, empathy, structure, and empowerment.

When we are disconnected from our feminine, we are not able to truly be ourselves. We have difficulty to show and to receive love and affection, we struggle to accept that which is not in our control and find it difficult to ask for help and take time for ourselves.

If we are disconnected from our masculine, we are indecisive, we lack confidence, and we procrastinate, we don’t take actions, we might be fearful and controlling. So, both energies are important to have balance and fulfilment, no matter what your gender.

How do you approach the concept of self-worth in your coaching? What makes your approach unique and effective?

In my coaching practice, I introduce the concept of Self-Worth Mastery, where I focus on love, trust, confidence, worthiness, and acceptance. I use a unique 5 level approach for sustainable transformation including mindset, heart, soul, energy and action levels. That means that I work not only on the conscious and subconscious levels, but I go deep into reconnection with us, into healing masculine and feminine and releasing buried emotions with help of “Heart Healing.”

”Heart Healing” is a very powerful process that helps us heal key life relationships that contributed to the creation of the “heart wounds” or, as I call them “receiving wounds”, that are the root cause of auto- sabotaging behaviours. By healing these wounds, I help clients build new, profound, fulfilling relationships with themselves, which in-turn enable them to build healthy relationships with their partners, their children, with money, and with success. It is this unique approach that helps women open up to the possibility of having it all without sacrifice.

Evgenia Salimova

In your journey as a master healer, what was the most challenging healing process you’ve facilitated and what made it so?

I worked with someone who had experienced multiple betrayals, and who had been in emotionally abusive relationships for many years. Before working with me, she would keep repeating her pattern of being in such relationships.  So, we did a huge amount of work on her love wound, trust wound and worthiness wound, that helped her to start a new relationship, without repeating the same pattern.

Could you share some of the transformational moments in your life that led you to become a spiritual mentor?    

The biggest moment for me was my personal transformation through healing and connection to myself and to my purpose. I found that living life from a place of self-awareness and consciousness is just magic. I think that we can only truly experience abundance when we have this connection to ourselves and to the universe. That’s why I would love to share that with as many people as possible.

How do you believe your work is contributing to the broader conversation around women’s empowerment and gender equality?

My vision is to help women realize their self-worth through which they can feel confident, feel worthy of everything they desire, feel trust in themselves to express their talents, ideas, and most of all, live from the place of wholeness and alignment. If I can do that, I will have helped empower them.

Lastly, what’s the one piece of advice you would give to women who are struggling with self-worth and trying to unlock their full potential?

My advice to women who are struggling is to first go deep inside of themselves and try to find out who they really are when they are not working, not doing, not achieving, not saving the whole world….and start to love this person. Second, acknowledge this person, become their best cheerleader, their best friend, the best parent to themselves, and most importantly, the best partner to themselves. You need to be for yourself what you are looking for in others, because you can be loved only at the level where you love yourself. Remember, we attract in our life what we are and not what we want.

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