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Dr Ervin Laszlo – There is hope for humanity on this planet

I met Ervin Laszlo one evening, after a long day for him. Ervin had been speaking at a conference in Brescia and I thought he may be tired, but for more than two hours we kept talking and sharing our views about the Universe, consciousness, the world, people and the planet. It was a hugely inspiring evening, where together with his beautiful wife, Carita, and loyal assistant Maria, we also enjoyed the fantastic view of the countryside in Italy.

It couldn’t be a better place to talk about the planet and the way that we need to change in order to have a hope for the future. In this interview you can read more and understand the underlying issues and the need to better understand our own subconscious.

By Mirela Sula

In your life you have gained a lot of fame and respect as a writer, scientist and philosopher. Did your career develop in the way you had planned and expected it to be or was it full of unexpected surprises?

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