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Emotional intelligence is a very powerful trait of being authentic

Prema Chuttoo –Emotional intelligence is a very powerful trait of being authentic

By Ellen Smith

Prema Chuttoo is a Mauritian lady in her early forties, who loves herself extremely. She is single, director of an IT company, investor and on the way to launching two ecommerce stores. She is a firm believer in practicing sports and meditation because she believes these activities promotes the better functioning of the neurons, helping towards being aligned with oneself, being happy and taking sensible decisions.

Prema believes that working the mental is very crucial for any person as this is a great tool to realise the impossible. As such, she is on her way to create a structure to help women to boost their confidence in a practical way.


What specific areas do you focus on?

I focus on passion – when we are passionate about something, this can be can split among smaller tasks which can be carried out gradually, and complete what we would like to accomplish.

How long have you been coaching?

I don’t coach as a profession. I coach to empower people and boost their confidence. I think that beauty is a way a person show they are confident about himself/herself. Talking of this, I have been coaching ever since I was eight. I started giving tuitions at that age to help my neighbours’ kids becoming better in their school subjects. I was just trying to find their strengths in what they call their weaknesses. Since then, I help anybody I can.

What is the biggest challenge you helped one of your client through?

We cannot just classify biggest challenge – it depends on the person’s state of mind and their actual situation. So I would say coaching each and every person is a big challenge. To go through each challenge with the coachee, building relationship is very crucial. As a coach, we should ask questions  with “what”, instead with “why”, which are kind of judgemental questions, while “what” questions tend to be more curiosity seeking answers, showing more interest

What frustrates you the most about your clients?

Whatever feelings you are getting in a specific situation, is coming from you – when you allow somebody to control your feeling through their behaviour, you are giving away all the power to the coachee, when in fact you are the coach. And that’s when your reactions start becoming defensive and its not what we want at all. Instead of focusing on feeling frustrated, concentrate on the results you want and how you want to be perceived. The negative energy is coming from the other side and not yours. It is best is to allow the person to be who he is and say whatever he is saying. Confirm that you are hearing what is being sad and that s/he is saying something interesting. “You change the whole experience when you know that what that person says has everything to do with that person and nothing to do with you.

You are very passionate about women empowerment, in your opinion what are the qualities of a confident woman?

Non conformity. A confident woman does not find it important to be in standard with others concerning shape, beauty, clothing and beliefs.

They feel confident in themselves, in their beliefs, and in their emotional intelligence, that conforming to others has never been in their priority because they live in their own unique authentic way.

Be yourselfeveryone else is already taken.” — Oscar Wilde. A confident woman is so true to oneself that this can be shown in her words and her empowering actions that not only benefits her but others as well. Emotional intelligence is a very powerful trait of being authentic –  be mindful of your thoughts and actions so that this is taken as aexn ample to other.

Self care. Caring for oneself is very crucial for a confident woman because she feels resourceful and back to action again. Because she believes that nobody will care enough of oneself than herself and she does not wait for somebody else to do that for her. Self care in terms of mind, soul and body for everybody is very important.

Failure as an opportunity. A confident woman knows that there will be obstacles along her path and fail as well. But she also knows failure is a human experience, acknowledge compassion and seeing the lesson from the failure instead of viewing the failure as a real failure.

Prema is a contributor for the Global Woman Book Project : The Mind of Female Entrepreneurs. How to think and act to succeed in business.

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