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Elizabeth Maille: The Actress Who Aims to “Conquer” the World

She was still a little girl, when her visit to the theater tempted her to embark on a journey. From that little girl with great passion, today Elizabeth still carries the passion for acting, but this time as a true professional. With a French father and an English mother, she recalls her childhood between the two states and seems to have gotten the best of it within her. Now Elizabeth’s career is growing day by day in New York, where she has not only learned more, but has also given her heart to this city. With ambition and love for acting, we are sure that very soon we will see her in the most important world scenes.

When did you realize your talent for acting?

I always said acting was a vocation for me. A calling almost. I never really went to the theater until I was in high school, but when I would watch films, I would analyze performances and dissect what was going on with characters. Two of my earliest memories of watching actors on TV were The Bodyguard with Whitney Houston and the BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice on cassette tape, with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle. I was astounded by the power of storytelling and how transported one can get to another time, era, life!

I was very shy as a child but one day when I was fifteen, I decided to take a theater class at the TJP, a local youth theater in Strasbourg (France) and it changed my life. The sense of community, friendship and work ethic I found there was everything to me. I am still very close to the people I met there and the words of my first acting teacher always resonate with me. Walking onto those boards, I knew that being part of the performing arts world would be my life. For me, acting is not a career, it is a lifestyle.

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