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Dr. Tracy Kemble: The Boss of Her Be and Business

Dr. Tracy is often referred to as the Queen Feminine Boss. Not only because she’s the creative mind behind the Feminine Boss Academy, a teaching platform that navigates women to become the “Boss of their Be and Business”, but more relevant because with over 80 international licenses and a 28-year success history, her brand Mrs Globe® remains the world’s most prestigious beauty pageant event for Mrs. in the world.  

We caught up with Dr. Tracy in Greece as she prepares for her 4th annual women’s conference, “Discover the Divine”, to find out more about what it means to be a Feminine Boss. 

Dr. Tracy, as the founder of the Feminine Boss Academy you teach women how to operate their personal and professional life with Feminine Energy. This sounds like a wonderful concept, but what does it really mean?

This is a great question. The term “divine feminine”, or “feminine energy” can sound a bit woo-woo or ethereal, especially in the business world. That is why I take the time with every client and in almost every interview, to explain what we mean by the term Feminine Energy, and why we need it in our business and personal life. 

To explain, Feminine Energy, which is the counterpart of Masculine Energy, is a universal frequency of philosophies, techniques, beliefs, and tools, that when consciously implemented, create effortless traction and change in your life. The reason these philosophies, techniques, beliefs, and tools are classified as “feminine” is because they symbolize the feminine cycle of life. Meaning, they have the power to effortlessly create, birth and sustain life.  

For example, just as a woman has the power to create, birth, and sustain life, Feminine Energy has the power to create, to birth and to give sustainability to our dreams and visions. When we citizens of planet earth learn to operate in our Feminine Energy, we then possess the power to create, birth and sustain almost everything in our existence, from our personal Be to our Business. 

You say “we.” Does this mean men also have Feminine Energy?

Yes, they do, as Feminine Energy has nothing to do with being a male or female. It instead has to do with creating universal balance.  

Feminine Energy is the Yin to the Yang, the left to the right, the up to the down, or the sweet to the salty. For life to systematically work, we all, both males and females need both energies operating in balance.  

That, however, is why this is such a relevant subject. For thousands of years, our world has been operating under the dominance of Masculine Energy. And though this has been fundamental to our exponential growth and advancement, the exclusion of Feminine Energy over the years has led us to a great unbalance, today. Burnout rates for professionals run as high as 50%. Stress-related illnesses including depression and anxiety, insomnia and cardiovascular disease, cost economies trillions of dollars a year and affect an estimated one in five women, each year. 

Having been a victim of the 1 in 5 club, I had to find a better way. That better way became the goal and slogan of the Feminine Boss Academy which is, “to become the Boss of your Be and Business with Feminine Energy”; when we do this, life can unfold, effortlessly.

When you say effortlessly, does this mean we have to do nothing? 

No. No. The Universal Law of Cause and Effect is always in effect. No action will create no results. If you want change using Feminine Energy, you must become a Creator. This means being a woman who consciously creates movement in her “Be and her Business.” 

So, if I am stuck in my business or in my “Be” as you say, what are three Feminine Boss Energy Steps we can take to get unstuck, or relaunch?   

Step One: Reconnect to your Imagination

For a moment, take a pause and look around. Everything, and I mean everything, you are tangibly experiencing or interacting with at this moment, all started from someone who had the courage to imagine and then create.  

All ideas are created first in the imagination. That is why I say that “Imagination is the first step to a personal or professional relaunch.”

The great Albert Einstein once said, “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”  

In this quote, Albert Einstein is referencing the power of Feminine Energy. You see, logic is a Masculine Energy. It is head knowledge. But progression, reinvention, becoming unstuck, or moving to the next step in life, can only start by introducing something new. And anything new always births from our imagination, which is heart knowledge (i.e., a feminine energy trait.)  

That is why I say again that reconnecting to your imagination is the first step to a relaunch. Our answers are not going to be found on the outside, but instead, we must venture within, to our inner terrain, to our imagination centre where our dreams reside; because Memo from Feminine Boss Headquarters: Our dreams are not luxuries. They are necessities and road maps for our life. 

Step Two: Build Your Steely Foundation of Self-Love

There are no other species in the world that is more self-destructive to women than female beings. Due to cultural programming, we are the only animal that by far over males and others in the animal kingdom, insult ourselves in the mirror, abandon our life for the acceptance of others, or feel guilty for providing for ourselves. 

These types of destructive choices all stem from trauma, which most of us cannot reach in adult life without a few lashes from the beast.  

Trauma is the loss of something we were not prepared to lose, and when we experience it, we literally get stuck: Stuck in the pain of the past. Stuck in our feelings of powerlessness. Stuck in the emotional handicap of Self-Love Deficiency Disorder which then causes us to show up in the mirror and doubt our existence.    

But Memo from Feminine Boss Headquarters: When it comes to relaunching your life, you will not get the dream, if you do not believe in the dreamer, and the only way we can believe in the dreamer is to have a steely foundation of Self-Love as our core. That is why one of my life’s mottos is ‘Self-Love is Non-Negotiable.”

If you are wondering why Self-Love is a Feminine Energy trait, it is because love, especially unconditional love, is the highest form of Feminine Energy. Just think of a pregnant woman. At the moment of conception, sight unseen, she is filled with unconditional love. And this non-judgmental love is something each of us needs towards ourselves, especially if we have lost our way.  

Step Three: Become a Non-Negotiator

In business, one of the success codes drilled in our heads is the importance of being a good negotiator (a Masculine Energy). Though I believe this is an invaluable skillset, there is one skillset even more important, especially if you find yourself in the stuck zone. That skillset is the art of being a non-negotiator.  

There is a big mistake we women make when it comes to our personal and professional life – we negotiate things that are not to be negotiated. 

For example, we negotiate our safety, our peace, our dreams, our value, our joy, our self-love, our relative control, and our sanity. All of these have the power to drastically impact our emotional, financial, spiritual or physical health. Therefore, they are never to be up for negotiation.  

Memo from Feminine Boss Headquarters: Whenever we find ourselves at a restart place, there is a good chance that we have put a non-negotiable up for negotiation.  

So, what can we do to get back on our feet? We do as Feminine Energy does, which is to create, to birth and sustain ourselves. Meaning, we identify the compromise that led to the breakdown, go to our imagination centre and create a new plan of action. We then take that creative energy and birth that new plan of action that honours our non-negotiables. In turn, this then establishes a sustainable environment for our success.  

When we courageously use the principles of Feminine Energy, a gift available to all of us, it is then that we truly step into our Feminine Boss persona, as we are making the life-giving choice of empowerment to become, “The Boss of our Business and our Be.”

For more on Dr. Tracy follow her on Instagram @drtracykemble, on Facebook at Feminine Boss Academy, or connect with her on her website at for more on her “Journey to Self-Love” Course, her “Reclaiming Me” program and her annual Discover the Divine Conference. 

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