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Don’t Let Your Love GO

By Mirela Sula

When I used to work as a psychologist in my private practice, clients used to come to me to discuss underlying issues in their lives, careers and relationships. I would focus on one particular issue, working together with my client to find the roots of the problem. Everything has a cause and effect. Their symptoms were the effect, but I wanted to discover the cause so I could help them on their journey to recovery. After many years of practice and experience I found something very interesting. All the symptoms were presenting a road where love was never or rarely present. 

This is what inspired me a few years later to sit down and write the book “Don’t Let Your Love Go”, which was part of the series after the Book “Don’t Let Your Mind Go

To get straight to the point, “love is everything”. The lack of love in your life may create a lot of underlying issues around you. You may feel empty, unfulfilled, unable to tap into your highest potential, unable to enjoy your life, unable to maximize your energy etc. And when I say love, there are three types:

  1. Love for yourself
  2. Love for your intimate partner 
  3. Love for others 

And there is one beyond this – it is the love for the planet and for the world in general. But in order to come to this level you need to go through the first three steps first. 

Today is Valentine’s Day and many people focus on the intimate love, a sacred day to remind us how important it is to have this kind of love in our life. 

In the last 8 years I have shifted my work, from a psychologist to working with women who want to start a business or grow their business globally. At the end of the day, everything is connected to love. When I start my coaching groups with women entrepreneurs, the very first things I teach them is: How to love themselves, how to feel loved in a relationship and how to show love to others, and an important session in business, “how to fall in love with your clients”.

I am telling you, if you embrace this philosophy and learn how to bring more love into your life, everything will start changing for the better around you in all levels: personal, career, business, health etc. I applied it in my life, and with so many others who were feeling stuck, there is nothing more rewarding than having love in your life. I believe you are reading this because somehow we are connected and you probably needed someone to remind you this: 

You may be working hard to prove to yourself and your family that you are worth it, and maybe you still don’t feel valued enough for what you do. Maybe you are running your own business and all your energy is on that 24/7. You want to show others that you can will be a sucess, but you feel others don’t understand this. Or perhaps you are struggling to keep the flow going and trying to do whatever it takes to make it work. Again you are looking for that recognition and appreciation that you deserve for trying so hard. And at the end, just think about this, all you need is to go home and feel loved, to wake up and feel complete. 

That is the sense of real love. Through my studies and experience I have realised we study hard, we work hard, we try hard and push hard … driven from one big inside desire “to be loved” and if you want to succeed in all these things, there is something you need to go and find, something that money can’t buy: LOVE!

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Sending you LOVE from the mountains of Switzerland

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