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Building a Culture of Respect and Trust through Coaching

Dr. Tonya Biglow – Building a Culture of Respect and Trust through Coaching

By Ellen Smith 

Dr. Tonya Biglow is a brilliant woman who’s taking the world by storm. Born and raised in Chicago, Tonya was always different from her peers. Dr. Tonya Biglow serves as a business consultant and executive coach. With the use of cutting-edge technology, accompanied by simple-step solutions, her client’s success is accelerated. No longer willing to deal with camouflaged chaos, Dr. Tonya developed a personalized plan to pulverize procrastination, cushion internal conflicts and save herself from self-destructive choices. Her signature program CODA was designed to help you make better Choices, develop specified Outcomes, become more Discipline and obtain Alignment.


Tell us more about your background and early life

I was born in Chicago, Ilinois. I am the third child and only girl. I lived in a house where there was not much love and attention offered. Growing up, I felt like I was alone and on my own. As a result, I developed habits that helped me to function by myself. I loved talking, and I still love that aspect of myself. It was and is my way of sharing with the world who I am and what I want. However, my parents were not as interested in my conversations as I needed them to be, so I lacked much attention as a child. I rarely played outside because I lived on the main street. My bedroom became my safe haven. I did everything there. I completed my homework, watched television, and I played many games in my room. 

No wonder when I was able to get out into the world, I never wanted to be at home. Growing up It was boring at home, but I was grateful for the safety it provided. I loved people, and I have always been good at breaking more significant concepts down so everyone can understand them. I was really good at school, and I received a lot of attention for my academic achievements, so I focused my attention on performing well in school. 

What are the most important values you demonstrate as a leader? 

As a leader, I think the most important value is to help others know that I am no different than them. In my leadership positions and coaching opportunities, I pride myself on helping everyone understand the mutuality in the work I do. The fact that we are all human beings living a life where we were not taught what it means to be human is a notion that I believe helps others put differences aside. Knowing that there is a reason why we do and don’t do the crazy things we do or don’t do is reassuring to most and a relief to others. I believe that my value of mutuality helps me operate as an influential leader today.

What is your greatest strength? 

My greatest strength is my ability to rephrase with understanding. People see and hear with a colored lens. This lens is tempers based on their past and the beliefs they have of their past. In understanding that we all have a different perspective on life, I can work with anyone to help them understand concepts, terms and instructions based on how they view the world without changing the necessary outcome require either personally or professionally.

For me, breaking down complex concepts is like a second language. It is second nature for me to understand complex ideas and explain them to others. The goal is for people I work with the walk away with clarity and understanding that they did not possess before our meeting.

How do you get others to accept your ideas? 

I ask questions. Lots and lots of questions. I get a glimpse of how the other person views the world, and then I share my ideas in a way that will help them understand things from their personal experience.

What is a leader’s best asset? 

Emotional intelligence is the best asset of a leader. It is an important characteristic when a leader knows how to handle their emotions while also understand the motivations of others to get people moving in a unified direction. Since every choice is charged from an emotion, having emotional intelligence helps the leader to make more intelligent choices for all.

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